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Winter Camping With my Dog out of a TRUCK!


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My dog, Scout and I head out into the winter woods, we drive in my truck to get there, set up camp next to an almost frozen lake.

We set up a tent, cook good food and spend a comfortable night Winter camping With my Dog out of a Truck.

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Video Transcription

good this video is sponsored by OtterBox today we're gonna be doing something a little bit different we winter camping out of my truck with my dog this will be the first time I've ever done this so this is give me a nice easy relaxed camp I got a cooler full of food I got a tent I got firewood for anybody who doesn't know why this is gonna be like a nice relaxed safe warm kind of car camping trip with my dog I'll explain that a little bit later but I'm surely loved you guys know we're gonna be driving about an hour and a half away from my house down some back roads and we set up shop when we get there we're here scoots over here we finally made it to this nice pullover spot by a lake I can set up the tent camp here overnight no problems I'm looking forward to spending the night with scope so a while back OtterBox reached out they wanted to sponsor a video and the cooler just came in and I wanted to do this campus coat so it was very convenient seemed like a great time to test this cooler over I'm using it to keep my food from freezing as opposed to the normal usage of keeping it cold it's already cold if I left my food out overnight or even during the day while I'm hiking around with him and stuff it's going to to freeze and be hard to deal with have to thaw it out all that stuff and why deal with all that nonsense when I'm car camping well no camping right over to my truck here I want luxury I want the amenities this specific OtterBox cooler is the Ventura 45 these rugged versatile coolers are built to keep your group happy full and hydrated from either a day trip in the woods to a weekend Trek or a week-long disappearance into the bush the cooler has custom modularity they created a platform so people could use the cooler as more than just a piece of cooling gear they've thought about organization as well there's a built-in slot for separators and a dry storage tray making organizing your cooler a breeze

keeps up to 14 days you don't watch ice you can put this bad boy the latches are a different design than I've seen before they're easy to open and drop down out of the way the handles are sturdy and then make caring easy and they serve as tie-down points and all this is made in America as well Oh Cheers for a limited time if you go to OtterBox comm and purchase a venture 25 cooler you'll get a free black dry box thanks a lot to OtterBox for the sponsorship really appreciate it so let's get that tent set up about firewood I thought why not I've literally got a hot plate and an extension cord and an outlet in my cut in my truck that that takes it like a normal three prong outlet I'm gonna cook over the fire and stuff tonight but tomorrow for breakfast I'll use the hot plate what is this what is this craziness anyway brought a bunch of wood from home seasoned so even just to start or whatever just just to have some stuff I thought why not I got my snowshoes up in there still leave them there for now I think I'm gonna put my tent under this tree

there's no deadfall around pretty protected up under this is tree and the ground is very flat and devoid of snow if you look here there's nothing you look here it's quite a lot what I did just notice - there's an old pooper an old dude who's over here the old shower curtain and a toilet seat so that's cool that's the thing with these pullover spots usually they're they're pretty heavily used I don't expect to see anyone today but there are fresh tracks walking through here no no no car tracks or truck tracks excuse me or even wheel tracks just people hiking but yeah it is used up a little bit and that makes me glad that I brought the wood even more so for the fact that's easier and I'm not going to be impacting this place at all my biggest impact here will be a little bit of a fire and like a little fire ring and my tent footprint so I have four Scout I got a big sleeping pad I got a couple of blankets would be nice and warm I told you guys that if you didn't know why we were taking it easy I'd tell you and it's just because Scott was diagnosed with lymphoma a couple weeks ago give him a couple weeks to live but he's doing well you know I mean he's chipper he's a good you lost some weight he definitely lost some weight but he's doing good and I got changed his diet give him sorts all sorts of supplements and yeah I have faith to hold on for another year I'm okay with taking it all in stride and doing what's best for him - I was real distraught row beat up for a long time and a lot of people came through so thank you okay so the plan for today is get this set up make a lunch and go on a snowshoe hike I got my snowshoes needs to go want to snowshoe hike hey bud around check out the area move across the lake

hey boy what are you doing whoa whoa what boy

I can pound it in with my axe a little bit a girl's pretty frozen kind of fun using these totes instead of a backpack or whatever nice and easy all right I've got both my air mattress just blown up this one that my old one will be for scout this one this is actually an old one as well but it'll be for me it's a little bit bigger I am gonna have two blankets as well for them I do need to put a stake on the front to keep it solid

I guess I'll use my axe and try and get it in right now otherwise this will be open to flap it all crazy when I try to open the door all crazy just flopping around

what's all but good one go over there okay that's not so bad I'll hammer down that back one in a minute once I got some stuff in here I won't really need the the pegs all right I'm gonna go to back my reasoning is no it's gonna be getting in and out a lot I'll leave this door open so you can lay in it what he wants I just want him trampling all over my stuff keep his stuff in the front that way mines not gonna get all wet and Scouty

okay so you can double this one up you can lay it on this on top of this even pad just more than enough and then he can cover up with this and I've got my big sleeping bag I'll be totally warm with this one also I brought his dog bed hey buddy

so he can lay on all of that and then I can cover them up with the wool blanket you should be totally fun you want to lay in here come on good boy well you bet oh yeah that's good hey bud that's good

good boy how you holding up a good boy thought this shovel will come in handy not only for clearing out a spot but if I got stuck in here I thought it would be a good idea to have a full-size shovel rather than just one of those folding ones that I would normally take with your camping had the truck why not again

this will also come in handy to clear spot for my fire all right have a clear spray spot to show you guys that damn Sun as hungry as I am and as much as I want to go what Scott wants to go right now

I figure the smartest thing to do will be would be to split up some wood so that it's ready to go for when I get back that is oh all right that's ambitious that's ambitious you can have all the wood he wants some fun with it no no you have your piece no no no no no no you have your piece no leave it go with that one without one crazy dog can't have all the wood I was exaggerating

alright let's get some split down so that we're prepared okay wow it's the old chicken stick method this is a pretty safe method to do it with when you're working like this all willy-nilly just keeps rolling that's my problem hungry want some food alright let's check out what we got for scope for food compartmentalization really came in handy right now because I wanted to keep Scouts food away from me for mine as you know he's a log ayat now that's one of the big things I changed for him that's all stuff there he's got some rainbow trout that's left in the rainbow trout chicken thigh marrow bone marrow bone with a bunch of marrow inside it which that'll keep busy later on tonight so when I'm doing that right now he's got this big old piece of fish and so I think for lunch we're going to give them this bag of veggies in this cut of fish nice and slimy nice and fishy so I like to cut it up before I give it to him because if I don't do that it tends he tends to just wolf it down and then the peas and the carrots the veggies he doesn't really care about challenge but if I mix it all in he gets everything normally I'm feeding him coconut oil with it as well but I figure when I'm feeding him fish it's not the biggest deal in the world again too much fats and coconut oils and stuff like that but tomorrow we'll double up on it you got some drops I need to put into the food as well I'm just kind of mixing it all in together helps him it helps to ensure that he actually gets it all this mountains

it's adventure sworn Mountaineer it's making quick work here goldfish fill it okay no my my cutting boards gonna smell like fish but the coolers bear-resistant so we're all good I'll rinse it off and clean it off after anyway okay so that's a good amount of meat for lunch and then as soon as I add the veggies it's old school he said this bowl his whole life I'd be cool to bring it well unroll it I'll roll it down a touch just it's kind of hard for him to get his nose all the way in there it's pretty big all right so he goes mr. steel hood [Music]

scoop chomping at the bit a white oh right oh that's all in there there we go veggies

mix-ins all eat a carrot eat carrot bro good boy all right almost done some drops in a heavily food oriented trip got a half a dropper should do if you are sweet prince hold up stick it miss no sir you can't move Dago sound big guy did you need some help big guy you getting there here hold on man let me help you stop stop for a second stop stop stop oh wow no need alright go after them Peas get them peas boy that collar looks so tired on him but it's not he's just very skinny it's just very loose good as new we're gonna use the other side of the fish border and make up a lunch for me so I got two fresh pieces of bread and they are nice and soft still also you've got Montreal smoked meat onion chips I love having chips with the sandwiches my ultimate alternate favorite thing and and


got smokes have already or maybe gouda I'm not sure smoking some kind of cheese anyway I did get my knife off from the fish tank mmm Montreal oh wow what y'all smoked meat look at this meat boy

oh no she's falling apart scramble though I have meat no SCO's for me I'll give you these oh well that's gonna be a thick Sammie anyway very thick sandwich there you go big guy yeah all right no sandwiches complete with a little onion on it I like to cut my onion super thin I like thin slices then as possible no onions for dogs and that's a lot of onions for this Sammy the sandwich oh that's all right it'll be a flavorful sandwich damn son we gotta get some good cheese on there apparently Jerry's no good for not in general dogs maybe baby it's no good for dogs but for Scout whatever the same thing that seems to have a reason that carbohydrates are bad for me to kind of just sticks to those things so not giving Scott any cheese either where normally he gets lots of cheese all right

mustard mayor must remain I'll throw in the cheese everywhere it's a delicate thing

cutting the sandwich there we go right it's Joe Robinette idea of a lunch right there

they own that get on your bed get on your bed get on your bed you have to on your bed

good there you go good boy doesn't want to you wants my food all right well let's bite into this masterpiece look at this I got to show you one more time good boy no you're good man you had a lot you had a lot skill no scope no scope look at the meats there's a meats on that thing it's very Montreal smoky meaty it's good need some chips oh you need some chips though bet you bet you have to this is fun I like this this is this is easy

I don't feel rushed I don't feel like I have to survive the night type thing it's like my whole cocoon of warmth his whole everything is in there if for some reason we get it gets down to cold and we get it we can't stay warm I pop in the truck and turn the heat on for half an hour or whatever until we get warm come back and lay in the bed it's not gonna come to that I know that well that's one of the reasons I wanted to do this camp so that had that safety net there for him more than anything oh I'm excited to go hike I'm probably running out of daylight to be honest with you it's 2:30 so by the time I get out of here almost three o'clock and I'll have two hours to hike until it's dark so that's what I'll probably do there's not a breeze in the sky there's I haven't heard anyone seen anyone so looking forward to it anyway I'm gonna eat this up well go back with you what I'm done we'll go on that hike I promise maybe we'll try and walk across this lake or at least around the edges of it we'll go see like down behind the tent note to it it looks pretty thick in there pretty nice drew house cutie trail I'm gonna get these snowshoes on and my gaiters because again my boots are quite short and in this depth of snow it's no good they all get inside it I like these small booties are warming and light but yeah the boot the snow it allows the snow to get in yeah [Music]











walking back to see my I came you can see the slush the water starting to come up

let's go in my track the whole track so yeah just err on the safe side I'm sure I'm sure it's not gonna punch through but it's only beam him up here and he runs out to the middle or something drops through will be a fun time so maybe we'll just we'll get off the lake for now give it another couple weeks sure what do you need that much but not take in the woods I need to farm on the trails they've got a trail there's some really pretty area coming in driving in here looking really really nice it's snowshoeing slash car sped across country skiing stuff back up on the land found a trail just look how pretty that is down that straight shot there mister scoots told I mean I can never keep up with them eleven years old late stage lymphoma the winter times skin and bones and that should be almost in the problem wildlife and I can't keep up with this old dog it's a good thing it's a good thing it's a fighter the friggin champion I think I just found some chaga here cool just a little bit see it here this is a good piece this is all pretty thin we have to use a knife to get it off I just got a piece off see the real orange on the inside maybe you can't actually let's try another piece off here see orange orange is good for fire lighting we're not gonna take any more I can make you can make a coffee out of this as like anti-cancer properties try it use it for fire both actually it's good to have all right yeah happy with that little chocolate hull not too shabby stopper in the old pocket oh good it's favorite thing to do one of us favorite things to do is smell for deer chasing deer poof well we've made our way back round we're on the other side of the lake now but you know what I can't stop thinking that I should grab wood while I see it so I think I'm gonna gather take my time gather a big bundle like an armful and walk back with it I have Scott's leash with me I can I can actually tie it together and sling it over my shoulder that's what I'll do I'll get a huge bundle of sticks a big bundle of sticks there we go that's pretty handy scoots it tired for a walk I'm not gonna lie I'm a little tired too just after for now you losing light soon I think what I'm gonna do is move my truck a little bit back that away and then I can use it for light I can just if I need to I can point my my lights right up my camp I do have a couple different lights up in case I need to for some reason and then even in the morning when I'm cooking up food if it's not light yet I can use them for that



well you know what being completely truthful I don't like my beers too cold it ruins the taste anyways that's the perfect temperature it's the exact same temperature would have been from my fridge at home I have a little bit of time left before it gets dark I think it will be wise to go get at least one or two Cedars from the pond or the lake down there behind me the end of the lake I guess I don't need snowshoes for going down onto Lake and to get it which is good because I've already taken them off and for anyone who knows who wear snowshoes they know it's not fun to take time on and off but anyways there's a mosquito that's quite strange I think what I'll do is take my saw take my my toboggan collect one or two Cedars I'd only have to buck them up down there at all just make them into manageable size and bring them back here deal with them here whoa hold on the hands what you lay in your bed for a minute yeah good boy there you go there you go he's getting wise and wise in his old age I swear I swear those feel smaller those glands those lymph nodes whatever they're I swear they feel smaller guys oh my good boy I'm really glad I didn't go through at the chemo I don't know what it would have done to him he had a couple down days there and I really felt bad seeing Olaf our jerk he was and that's not good for him that's not his whole boogie

all right so let's put this back in the cooler to keep it not freezing cold bring the big camera this time go get us a couple pieces of wood might as well burn the saw in the axe just in case get over here come here come here come here lead out down down down okay good you fell through and got all what I was trying to wash we're trying to try to put snow on them to get to I eat the water off at the same time it works works pretty well actually okay but I just don't want to get too cold okay this is the tree the boy


so I've been chastised for not doing as much bushcraft skill type stuff and more teaching stuff and I know it's only by a few people but it rings true I guess so here's a tip when you're using your saw one minute

when you're using your saw use the full length of the blade a lot of the times I'll see people doing something like this really fast and using maybe the front part or maybe even half or three-quarters but the best way the most bang for your buck into using the full length of the blade and pushing down hard and and and moving your arm back back and forth just as evenly and fast something else that could potentially help someone is knowing where to cut on the log so if you look where my braces is here all right this is what I have propped up so gravity wants to push this down already right now I can either hold it on this side of it and cut Scouts Scouts stop it hey leave it I can either hold on this side and cut on this side and then the weight of it the gravity will pull it down have it fall down or we can just hold on that same side and cut on this side of it now if I were to hold on this side and cut on this side of the fulcrum point or the the the base then it would pinch here right because this is getting cut and both these pieces want to come together as they're as the gravity pushes it down this just would close in and will pinch your saw now if I was standing on the other side I would be holding on this side and cutting on this side but because I'm faced where I am I just hold it in place with this hand more than anything more than pushing down I'm just holding it in place really he's biting every little nub off there you crazy and cutting on a 4v cutting on an angle for some reason a lot of people like to cut on an angle like that it's you you're doubling your work right just cut as straight as possible and that's more when somebody's cutting down a tree I guess so like I see it's extremely light all nice and dry though that's probably good

I don't need to take any more I'm sure so big Tippi [Laughter]



I'm pretty happy with my wood collection now got a decent amount including this stuff I brought let's split down this big piece of cedar here and use it as my base so I couldn't light the fire right on top of it so it's lovely go play you see what I did there

I I hit the board and he accidentally went in a little bit but it was in enough word I knew if I flipped it around it would stick right so then I flipped the X around then I pounded the pommel of it onto the wood below and the gravity the force everything splits the wood from the top sometimes it doesn't work but a lot of times it does no you need to back up you need to back up go on go on go on big guy go over there good boy

all right should be good all right

get this bad boy going to bunch of shavings off of a wax would stick should go pretty easily all right I'm gonna use a fire steel hot hot when you use a brace you know I don't think there's a possibility of smother in that fire play you're safe I don't want to reap you last time hey they'll rock fire steel sleepy you tired good good looks like it gonna get your bed that's much better this is what I'm talking about hi here we should call it's getting like rained on from this tree above its melting all the snow off I banged a bunch of snow off before we sat down here let's go I use goes bed and I banged it all off I couldn't get up too high this this this fire is melting at all it's just coming down on me but the good news is this fire is nice and toasty and it's evaporating right off keeps coming down this ghosts like snoring away here I'm wondering if I should put the wool bling on top of them I think I might why why all the attention I've never treated him like you know I mean I've never really babied him or anything like that too much so now that I am he's kind of like what the heck is going on but I try to act normal around him as much as possible that way he doesn't say what the heck is going on I just want him to feel like everything's good like everything's the same as it always has been oh man just bought him why we came honestly like I really am enjoying this it's nice it's like in the wintertime again as I've always said and I always keep saying it gets so light so dark so quick though we lose light very quickly and if you're by yourself or with obviously I'm with scale but it's conversation skills aren't really on point there is no Doug you know he's no Mike but but our banter is pretty good as well anyway but yeah it's nice to have all the amenities it's nice to be able to just sit back relax use my cooler as a table using like trucks headlights as lights sleeping some warmth cover up my dog with a wool blanket you know I mean it's just it's very nice I feel very contented very comfortable here I'm glad that I found this spot buddy Boosh that you saw me camping with on the epp trip he told me about this spot so I came down to try to find it and of course the GPS doesn't work out play down cuz it still the blue myse but we found it I didn't get lost I swear I took us about an extra hour to get here but that's all right that's okay it's still better than like the eight-hour Drive it would have had normally from halt from Windsor this fires burning really hot we're gonna really high up as well I don't know if you can tell here but pretty soon as she's gonna collapse it's just built itself right up so got a good pair of leather gloves smash it down before she starts falling every which way a couple pieces through some hard wood on now I want to throw some cedar on some big cedar rounds on just keep this fire rock and building up the coal so I can cook later on I got throw my potatoes and some tin foil so I'll need some really good coals for that as well as cooking my steak holes are building up nicely figure I might as well make up my potatoes so I need my butter my potatoes my tinfoil my spices you know what I can put some some vegetables in there too doesn't need this oh it's just peace no doesn't need this whole canapes cheese dog all right so do I do the tinfoil wrong I've read comments I was always taught shiny side in what do you think what have you been taught whoever was in scouts I'll be more interested in to hearing from them I know I shouldn't be cooking with it anyway they still hear that everything's falling [Music]

all right we'll leave some for scout if he's hobo dinners or potatoes you want to try and get everything as flat as possible the way it cooks evenly as opposed to a big mound where there's things in the middle I don't cook as easily or as well I always do two wraps this if I'm burning too much personally I like the crispy bits all right so we've got a nice little package there now and I'll be ready for the coals soon enough I got my steak prepped out - I guess right now good and mighty fine there's a wall cocoon on that one we're gonna flip that one upside down so we don't smoke or meet with cocoon I believe take those off for a few minutes get some water on the fire I split up some cedar while I was waiting so that I'll get it going nice and quickly and then I can add some hardwood on top of that this big piece trying you know round things out a little bit about balance right hardwoods time has come the other potaters stake [Music]

looks good would you look at that I mean uh manoa gnomes oh my Spore of course my spork is it in the cooler son of a gun son of a gun please be right here please yes no yes

that better that's a little bit better ah there we go alright are you one of these skaters oh my oh my okay well that was definitely cooked oh man these are cooked say the least I'm digging this steak Wow

that's a good piece of meat Wow very happy very happy about that one so you cut the steak you flip the steak on its side he exposed the cut spot cut the cut edge and you put salt on that cut edge and it soaks it up wake Huy and she's good

he's super good Wow

all as well all is right in the world right now everything my doggy - okay throw back those potatoes are so hot potato hot potato small potatoes small potatoes well I like retro things like in the vein of stranger things or some Stephen King movies that type of thing that's why I like referencing old videos and just throwing things here or there I'd like to get a little bit more creative with my video making if I'm being honest this is cooked to perfection boys and girls like no doubt about it I'm glad for the most part you guys are pretty understanding about that and understanding about me doing different things and branching out and you know just doing my thing my child's name channel his name's Joe Robert oh right

same kind of thing that mcq bush bush craft i just he was talking about it's not just just about one thing that's about me and what my whole life about my family anything I do have a very good audience

there's always a few people who are in there who like to run their Moe's like crazy who still watch every video which still appreciated but for the most part my comments section is pretty awesome alright guys well just goes panting in my ear like crazy wanting some of this I think I'm gonna finish this up and then feed Scout some fluids let's go let's go be good lady but lay in your bed what let's go lead out

let's go lead out in your bed lay down lay down lay down there you go big guy Oh follows do what directions well almost

well mr. scooter has is his bone I'm gonna eat my fresh Swiss rolls my nice and soft dessert when I was a kid and my mom would buy these for lunch or whatever it was like a treat like she like it was a payday or something like the first of the month types this time step

Swiss rolls all day fires all but died down just throw a couple sticks in there Scouts in bed when its own free will I'm just gonna clean up over here tuck myself in bed as well good to get these boots off

all right guys with you in the morning I hope you have sweet dreams I'm get up if I make a little warming fire and fry up some bacon and eggs breakfast all right good night guys it's 5:30

mr. scooper snoring away as you can hear I had a pee I've already peed once I - I'm pee again go back to sleep I'm having a good warm nice sleep oh man would you look at the condensation look at it my bags what everything's pretty wood this goats a week now missed your snore pants sorry logs all night like an old man that's alright Doug does it - it's an old guy kind of thing it's after 7:00 7:20 so when there's light coming through the tent I can see I tried to show you guys but it's still black in the camera and I'm fogging up again so foggy in here so fogged mmm ok good sleep really good sleep I think Scout stayed pretty warm - he didn't move all night just wrapped up in that blanket so that's good I'm glad I'm gonna get up I think I might make a little bit of fire just to warm myself by while I'm cooking though bacon and eggs I'm starving I'm like I'm really hungry all right you ready to get up scope there you go good guy

I feel boots on better get out of here it's too foggy foggy they're touching the sides of this ten times getting drenched ooh okay oh man okay it's uh pretty misty in the air actually strange up and at them up and at them yeah big size of the ground I melted the snow i melted on the ground all the way to the tent all right my hands are freezing I gotta get stuff going here so I've already got my extension cord plugged in let's see how far she reaches I can't move the truck closer but I don't need to leave it I have to turn the car on let's see I might not have to turn it all the way on I might have to go



we have a problem we have a problem that sucks

okay I just got a flash on this extension cord that wasn't there before a little light that lit up oh there we go the connections just no good what the Hat man that sucks all right well I'm gonna fumble around with this for a minute here see what you see if I could get any luck yeah okay that's all right well it's a good thing that I got that fire going I can cook my food on that but yeah that's kind of a kind of a bummer I wanted to be all fancy pants easygoing Joe cooking it up on the old hot plate but that's okay that's okay no leave it leave it Scott it's not for you yet just leave it we'll eat your beaver his bacons cooked about half way and then his egg will be raw his eggs will be raw some farm-fresh eggs whoa no leave it leave it leave it man seriously stop oh yeah I send gelatinous well messy Oh messy in the morning Joe bacon gonna rip up in the pieces oh he's got to be all shell in there don't want that do just go rip up the bacon into pieces put it in the egg tank and he will be happier than a dog eating bacon and eggs I mentioned this trip is gonna be heavy on the food cooking my to overcook these eggs on the bottom pop the second yoke to Joseph alright looking too bad I really wish I wouldn't pop that yo check out this spread got my fresh banana they call my eggs just ready to take over there put some tea on a canteen oh that's a beauty it's a masterpiece oh she's dripping yolk still we're not not always lost and not all is lost and you know what these Bacon's back on the grill for one second even taste a little smoky smoky Bacon's nothing wrong with that back up buddy Wow

hmm putting them on the fire was a good idea Wow

even for that minute nothing like a well-balanced breakfast oh yeah bananas are one of my favorite fruits I crack myself up I really do I make myself laugh I rock that's a bad thing yep well this steeps I'm gonna break down camp then I'll drink this and get out of here well folks that's the end of the journey it's gonna sit here with scoots have my last cup of tea reflect on the trip almost spill it a little wish put her back on she's real hot so Scott and I would like to thank you all for watching this video we'd really like to thank OtterBox for sponsoring this video it was very cool of them and it was a cool sponsorship so thank you very much guys we'll check them out if you're into it like I said last night I have a bunch of stuff in the works bunch of really cool stuff down the pipeline I'm excited to go home and see how many subscribers I got over the past couple days yesterday and today so far hope to hit that million really soon then they can release that that million subscriber video oh man that's good he always feels so good on my belly well Scott did really good on this trip I've had to coerce him into sleeping in in his bed a lot of the times where lay hit laying in his bed a lot of times so he's obviously not too cold you know it's how skinny he really is I know it's hard to tell but I can feel it like his his spine stick so like crazy now and his ribs are right there I can get a good grip on them but that's okay he's kicking he's a champion and I hope to have him in plenty more videos but whatever happens you guys know I'll keep you updated and yeah everything's good I really appreciate all the well wishes and everything like I've already said you'll be really really really cool to have him around for the million subscriber you know I mean he's built my channel with me and any cool cool milestone I'll get him like a rack of ribs or something crazy alright guys again thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this one and it was a little bit different but that's all I'm trying to do lately right switch it up thank you thank you thank you I'll see you soon goodbye

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