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SOLO BUSHCRAFT CAMP 4 Items Only -Natural Shelter- Wild Game Over the Fire


#bushcraft #joerobinet #wintercamping

Join me on a Solo bushcraft camp.

On this trip I choose 4 items of camping gear to take with me winter camping.

I build a natural shelter, and cook wild game over the fire.

This was a fun test of my winter camping skills, and a fun bushcraft overnighter.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing thanks for clicking on the video I have a super exciting outing today we're gonna overnight in this winter wonderland it's been snowing all morning all day all day yesterday I've only got a small backpack on this is my Maxpedition condor 2 and inside that I only have four pieces of gear I have an axe a small axe I have a cooking pot I have a fire steel and have a sleeping bag now it's not too cold right now it's only about negative two degrees Celsius but tonight's gonna get down to negative seven degrees Celsius I have a negative 10 degree bag so right on the verge of what it needs to be and I have no sleeping pad so that means I have to build a shelter build a bed with pine boughs spruce boughs balsam fir boughs whatever I can find we do have one piece of meat in the backpack that we can cook up over on a spit over the fire tonight left my truck on the side of the road I hiked in I've already been hiking in a little bit here just kind of checking out the area checking out the situation what I really need to do now is hike with my but far in and start chopping down some trees and make myself some some shelter because I need to stay warm tonight


now the bush I'm in now the bush I'm in varies quite rapidly depending on where you go in it so right now I'm in a little bit of a bit of a clearing as you saw and on the ground the snow isn't that deep it's deep enough right not so bad but if I can I prefer to find a spot like this right here there's only maybe an inch of snow whereas over there there's five six seven inches doesn't really matter right now depending on where it where I come up in the in the woods but like I'm saying I don't have a shovel I don't have snowshoes or anything to kind of dig away the snow and I need to get rid of the snow so finding a spot that's really sheltered by a lot of thick trees a lot of conifers with boughs that's gonna be ideal here's a prime example of what I'm talking we'll see this tree right in front of me how it's blocked just got tons of snow we're all hung up on the boughs if you look underneath it you can actually see grass so obviously that's too small but that's the gist of what I mean and look at this place this is a thick thick bush so walking through the woods trying to find a spot I come across this so this is definitely useful especially when you don't have much tools to work with see I can make that into a bit of a lean-to or even a debris shelter more of a debris shelter I guess and then look underneath is already barely any snow there Sall it on there I think this looks pretty good actually there's a ton of conifers and cedar spruce and balsam fir that I can see right in this general area that I can use their boughs for bedding and for shingling work I put my head here the only thing is for a fire there's a big tree right in the way here and then also there but if I faced it the other way it might be alright this is the open side this is what I mean back there is pretty covered pretty pretty heavily treed I don't really want to put a fire that close to those trees or is this side it's relatively open it's just got these tiny little ones that I can take down and use anyways you know the fire here front I think I'm gonna take this spot I've walked about as far as far as I want to go I really want to go any farther left the truck at around noon it's gotta be about one o'clock right now which gives me about four hours of light and if I want to build a shelter and have a sufficient timing and an energy and all that stuff I should start now so I think that's what I'll do well before I start I should probably get all this snow down before it falls on me I'm sure it will eventually all right


I'm gonna keep all these branches is they can be part of the rib rib work for my shelter more stuff that can use for the back

all right it's looking good let's get down under there and see if it's big enough definitely tall enough plenty of room uh yeah I gotta get rid of a lot of this snow because it goes off on a slant and that's not good once the water still wants to snow starts melting into water and running into my shelter it's not what I want to happen so yeah there's all sorts of dead decomposing matter itself under here to build up a little hump we'll have to clear this all the way chop these trees down to I need more room I need to make it wider and I need the the boughs off the trees anyway so in keeping with the four-item thing I didn't bring any water and all in all honesty seriousness I do have one supper for me I'm gonna cook that later on but I don't have any water I'm gonna have to mold snow for water so I'm actually already kind of parched I'm gonna eat a little bit of snow it's not advised to do this but I'm not trying to like hydrate with it I just need to know just a little parched no pox you know anyways um so I got to get a move on I got a fire going melt snow hopefully survive the night it's gonna take a little bit of finesse too because I don't have a something to strike the fire steel with I do have my axe and we'll use that if we have to but yeah we'll see what we can do this is where snowshoes come in handy any big branches like that I Klein or sticks on the ground I'll throw back there for building use there's a lot of big rocks on the ground so I don't really want to just be chopping into the stuff on the ground trying to get rid of it okay I'm getting warm I'll get along you guys like my hat I like it okay it's a real woodsman's hat you know to the vibe I get from it anyway I am quite warm quite warm okay I have no extra clothes in my bag no extra socks or anything I always always always bring extra sucked it did not and going with the theme I can show you guys exactly what I do have later on because I have a headlamp I have a filming light and I have like a chest mount for my GoPro just some accessories for filming but honesty gear wise four pieces of kit okay

get in there as you can see ooh my my woodsman's cap okay huh-huh and then it covers the old ears Oh Elmer Fudd style is this a stormy Crower stormy Cromer stormy Cromer is that this type of hope it's not the brand I know that but look at me look at me all rolled up hold up from the balled up yep alright well I gotta get this tree down this one maybe even that third one but if I start chopping I'm gonna be a little wet a little cold I should've waited to take off my coat Hey yep yep no probably about it oh boy stormy curl okay okay well great success with that I did see a problem though first off I was able to just bang the snow off the boughs but look at the top it straight frozen like froze to it this is very wet and once I lay on it my body warmth will start to warm that up and melt it my sleeping bag can get very very wet I have no barrier like I have no like vapor barrier see me pass anything like that to block myself from that so I really will have to be diligent and putting the proper pieces down for my bed and even above me too because once my my body warmth and like the fire and everything starts going they're gonna start dripping it's a drip drip came through dripping snow on my face and my feet

yeah that's kind of disheartening seeing all that I'm gonna have to end up lay in my jacket my two jackets beneath my sleeping bag on top of those alright I've really cleaned out the area now but beneath it's actually looking really good so it's time to start putting across the pieces on the back the ribs I got three pulls so far two of which one might be long enough for I can cut them in half but then we'll go around and find some deadfall just stuff to really stick on the back and then bow it up first guy yeah I actually don't even want to make it that wide out I want to make it pretty tight to me almost straight up and down really so that's where she goes and yes I can cut off half of that she goes up and it's still nice and big so I can use that top part even if it's not big enough to go right next to it I can use it down there somewhere so if I needed to just to come to the top of here I don't need any overhang at all and just make a little oh man I thought that was rust I thought that was rust already on my axe it's dead wood dead wood see wait alright anyways make a little mark where I know where to choppy choppy boat yeah boat yeah

I know I'm weird as I can't open I don't know if they say this one since as well so boom right there two for the price of one pretty good not too shabby alright there's a prime piece of cedar that's probably good for firewood but I will use it right now in my shelter building process because that's what's important right now and it is it's really dry I'm sure there's a dry Widow sure there's more dry wood around so anyway so we'll use this I've already got a bunch of ribs on there but this in this should be the most most of the rib work done alright I need a piece that is similar in length to this one so I'll just be using this as a marker stick holding it up to my cedar it's actually mark is where I chopped already roughly so that's a good starting point good marker

all right maybe one there a couple at the end but yeah she's pretty good she's pretty good remember all the branches cut off is found on the ground all pile back here they are going to be very useful right now and tying this whole thing together by kind of like joining all the ribs in this little puzzle II tangled mess and then all the spruce boughs actually their bowls and FIR boughs can go on it I definitely don't want to put this big one with all the snow on there because it's going to again melt and come into my shelter it's pretty simple the long ones go where they're needed in long spot and the short ones do what I needed over the short spots and because these are all twisted and gnarled kind of tuck them into each other a little bit maybe not so much there but you know I'm trying to say there we go there we go there we get it let's take tight quarters back in here my shelter will be nice and nice and roomy oh this is barely anything at all maybe enough for almost half a bed this is pretty vertical that same as any shingling job I'm gonna start at the bottom and work your way up just like Drake says and then that way anything that does try to run down it won't come into your shelter this case being snow potential melt drops so I'm gonna be here for a while just kind of weave in getting a framework in first right and then weaving them in as they should go no we're not really getting too far off that it started when you come over in front you can really see that that absolutely did nothing I know I need to go get more boughs what I want to do is try to find out like an old spruce tree that's falling down and then I can just clean up the boughs that still needles on them that way I won't have to take too much down too many trees but if not it's okay to I can go around and clean up some low low-lying limbs and do it that way all right well leave the big camera there I'll take the GoPro and we'll head off and try and find a downed spruce that's not too far away this is the extent of how far I've come I got right over here and got some firewood or some some building material I mean place is thick very thick no shortage of trees no shortage of boughs either but like I said if I can do it this way it'll be better it'll be easier for building it'll be less impact that's good firewood how's the cedar so there's a Down spruce there but there's no boughs left on it here's another good piece of cedar actually I should bring that back I could make a bow drill with this I'll leave it right here and I'll just follow my footprints back it's so thick in here guys okay again this is uh this is just too good to pass up this is some prime prime cedar like that stuff is quite dry so a little hole in there I'm gonna take this well I can while I'm here and I see it

well that's strange it's Hollow it's crazy that's all the inside of the wood there just kind of gone gone to Punk huh it'll make some good kindling anyway don't hear this part I'm sure it's all it up there again I'll just follow my tracks back to that and carry it out well I don't want to walk too much farther I haven't seen anything laying down yet as you can see there's no shortage like I said so oh it's so nice out here that's how much snow there is ten inches almost all right I should start making my way back now there's that wood I'm back there I gotta grab that but this walk has been very promising for resources this is a huge spruce SAP SAP not I guess a big ol SAP draw up SAP look at that resin it's very very flammable and that will come in handy later on alright I was able to find quite a bit somewhat dry one think you still have ice all built upon them but they're relatively dry I am pretty snowy a pretty snowy guy getting really thirsty they need to slow down I'm losing time it's after 2:00 again it gets dark at five circuits it starts getting gloomy until 4:30 there's not too much Sun today so oh my goodness I need need need a fire I think we're gonna take a break from doing this this can be my bedding I believe this can be my bedding I'll show you what I do have take a small little break heats of snow and then continue at it because I need my shelter to be done in all honesty I don't really need that back to be completely airtight and and then stuff but this is nothing like it's not good not good yet but my bed is becoming important as well especially with all these these frozen pieces yeah I'll be fine I know I'll be fine even if it's a cold night it's just gonna be uncomfortable and it's gonna suck but that's the reality's right you can't say oh I want to go out and build a battle bed and expect them to be powdery snow that just brushes off right you can't control that at all and having the option having the option of the knowledge of being able to say forget it I'll leave my my sleeping pad at home is a pretty cool thing and it takes you need to keep up with it keep up practicing and stuff so again all those reasons plus it's just a cool video I think to do it with minimal gear all right let's show you what I have max position Condor - probably one of the if not the first bush bushcraft backpack I ever bought ten years deep and running ok first off my headlamp is just for safety and filming at night I'm not counting that as one of my items batteries for my DSLR obviously not counting that as item I have a big old dirty light for nighttime filming

anyways it's a big ol dirty light not counting that is one of my items is a snowshoe hare that's my food I've got a little tripod for the light all right let's get to the actual items that I'm counting as gear the only real items that are gear right the foods not gear the lights are gear but you need that in order to see so I have my zoom bag my pot my 10 centimeter Billy and my fire steel and then you've seen me use my hacks today already these are my four items one two three four nothing else in my bag so yeah this this hair was uh got by my neighbor's parents she's frozen we're gonna have to thought over a fire for a while before it starts to cook but we'll have lots of time tonight once it gets dark because it gets dark at 5:00 like I've said oh we're getting chilly getting chilly all right well I might as well put this on my person I will put my excuse me I will put my sleeping baby back in the backpack just for trying to keep it dry purposes and my batteries all right I should start doing stuff now run all the time let's build this bed I hope I have enough here for it all right so like I said these are somewhat dry and a little bit bigger so I'm gonna do the whole herringbone dealio the whole herringbone dealio meaning you're crossing the you're sorry they're putting the thick pieces on the outside and you kind of crossing them in the middle so that you don't have them driving into you I don't know what's wrong with me when I try to speak sometimes herringbone dealio this is a perfect little size here this little divot that I've made to sleep in for me not too big at all I don't feel pretty tough to in there I'm sure comfortable and cozy kind of stab it into the snow as much as possible keep it somewhat flat the way that wouldn't be comfortable

well I can tell you already that this isn't going to be enough it's a good start but in all honesty probably need three times this amount so that's cool well huts of work guys lots of work the only thing you just come up here halfway through the day and build one of these shelters in the winter time I call Joe here thinking he could do that I will get it done it's just gonna be a look working probably into dark and a late supper but that's okay again this is a real-deal scenario I'd be lucky to have half the stuff I have with me than half of this shelter done already so good to keep it in perspective you know she's she's coming along as you can see I'm put more on the back now I've been alternating between the bed in the back depending on what type of bow I've got whether it's soft or it's wet or not so there's a chickadee

mmm-hmm let's check it even the winter air pretty fun anyway I'm really parched I'm parched my lips are little chapped I had to get some water on so I want to get a fire going you landed like right on the top of the shelter well that's always fun little chickadee yeah I gotta get a fire going and get build some yeah I gotta get a fire going and melt some snow because I am very thirsty okay I've got my axe I'm going to go try to find a rock so that I can break a piece off hopefully to use on the fire steel to strike the fire steel that way I don't have to ruin my edge of my axe and it will be easier to manage than trying to choose my edge of my axe on a fire steel that's very close to my hand if you catch my drift I found a rock now all I have to do see if I can break a piece off of it if I can I'm sure it'll break I'm sorry if I can I'm sure it'll be sharp enough to strike the fire steel okay she's flaking I don't want to keep hitting it ruin the temper of my axe mushroom it all out that'll work sharp it's very sharp I would like to have a bigger piece just something a little bit more substantial I'm really not too concerned with ruining my axe it's just I don't want to be smacking them a rock too hard too many times there we go yes she's very Shelly very Shelly sure one of these pieces will work on the broom all back obviously cool you're a dirty old bluej above you know - all right there's no only prep my my materials at least in the middle there you can see this Bruce resin with the spruce rise and I think that I will gouge it up pretty good make some dust yeah and then I'm working on top of this this this piece here is that old cedar that I grabbed that I said would make good kindling I just ripped it in half and it made like a good little plate bold flavor of trade ely twitter trey is probably a good word fighter tray so i meant to do the whole time and I knew it was gonna work anyway lots of dust coming off of that so I'm gonna combine that inside of the cedar bark inside of the birch bark everything's a little damp I'm being honest all this is a little damp but together it should go pretty good so is that gummy resin kind of tuck that in there tuck that in there and then I have my full chunk left for future use or if I'm having problems I can probably just sprinkle a little bit on there put someone after the flame starts to go if I can get it then obviously in front of me have a bunch of little twigs and stuff but this will be big enough well I guess I should do it properly right have you prep already do as you say Joseph do as you say okay this is enough to get me out of trouble all right

let's try this so here's my fire steel there's one of the pieces oh yeah oh that's a weak spar oh very weak it's getting worn down very easily as well oh good I'm gonna have to find a different kind of rock oh man yeah okay well lesson learned not all rocks are created equal we have to go find another one yeah like I can do it on my ax I can and I just really don't want to use it on the blade especially this axe ever like this X alright noticed another shot find another piece find another rock it'll be easier if there was no snow obviously alright it's funny how that works it's the same type I need more of a Canadian Shield type rock that's all more like limestone ISIL I think okay the third rock I found I think this is better this is more Canadian Shield I just broke this piece off cool got two pieces one sighs oh there we go a little bit more substantial alright something here should work gray hopefully one of these pieces would work well it stinks it's all free small almost okay let's go let's go back okay let's try this again this is one of the smaller pieces of the good rock go good rock oh yeah hundred times better spark already perfect it's here your rates quickly that's the problem okay my prep is the problem sprinkle some spruce dust right on top the old spruce dust its first dank alright I should go it should go he's a big beefy part no messing around all the sparks the sparks are 100 times better already Oh it'll be bad drawn break a freaking another piece this off it's not so bad there oh my goodness I'm scared I don't even know what to do right now don't even know what to do I took way too long hokey smokes as Doug would say oh my goodness gracious great sticks on fire that was that was something else you know that took some time eleven minutes only on my camera the thing that I'm filming with eleven minutes I gotta really just put time and effort now into building my bed I just gotta say screw it for the back doesn't seem like it's gonna be windy it's not windy now so hopefully that's enough for my back I know it's not I know a hundred percent it's not but hopefully it will just do the job and you know keep whatever wind and snow off of me as much snow as possible but I really really really do need to work on the bed because without that there's no way I can sleep or even stay warm I'll have this like make like a seat near the fire and sit here all night which I don't want to do so we will just work on the bed now and then it'll be supper time because we're losing light well that was uh was interesting again I've done that before plenty of times and this is the right kind of rock and I had the right kind of materials and stuff so just goes to show you man silly rocks she going she's going and I'm so loves or soaked everything's got to dry out now but I need to get some water into me so I'll probably end up making some pine needle tea and you're striking this hot so I'll have to wait for it to cool down and having something hot in my belly sounds pretty good right now as packed as she's going let's keep that on the foyer

so I'll have to take this pot off here soon

and I add more snow so that accumulates and gets to be enough to drink but as far as going pretty good I'm sure it's not melted yet oh yeah that's pretty good actually the big hunk of snow in there still but we'll wait till it gets down and then once it has some water already in it then it's much easier for the snow to turn to water it just kind of happens quicker a lot of the snow that was on me is melted off and dried off too so that's good I think just from working around sitting by the fire a bit to my knees and butter still wet but I'm going to throw my puffy on because I'm a bit chilled and then what that will do is any dampness underneath here will dry even quicker because I have the outer layer on kind of trapping it bet you this is boat about ready oh yeah I got a half a cup of water there already that's not too shabby or half a pot of water I should say so little chunk of snow in there some good work done on the bed now this is more of a divot like so it is kind of actually just springy it's not the ground doesn't go fly it it goes in so these are these are built up in that divot a bit which I don't know if it's a good thing or not honestly a divot normally is like a cold well but this is not very very much down as opposed to the rest of the terrain hard to say it's not as it's not too much lower than the rest of this stuff I'm just trying to get all the ice and snow over there as much as possible feeling now I'm just putting the final touches on the bed feeling for any any low spots any spots it or not completely covered and buoyant bouncy springy

a little bit of a pillow I can't feel the cold too much through it right now a little bit but not too much oh this is nice this is a really cool view

I'm very protected at least overhead wise if you started to drip or whatever behind me not so much not the worst thing no it is the wintertime and it will block 90% of the snow coming down so I'm pretty confident here I do have a little bit more time I can't get some more boughs let's check on her water no she's boiling well I see that's all right she'll cool down quicker to drinking temperature all right let that just steep there cools down a bit well that rabbits still pretty frozen so I need to I need to get up on a spit high up above the fire high enough we're just gonna kind of thaw and then I can slowly cook it in order to do that I already have that one pot holder that stick I need to prop that stick up against the tree and then make like a tripod or a bipod on this side and have it on there but I don't have any cordage I do I have some cordage attached to my backpack I realized but I don't want to use it because it wasn't part of my four items if I have to I will but I think I could just kind of makeshift a tripod so that's what I'm gonna do right now I don't want to let this fire go out either

I don't need a Trajan but I don't have to light it again especially with that silly player steel of rock method yeah I definitely don't want to have to light it again so we'll keep this thing going even if it's with just twigs for a while debri hello debri still way too hot to drink

alright I got three poles here I use the ones that I took some boughs off of so it's all getting put to use which is good I need to make a little tripod dealy with no portage so I left a lot of the old branches kind of pokin everywhere that way I'm hoping I'll be able to prop it up pretty sturdy like 30 like see


okay okay that might work I'm gonna have to bring it closer though my my cross poll is here I'll have to just prop it up on the tree with like another cut piece and then across there so I do need to bring this a bit closer this might even be too high this is way too high what am I even thinking this is way too high dirt okay everything's gonna get dropped down I didn't mean that much yeah it's not frustrating at all loving it just embracing it you know oh oh guys this is a this is a poop show dude all three quarters my water's gone a few quarters of my water is gone I was like the first real sip I had of it we'll get there we'll get there the first time I stood the tripod up it worked

it was pretty secure I just needed to bring it forward so okay that's something that is something I just like that just like that and then this tree can you see this I'll just have to put like a piece of wood underneath it to keep it up which is fine okay I think this is gonna work I do got to get that fire going again about some more snow obviously oh man a lot of things are trial and error guys it's not all pretty Instagram posts alrighty let's get some wood on here again yeah that'll work I'll do all right thank you then we get the rabbit oh that fire is actually too high here's the bar here I'll have to keep it lower this is just sticks obviously once it's bigger logs it'll it'll have a lower flame but cheese oh she's not solid starting to thaw a bit good there's flames there's still hair all over this let's send it off oh yes yeah so she's got to be quite a bit higher that's gonna start to cook it right there

there we go not a problem oh okay that's probably good now yeah things are happening things are happening ba-bam oh that I'm sorry there we go

no perfect man just about perfect ha ha this is the failed attempts camp many many attempt camp that's all right okay after all of that I need to build the fire again

oh man this is gonna be a cedar smoked rabbit losing light quick now yeah I'd say at a half an hour it's any pitch black I know again it doesn't look like it on the camera but it is so I got a couple more boughs I could have done with a bunch more probably another big arm load full but it's just not gonna happen now I don't want to put more wet icy bowels underneath so I decided to lay my father even jacket down as a buffer and that covers from my chest to my butt obviously and that's a good portion of it so I've built up a little pillow area I got my Sigma bag out now I need you know I wanted to keep it away from you away from Sparks and stuff as much as possible but I need somewhere to sit

I'm kneeling on this ice and my knees are getting pretty pretty sore oh yes okay okay this will be all right I'm down lower than the fire so it's almost up I level which is good keep you nice and warm grab his dripping drip drip holes right in the world I wish I had my doggy with me he's doing okay update here's a scout update he's doing okay I haven't given the chemo I have it at home I don't they I'm going to give it to him actually no I'm not he's been doing all right and we'll just see how it goes from there but he's not alright enough to come over here with me he's pretty skinny now and I don't want him to be cold especially on this kind of camp if I was coming up with a tent or something and I could like have a like a big blanket in there for one stuff maybe I'll do that maybe that'll be my next camp just not a hot ten just like a big tent have a nice and comfy in there we'll go snowshoeing around I can round for the day cook off some good food and then yeah crawl into the tent for the night maybe I'll do that with him but this kind of thing I didn't want to do just cause it's more like survival bare-bones type thing where would he be at what would I have for him uh spruce boughs to lay on they're just not good enough

so yeah maybe I'll do that though it'll be kind of cool anyways thank you all again for everything Matt from demolition ranch and vet ranch and off the ranch I spoke with him on the phone so thank you if you ever watched my stuff man that was really really really cool of you shows your shows your character I had to go through a screening a screening guy to tell it tell him actually to prove who I was type thing

very nice people and Matt was uh very very cool so that made my day and it's very very very awesome to see how much scout is loved all over the world I told a little bit of a fib I brought one more thing oh look it look it it matches my it goes with the leg of Roulin leg of one anyone 16 year old leg of woolen anyone my red and black plaid flask Cheers

this one was my favorite the leg of all in the 16 take another little nip leather one more little nip then we got to get some firewood cuz uh yeah running out of light big-time I've learned to take smaller sips mmm all right well well that guy stays there thawing out and cooking we need to go get firewood because uh well we have some I've been throwing it here all day it's not gonna cut it I need firewood till about nine o'clock tonight where I can just say that's enough and I can go to bed and I assume it's around 5:00 for 30-ish right now didn't bring my watch with me oh it's after 5:00

it's 506 oh now I got to get my butt into gear

I need firewood I need a little more firewood all right all right I was able to get some wood I got a decent amount I think some big pieces but as you can see it's dark now I gotta buck him up that's about it she's doing her thing looking pretty good actually I get more wood on that once again it's a constant thing over here I fire wood and water

I still have to get more water into me Oh

lates coming in handy already I've had it for a long time it's just like I don't know normally I have too much gear to bring it not the case this trip and see what I'm doing trying to be as careful as I can be keeping my legs back a good distance hopefully over the swing of things cuz right now even if I wanted to get out it would be pretty impossible it's dark and I'm in the middle of this thick thick bush cut up a bunch of wood no it's still a few pieces to go thank you last me until about eight or nine hopefully but I also got wise and grabbed a fork of a cedar and use that to prop the end up instead of that'll poop you love their new plugs bro looking good I've been real good actually I'm so hungry you know looking at the back of this shelter here it's really not that bad it's pretty covered man you know see much snow getting through that at all like I can see my sleeping bag at the bottom but snow is not really gonna come in from the bottom a little bit of a fire gap or a gap or can see the foyer there other than that not too shabby that is a bad spot there I guess but even so even looking at here like how is snow gonna get past that it's not so bad it's really not so bad it wouldn't protect from raining I know that hundred percent but that is the beauty of winter there's no rain I'm hungry I'm just gonna walk around grab some twigs and stuff right now just so I can keep either adding them to the fire or save them for the morning whatever I need to do I just I need to keep moving around and stuff because that that rabbits no word and you're done I gotta melt snow I gotta melt snow that's what I need to do right now oh it's hot she's hot over her gloves where's my gloves where are my gloves either where are they not good not good Oh got him no problem I knew where they were I go I knew it the whole time not a problem at all see him well she's cooking she's cooking that's good all right

nice that fires nice and hardest driving me off pretty good so you can see the steam coming off my pants maybe I can get wet but from kneeling Nealon and then put my butt on my feet here like I end up here so gotta turn her out and drop the old behind nobody likes a cold wet but an old CBS cold but syndrome all right you guys might be able to see pretty good there but I can't that light is put like kind of in my face

so everything's black in front of me so I do need to use this as well I'm sorry if it throws it off I'll turn it down as much as possible there we go all righty Oh seems cooked to me let's try it maybe I can take off like a whole back piece here come on give me some meat

give me some meat I'm on

she's juicy that's good we're afraid of it being very dry oh it smells delicious oh I can dig into this thing and mouth is watering Kai's plate legit my mouth is watering it really does smell good like very good there we go that's what I'm waiting for mmm that's good Oh ma'am

it's not it's only tough near the near the outside of it like a spring is juicing man mmm the inside is super tender super juicy ah that's really good I like that I like that a lot cool that's some more water might as well pull that right off there cool down while I'm eating put in the snow there's no snow anymore hey so the grounds all melty near me in the snow let it cool down man

I am a fan let me tell you whoa give it to me your gym [Music]

man I'm so content right now as far as superhot there's almost down to the coals but it's just like baking radiating heat I've used up some of my wood a lot more excuse me I'm gonna have more than I can buck up so all is well it's got to be like 7:30 no only fit quarter after 7:00 still I only got a couple more hours here before I'll be ready for bed I like doing different types of camps you know I mean like right now I'm in the middle of the woods it's snowing I only brought one small backpack out with me you know I mean that was always my dream where I could be able to just be like so self-sufficient that it's like I don't need to bring a ton of stuff don't get me wrong it's fun and I enjoy it more when I have a lot of things and it can be comfortable and not even a lot of things just a bad normal sized backpack full of stuff is really not a lot of things but um excuse me one second I am hungry


and just makes me feel like a kid again you know it's fun it's fun coming over here doing these things setting parameters a little challenges for myself you know I mean oh and if I can go with four pieces of gear and be comfortable for the night well I'm sure I can tell you right now I am I might be a little cold that bed is lacking the shelters a little bit lacking but in all honesty all reality I don't need it that sleeping bags gonna do the trick and if it doesn't I'm gonna sit up by the fire all night you know I mean I got a headlamp I can go cut more wood if I need it everything will be fine if I had more more time here if I had two days if I was spending two days out here I would build on to the front of the shelter you know what I mean create like a half of a half of a shelter lean-to on the front as well leave a little spot here where I can sit in front of my fire you know I mean be even more protected add more boughs have more balance to the ground and stuff but it's just I'm just so here having fun you know I'm just out here playing around testing myself a bit making a video that's really the gist of it but yeah I like doing stuff like this I think my next camp is gonna be with Scout like I said and do that comfortable not even like it's a crazy comfortable I'll pull a sled behind me and I will bring like a normal tent you know I mean bring like a couple sleeping pads a big blanket a big sleeping bag and put over top of both of us and just chill you know I mean go snowshoe around in the daytime like I said cook up some good food spoil them just have some fun with them maybe take some night photography shots if I can't buy a lake or something

the possibilities are in this anyway I'm really hungry and I'm eating I'm not eating as much as I'm talking so when you thrust this I'll get back with you guys in a little bit I just had to show you look at this this is all meat this is a huge strip of meat like this is bonus I didn't realize how much will be on like the backstrap part of it go to mount I thought it would mostly be in the legs very decent here throw it in lots learning Lots already living up here next year I'll be the one to get this gold real deal self-sufficient providing for myself and my family

yep real deal alright I did a number on this guy

feeling pretty full pretty happy to taste a really good little smoky very very happy with that nice and full and content time for a little sippy poo one more pot of snowmelt in there before bed I'm gonna make up another pot of tea it's snowing pretty good now staying nice and dry under there

Snow's not getting down in there it's just good forecasts mentioned there's gonna snow all night but not too much just like drizzly snow but she's uh she's coming down nothing crazy but it's steady anyway I think I'm gonna add the the rest of the wood after the snow boils up and just lay down and look at the fire for oil I think this is actually quite cozy cheers guys thanks for everything

we're almost done a million subscribers we're gonna hit that by New Year's that nuts cheers to that oh she's all damn we got more hold on one big pot of water there so I can drink that tonight and then tomorrow morning before I leave I can finish it off I'm gonna get up and out of here I have no breakfast to cook or anything like that obviously so I'll wait for light which is actually probably 7:30 just crazy I'll wait for light and get out of here because I'm gonna see myself getting out of here in the dark at all this is actually quite comfy well that's it for me guys I want to bed I will you guys in the morning what someone happens throughout the night and I feel warranted to tell you about but I'm feeling good about this when I tuck into this sleeping bag and get pretty comfy you guys have a good night

I'll get with you in the morning let me get that camera shut up

I wonder how much it will snow tonight let's go for more snow stop finally let me see a fire pit all covered you get too much but she came down quite a bit I'm pretty awake now gonna lay here for a little bit more I got told about 7:30 before the Sun comes up so yeah I'm not getting out of bed yet about 6 o'clock now I can see the stars the clouds are blowing away it seems

yeah it's getting windy out there that's pretty cool but it's 6 o'clock and it's pitch black like the point honestly where I could see stars obviously a few updates from the night I like this hat a lot excuse me but when it comes time to sleeping I like to have my head tucked in the the sleeping bag and I couldn't because of the bill on this so maybe keep bringing my my secondary small beanie for sleeping and then also my butt got cold this is nowhere near enough boughs but my whole body is pretty fine especially because the sleeping bag is pretty pretty decent but my butt were just freezing cold so I got my backpack underneath my butt right now it seems to be working pretty good I did that halfway through the night so I emptied the backpack all out and then put it right where my butt is and just give me an extra buffer off the ground right now my feet are a bit chilled there's not much between my feet in the and and the snow because I doubled up on the the bowels up here and left now my feet pretty sparse but it was all impromptu whom done pretty quickly so I'm happy overall I got pretty good sleep stayed decently warm once I start once I put that backpack underneath my butt

so I still gotta I still gotta lay around here for I don't know hour and a half an hour at the least but I need I need to have some daylight before I start hiking out of here what Oh

iris it look it look at my mom water on pot of water so this is how much it's know you can tell too much oh she's I see she's IEC so uh mmm smoky it's cold all right well uh just gonna keep laying here I'm wide awake like it's it's time for me to get up but there's nothing for me to do I'm not that fire is dead cold I'm not trying to light it again for no reason with the rock and the fire steel the best bet is for me just to stay won't in this seam bag as warm as I can and wait for light some lights starting to poke through now I'm gonna get up and start tearing down this shelter pack up my stuff and get ready to get out of here I imagine if I oh that's bright if I uh if I do that by the time I'm done it will probably be time to get out of here anyway I have to peace Superbad - so I did get snow it on a little bit but it kind of just melted as it hit me from the warmth in this damn bags not eating more wet than it normally is for me being breathing inside of making a ton of condensation so not too shabby well more fun flaps down all as well I don't want to get out of bed I got a piece so bad these Gators are a lifesaver I'm wearing these small boots now because they're a lot easier to walk in and hike in they're still pretty warm but the snow does come up and into them if I don't want my Peterson Theater's block at all handy they're handy where's my other boot though that's not handy Oh Oh he slept with my flask in my pocket where is my boot bro she goes I'm sure you some of you guys use Gators before what for you for haven't it's pretty easy to put on they have a really tough strap underneath and that goes in the arch of your foot with these ones I put on on the back heel first I guess and then it's just super strong velcro goes all the way down and then there's a little Gator time toggle type thing you can hook on to your boot or your boot lace but I find I don't really need it and then it adds a little bit of warmth but definitely keeps the snow out of your your pants I mean know your shoes well those morning toots and then also keeps your your legs dry these gloves are tapered a solid oh yeah but that's the stuff it's not as bad as when your boots are like that

that's the worst okay well she's pretty light out now I can definitely see old you know forget the old GoPro tripod clamp all right not everything was accounted for no it is anyways I can definitely see now try to get my way out of here before too long

hope you guys enjoyed this video I had fun it was a nice little switch up a little change you know I said I was gonna do a minimal gear thing and I did I'm glad I did next trip will be either with scout

doing that comfortable tent winter camping thing with him or will be careful with Doug don't know which one will happen first I'm gonna try to get the one done with scout soon sooner than later obviously so look out for that look hope for me reaching a million it's gonna happen real soon once again thank you all


yeah if you haven't subscribed please consider subscribing especially if you like this I have no plans of slowing down this is only getting started now that I'm up here so thanks a lot guys hope you enjoy your day and be nice to someone maybe watch another Joe Robinette video maybe just keep it on a loop you know keep watching them videos we'll see you soon guys take care oh how bright is it Oh bright is it oh yeah oh yeah not too shabby we'll find our way out of here now

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