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Expensive GoPro vs Cheap Action Camera


I show and talk about the differences between a gopro hero 4 silver and a Presell ELEPHONE ELECAM Explorer action cam.


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Video Transcription

you guys Joe here I've got a little bit different video today lately I've been using my gopro hero4 silver along with my DSLR and i wanted to find an odd cheaper option for a gopro because a lot of times I find I'm just using for b-roll and half the time I'm not even using sound with it so whether it be like time-lapse or you know just voicing over a walking shot or whatever I find that I'm not using the GoPro too much for actual filming whereas like I said more for Bureau anyways the price I'm a gopro hero4 silver is at $499 canadian so for something to do b-roll with or a secondary camera that's a lot of money and it is pretty specific the types of stuff that you can do with the GoPro so I picked up an action cam not GoPro brand the brand is a present elephone ellic an explorer it shoots in 4k or 2.7 K with 16 megapixel 2 inch screen 170 degree wide angle it's a waterproof and just they call it a sports action camera for reference for this video I'm just going to call it the action cam I'm going to call the GoPro the GoPro the one on the left is the action cam and the one on my right here is the GoPro let's watch a couple videos that I shot with both of them the first one will be with my GoPro and I'll give you an audio and a visual shot just to give you an idea of how wet it is this patch of woods is the same spot that I did I saw a video that notes on so not too bad right pretty standard for the gopro hero4 silver sunlight has a huge difference in how it films now let's check out the audio and video capabilities of the action cam me and my daughter went to logging the other day we brought this along this is an inside test against extreme back light and now proper light I'm going to take it outside and see how it works the action cam came with more than its fair share of accessories and actually a lot of the accessories are switchable onto the GoPro and vice versa which is very handy so my thoughts on the action cam compared to the gopro hero4 silver it's a good camera it takes good video I think will be suitable for like I said earlier doing time lapse or doing voiceover stuff the audio sucks there's no getting around it you can tell in those clips at the same backing on as my GoPro which was the open-faced one where you're supposed to be able to touch and get good volume through the volume on the GoPro is not the greatest but it's a hundred times better than the go the volume on actually cam so this would be in my opinion a great camera for somebody starting up we didn't really care too much about their audio yet because it's only 125 bucks compared to the GoPro 4 which is 499 or something somewhere around that also I think would be a good camera for backup like I was saying so it might be a good option you might want to check it out I'll put some links in the description below where you can find it I hope this video was informative I hope it helped someone maybe in the decision-making on whether or not they're going to buy a camera like this if you are gonna try to go for action cam style camera maybe check it out first before the GoPro who knows it might be all you need am I not take care guys and as always thanks for watching but

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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