Bowdrill in a Blizzard?


Scout and I head out in a snowstorm to do some bowdrill practice

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Video Transcription

got some hey folks is Joe say I'm going to do a bow drill in a blizzard stay tuned

all right so here's the scoop rained all day yesterday started snowing last night snow it all night got a good few inches on the ground it's cold it's windy and it's snowing right now I watched a couple videos by survival Lily lately about the bow drill and anybody who knows me and has been following me for a while knows that I used to do the bow drill all the time there's one of my favorite things to do and I really enjoy it and watch like anything else you kind of get bored of stuff which is the case at the bow drill and myself but just like when I was younger and used to watch skateboarding videos to get amped up to go skateboarding watching those two videos by survival Lily got me amped up to do the bow drill and when I woke up this morning to this blizzard thought hell yeah I'll take you through the process of making an all-natural bow drill fire knife my saw and a piece of paracord it is soupy out here man this is going to be a challenge just to give you a perspective of how what it is this is the same patch of woods that I did that solo overnight natural shelter video about a month ago same place and now it's completely under slush like water but not a lot worse so there's this there's a layer of ice underneath no it's no good there's no good scope back back back let's go come this way good boy so we'll have to try to find another way around because we got a head that way it's way

oh this is not normal I've got I can't find Scout I've called him for a couple minutes known he's nowhere to be found let's go come that's not normal normal he's here already the caning here Harry is where'd you go

why where'd you go hey give me a little skirt a little startled that'll be my bow GoPro is officially dead I'm not sure if I got that last shot of me song this piece of Cottonwood down so it's soaking wet and frozen on the outside dry on the inside I'm probably not going to turn on the camera again until I get to a camp so my camera doesn't get too wet with the snow a little potato bug out and the so not a good life for you bud find a nice spot there way some snow set up my poncho now all I have to do is make up my boat Roque under the protection of this poncho although the wind keeps shifting on me see just burned in I didn't show you guys I'm sure you've seen that enough but I'll definitely show it when I get my over my knife I want to use my knife as my base to keep my whole off the ground got it right on there I fixed my spindle up I have made a new hole in my bearing block which is so I think I'll get it this time I got my caught on my tinder bundle ready my firewood ready everything ready to go in case I get the upper this time looks good

looks good to me mmm she went out she went out on me that was a good one I'll get it take a couple times I find that it's almost necessary to make a new hole every time in your bearing block it definitely helps with the friction less with the less friction on the top if this one if this time doesn't work on the switch oh and not put my knife underneath and put a piece of wood it might be the cold steel from the knife not not keeping the Ember going who knows okay that's pretty strong

there we go that's going okay see it oh shoot that's what get from messing around it's done it's gone okay I switched out my piece of wood or sorry I switched out my knife on the ground for a piece of wood I got it last time and I tried to show the camera and the wind blew it off so I'm sure I'll get it again not really concerned about not getting it I just uh I'm not going to mess around this time just gonna blow it try to float into flames my tinder bundle is marginal okay good again no messing around ah let me show you what's going on this tender bundle is marginal at best I got this grass earlier today I was soaking wet

I put some to drive thin thin shavings on the inside to try and create a buffer and for that to go that's not going to work I'm gonna have to go search for something else

honestly that's just the reality of doing bow-drill outside in any condition not but let alone today any conditions just the right materials available are super hard fine so I have to go try to find something that will accept my weak camera that I'm getting from this bow draw alright that was a haul I just walked for about a half an hour 15 minutes one way and back get this cedar bark and I will then put it in with my tinder bundle and hopefully the coal the ember will attach to this and then the other tinder bundle will go up because of it all right folks wish me luck I want to try and do it with the same hole again sometimes it's before it's necessary to switch holes but I don't want to do that we'll see how it goes to the sea might happen but if I don't we don't have to I'm not going to my arm is getting shot I can tell okay I got a good call this wind is threatening to knock it off oh my god so difficult this is I can do this I've done this I've done this a million times

this is ridiculously hard today it's all a tender bundle two coins okay I'm going to try and squeak one more goal out of this same hole probably won't work but it's worth a shot again good coal to get any clothes not the problem today just blowing in in the flames usually that's not the hard part for me

okay so as a last resort I am fluffing up my Cottonwood bark the inner bark I'm using for my handhold I'm getting a lot of like shading like bits from it and I'm putting my you see this yeah putting it inside a tinder bundle right where my coal is going to go hoping that these fine scrapings or whatever you want to call dust of the cotton work will aid in inserting the fire okay so all I've done now other than that is cut off the annoy spindle so that it's not because I have bottomed out on here so now it's not bottoming out its gonna beat up the sides so we'll we'll see if that works I hope so I don't want to give up like I keep getting a cold it's it's definitely possible it's a good proven set just my my my tinder bundle is not working at all ah and that's what happens when you keep using the same hole it breaks out on you new whole new hole okay well it was necessary to make a whole new kit new spindle new fire board and another hole in the bearing block and I tightened up my bow here we go my arm might be done I could barely even bow that time all right 100 percent if I don't get a coal this time I am done I'm done I got to go home and stop so I switch back to my old spindle to fit it in the notch better and I made a new hole in my bearing block once again but my arm is done I don't have high hopes but I have to try it Otto he's just one more okay come on I kept that tinder bundle in my pocket for maybe an hour beforehand as long as they took me to walk around and collect all that stuff new in two hours I'm not really sure any other time this is a good tinder bundle but it's garbage right now yeah a little bummed out to be honest I really wanted to do that I got the bull girl Cole a bunch of times which is great it's fantastic put in if you need it that doesn't help a little ember I'm going to warm you up I'm going to cook your food a boiler water so lessons to be learned humility better tinder bundles I think I could do it with that cedar I think I'm done I think I'm done for the day thanks for watching sorry I couldn't get flames yeah

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