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"THE HUT" E1- Locating a Camp Spot-Hauling Logs-Bacon on a Rock.


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This is the first episode in a new series I will be making entitled, "The Hut" This will be a bushcraft build series, where I build a large, group shelter on my property.

I plan to use this location to constantly improve the hut camp, learn new skills, dust up on old skills, and have a place to take my family out for some fun in the woods.

In this episode, I scout out the perfect location for the hut to be built, I find a big score of a bunch of peeled cedar logs to use to help build the hut. I haul those logs to the future hut site, cook up some bacon on a rock, and have some unusual visitors :)

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in like the title says I'm gonna build a bushcraft camp today I don't want there to be any qualms about it I'm right near my house you guys saw me coming out near the shed there I walked out about a few hundred meters or whatever and I'm in the woods so I have this small patch of woods in the front of my house like I've shown you if you haven't seen the dream home video I show it off in there a little bit my plan is because it's deer moose open season right now it's not very safe to be in the woods with my dog he obviously could be mistaken for a deer that's why I have that orange color around his neck but I really don't to take the chances and that's give me a good opportunity to be here nobody's coming to my yard to do that stuff so yeah we're okay so I think the whole premise behind this is is just to have a place where they that I can come and build and practice skills and take my daughter out and my dog possibly my wife and my baby over for an overnight or just hang out have a picnic have supper out here or whatever it's nice to have I've always wanted a patch of woods of my own and this is it so you can be bet your but I'm going to take advantage of it so what we're gonna do now is walk around the woods and look for an ideal spot I do want to find a good suitable spot I can clear any tree or way I want anything like that I don't want to take down too many trees because there's not that many really this is my nice buffer from the world and I want to keep it that way but we're gonna be building so let's go around and look for a suitable spot so my wife was driving down the road coming home the other day just around the corner from her house a lynx came out into the - the road links are very very cool animals pretty secretive - I've never seen one so I'm very cool that just tells you some of the kind of animals around here in this specific bush right now that I'm in my front yard there's deer all the time we saw deer beds two days in a row and deer tracks going through but I also see tons of snowshoe hare tracks squirrel and then dog there's lots of dog prints everywhere okay so let's just be completely honest let's just be completely transparent and upfront right there is a spider on my right there anyways

shouldn't be splitter arena so this is my neighbor's yard this is my neighbor's driveway I should say right here where I'm at right now see a driveway houses up there and they're Scout boat near the road okay so here's my bush all in there so we are not in the wilderness even though my house is pretty remote

we're not far into the wilderness so let if we walk across I'll show you the complete width of my bush here now it goes longer than it does wide as there's my my shed in my garage out that way I'm probably about in the middle of the forest right now of the bush right now Dan out there is my other is my driveway sorry where Scott is right now is my driveway so again we're not in the middle of the wilderness but this is mine and I love it all right after really combing these woods and looking I've come across this spot I think this is gonna be the best spot I'll tell you why there's a big strong live straight cedar right here that I can anchor to and there is a big white pine that's also alive I can see needles on the top which is great because I do want to stand for a while or I don't want to be secure so if I put it this way the wind always comes from like a diagonal coming this way off the lake so I'm protected from the wind the Sun rises in kind of that area that will be open to the to the shelter as well the shelter will be open to that as well yeah so

my D limbing dog so again it's that big tree to that one and in the middle I have maybe 15 12 feet 12 feet I'd say but the ground is not it's not level in the least like a big hump big hump composing log so I'll be able to get that are there no problem yeah I'm kind of happy with this spot actually that's a good feel to it I think this will be home I think this would be a camp you see that all right uh yeah I guess I'll get my backpack off and serve buildings start clearing away the snow good this feels good it's a good beginning of a big undertaking type thing I will make a series of this definitely I got a little snowy snowy Joey a little snow in the morning a pre-orders for the Scout knife are up right now this knife is available through Adventure sworn the maker I will definitely put the link in the description he just posted these for sale a couple days ago I just haven't been out to do a video in between that I did post an Instagram picture and sold a bunch already there's still a bunch more be able to be bought and this is just that my model this is the Joe Robinette edition with the burlap and the orange but you can do it could do a complete custom different handle combos different options and it will have the Scout logo on it too I will just kind of try and hold on to all the usable piece useable trees that I take down or usable size two trees that I take down that first one obviously is nothing but that one I can definitely use for something later on keep them all in the same spot and then I'll have them I will have to do a lot of maintenance I'm sure in here for you these are not for you keep this make a little coffee in a bit cook up some bacon and stuff man this is gonna make an awesome camp night like I always just call it the Scout look like jack-of-all-trades type thing but really your camp tip okay I think what for the most part that area is cleared off it does seem nice and big now I've got like almost a half circle here so very cool very cool a little rock rock Oh as good as my dog is at digging I think I'm gonna grab my shovel this is just one of those cheap little folding saws everybody's got in their kit you know where I got it hey somebody sent it to me I'm gonna go to containing entire surplus see then it's about it for my backpack they're starting my basement for a long time cool thing about this one it has like a pic on it so you can make dig like that or like that what if I can have them both out that would be ideal yeah it looks like I can okay that's something digger Joe I wanna see all these little rock pieces they'll come in handy for know this is a rock Oh coming handy for a fire pit later on no let's go oh there's lots right here actually this is good a little score pretty cool actually so this is a big root like a very large root go into that pint and I'm not taking that out by anything and just fine I can stay there but what happened was there was like this thin rock on top of it and it grew the the root grew and expanded and popped the rock up so I'm getting all these little fragments includes a little chip off pieces of Flat Rock because of this root which is pretty cool and you think about a tree growing I know I know everybody knows that trees tree roots can mess up foundations and hoses and everything it's just kind of cool to think about how strong this is compared to rock yeah this thing's loosening up already

oh it's not alright okay guys let's take a look so this is why I never you can't eat that this is why I never bring this type of thing on a camp like here at spire house is fine but like Sheila jet broke

it's not even fixable it's not like it it even like his can go back together or anything okay you know I started out with Walmart and Canadian Tire and Sport Chek gear like stuff like that and it works definitely decent for me but then when it comes time to this kind of stuff it's like you know this is why I like quality stuff this is again this could have been bought at the dollar store for all I know I don't know but anyways lesson learned I still have this how about you all to melt this to a stick a piece of wood but anyways this will still help me while I'm over here I'm trying not to go back to hosts for anything right I can't go back it's no big deal but I brought all my food everything with me I'd rather just pretend just pretend I'm out here building the fort he's one day you can all that so full that's kind of fun okay this is really weird I've been digging I'm coming down far right now I got a bunch of roots and everything but I'm finding charcoal like charred pieces of wood this one yeah like okay see ya the market makes this is 100% charcoal like burned wood yeah that's crazy I'd really don't understand that this house has been here since 2003 2001 I'm sure there's nothing here before that like built in this little woodlot huh intriguing intriguing anyway I'm getting there I'm still digging there's lots of roots I'm gonna have to definitely lay like a rock foundation for my fire pit there's just millions the roots crisscross and everywhere a lot of these little ones I can get rid of they're not a big deal but like this one there's a big one and I don't really want to cut it out ruin the potentially dangerous tree I don't know just a personal choice but I'm gonna I'm going to put the rocks over top of that yeah man this is all charcoal look at this this is so strange what is this this is so weird it's all charcoal in there charred wood I guess I should be saying like strange strange strange strange there's like what is happening this is crazy there's a bunch of rocks down there that look like they're almost like put there like especially like I won't even think anything of it if it wasn't for the char let's go dig dig good boy watch oh good dog good dog hit that okay well it's not that weird I guess it's just a rock but the charcoal man is what this is just all rocks under here just super cool hopefully I'll be able to reclaim these rocks and just use them for the full fire pit like the the groundwork and everything okay cool all right you can see there I've cleared a pretty decent area I've flattened it out quite a bit that hump in the middle is no longer a hump and I feel pretty good about it I feel pretty good about the policemen and the size too and maybe I'll build a different type of shelter than I'm used to maybe I won't build just a normal lean-to asides or whatever maybe you all I'll try and incorporate this whole like a you type area I got a half circle you I don't know maybe I can go Ridge pole roots pull reach pull reach pull Ridge pole and then a bunch of wood around the sides leading up in there roof coming up and have the front open like a big fire there I think that'd be cool oh yeah a decent-sized shelter to sleep a bunch of people the family at least let me show you something behind you what I do have access to and what I haven't decided yet haven't made my mind up if I want to use it or not I probably should so like I said this house was built in 2001 and a lot of the wood was used from the property and and we moved they they moved wood from the property in order to build the house obviously so I have all this wood all those are cedar logs yeah I don't know I probably will end up using some like obviously there's some that are way too big to use but I might as well write there's a lot of wood here and I don't really want to take down too many decent sized trees in the bush like you saw that it's not the biggest yeah these are all cedar these are white Eastern cedar Eastern white cedar through you occidentalis and they are rot resistant I love the smell of them it's not a true cedar but that's the cedar we have here so there's once you see that one like that sighs maybe but both that size around that I can use I might even be able to put a floor in the thing yeah so I probably will end up using this stuff now I think about it why not right it's here it's no good for firewood anyway they've let it sit here there's moss growing all on it there is done I tried to cut up a couple pieces of of the hardwood that's the pile next to it and it would have to be cut and air dried for probably a good year before was good and plus cedar is not the greatest in the wood stove anyways so I do think that's what I'm gonna do it's a bonus you know it's a bonus that it's here I still will use natural materials from the woods and everything but this being here is yeah it's big help

oh it's fun thing with my dog stuck in place a is there rained on and frozen I'm getting warm very warm Oh gotta stop for some water I think I'll make up some food

this used to be all Oh brown a blackish looking here no snows all covered it again almost huh all right I am gonna stop and have a coffee and some lunch I got some bacon and eggs to cook so I'm just gonna for now obviously this isn't gonna be the fire pit forever but this is just today on the go kind of working type thing I'm just in a clear spot or there's not any big roots sticking up and I'm going to line the ground with these small rocks and I'll just have the fire right on top of there for today and then later on as we go this is gonna be a work in progress big time like I want to come over here once a week oh it's a little her truck I want to come here once a week and build and add on to things and constantly improve things and that'll do a couple things for me that'll give me weekly content that you can rely on that you know is going to be out and then I'll still do my trips and my normal stuff and my bushcraft outings and all that but this will be my home base and I'll be doing all sorts of skills and building new things and learning new things and just improving here so anyways I think it's a good plan I'm excited to do it and yeah that's what I said I'd be doing once I got here right foot note more content so this would be good enough for the fire today remember those twigs from before it used an ASCO didn't eat too many of oak so the problem in these woods that I'm starting to find out this is there's not many dead standing trees there's a lot of dead on the ground rotten or standing rotten but not dead sitting good so I think I found one here it looks to be a spruce or a balsam fir let's check it out

the reason I think it's dead is because it's an evergreen and there's absolutely no branches or sorry no needles on the top yeah she's dead it seems pretty dry so let's take this one down now I can definitely push that over so let's just keep chopping him that's pretty high she's a hanger we got a hanger folks Oh Scout I love your crying so much it makes me very happy when you do that I was joking I don't like it at all I actually really don't like it you can stop

this is quite brittle okay because it's so brittle I don't think I'm gonna try to like scrape it scrape the birch bark Oh to get Fluffy's I think we'll just do one of these just crunch it up as much as I can throw a spark right in there and I'm sure we'll go good and then after that I do have these bigger decent pieces to put on so I think I messed up in my my last video Nik emailed me and said you messed up on the link in the description so I really do apologize for that it's fixed the links to his fire steels and his Etsy shop other his other where's the check kiddo I never even really showed up close my focus is so screwed up so Nick from HF survival school made this super good dude it's a big one it's a big one it comes with a little hole in there so you put a lanyard on it how all my fire prep ready right

put on there no one sticking it listen to my own advice it's a hard thing to do sometimes hey listen to your older voice no joke put that coat back on getting real warm digging all the ground up and chopping and stuff but kind of calm down now and down so I think I want to call this series or even the shelter the hut I had a shelter when I was a lot younger in Windsor and before this whole YouTube thing I had something called the hut and me and my buddy Brian would go there all the time it's where I learned a lot of my like axe comfortableness with an axe and just a lot of outdoor stuff going on there not not proper bushcraft skills just outside playing in a fort pig thing which really that's what all this is anyways so anyways let me know in the comments what do you think is a good name for this I want to call it like the series like building the hut or like you know like season 1 episode 1 building the hut and then like dot-dot-dot searching for an area or something along those lines don't me so I can have it all laid out properly the hut before the shelter the lean-to the bushcraft Basecamp a lot of those in McDonough haven't really heard the hut before so I think I think that is what I'm gonna go with let me know if you think that's a cool name or not it's a little reminiscent for me and I think it's a good good fit for this especially if I do that take the shelter that I was talking about where I kind of put a bridge pool all the way around make a house

you know that is more of a hut that's not like the lean-to by any means yeah excited guys I'm excited to have emerald oh I'll have emerald in a couple of videos out here doing it with me they're not gonna be hour long videos new half hour long videos but regular content right sprinkled in what boy trips my winter camp in other stuff I'm gonna be doing a scotch tasting soon a scotch tasting video I watched a video from PewDiePie I know it sounds weird but if you haven't watched them lately don't knock it

he's not a bad dude at all he's actually one of the better ones anyways a little year ago he did a scotch tasting video and I thought was really cool so I'm gonna do one two I bought five bottles of scotch so me and the neighbor are going to film it obviously and yeah it should be pretty cool I think Scotch is a woodsman's drink just as much as anything else no nice and smoky peaty Scottie I got no Japanese scotches only Scott Scottish scotches Scottish whiskeys single bolts maybe not really sure not really sure but I will do my my research and I will have the correct phrases for the scotches


she's such a trip any sweetie inches of Pyrenees mix she's about nine months she's a good dog Scout loves or like loves are their best friends winter what you doing goo you go you good boy

what are you doing why are you doing that Scout he never acts like that with her good boy it's okay boy

see the avoidance No so that wasn't anything bad that was just him telling her to kind of back off right now he's not feeling it but I think it's cuz we're out here and I'm about to cook I got that fire going he knows and it might even just be a feeling too like he's never had a dog roll up on him in camp before so who knows but usually there she's like the boss to him push him around hurting um everything so they get along really well winter is not Scouts old friend again if you watch that dream home video I would have explained a little bit more well whisky is his old friend and whisky does not like him anymore is he whiskey growls at heaven she's very ornery so anyways whiskey's a little little sister winter and Scott are friends so that's good it's really good actually he's gonna live a lot longer out here I know it he's gonna he has a spring in his step he's he's not cooped up he's out here with Neil Tommy so here with the dogs all the time even when we're in the house he's just out roaming around it's fine there's there's no traffic at all and okay right now because of the season it is I try to keep him near me or indoors a bit but anyways that's only for a couple weeks zebra I didn't know what I was gonna do when I came when I thought I might make a little pot hanger and stuff and well as much as I do like the heavy cover I really like it for its light weight it's very very tough and it looks cool I just really like using it it doesn't hang well you can you can ring it up so it hangs but it's not easy to hang like it doesn't have a bail like this so but that said I'm not even gonna hang this now because I've been so long-winded and I probably probably already will have an hour video on this one I'm just gonna put on here and the reason I'm not using the canteen for that is because this has a wider base that's purely it I want to get some water boiled up and then all you and then I'll have a coffee going and then I'll be able to cook what's these coals once these flames died down into coals well my water is heating up here I want to put this rock on the fire as well just start warming it up and that's how we're gonna cook my bacon just put her there

get it gradually warm and then once this boils I don't even need to really wait so it goes down to coals I can just kind of put the rock right on top get it hot it's Oh whiskey get it hot hint huh and then start cooking bacon I'll show you whiskey a bunch of dog old friends today hey whiskey hey girl she's uh she's showing her age this one she's the same age of scope believe it or not

hello hello Toby she's a big girl dude a big girl

whiskey what are you doing come here this dog is a trip a little tail a little wiry tail was a good girl what are you straight eating snow what are you doing the desert you're eating dirt

it's not food that water's ready as you can see I've dropped that rock down she's probably piping hot I'm sure no yes y'all get you get you some bacon don't worry bud so I got Oh quite a bit actually here you cook some decent I'm on a big hole a little little long and you'll only be able to put in a couple pieces at a time no no no no do it all right that's got to come off that's got to come off for a minute and way too hot oh my goodness Oh heart attack in here still cooking on there yeah that was probably a good time to take a break on that and make my jiva coffee these clips on the zebra make it a lot easier to pour I think that firebox stove all right make a nice little cup in there actually that's gonna be strong isn't it I think you're really strong that's going to be quite strong maybe I do this instead let it dissolve in there and then pour it in uh-huh Oh Joe stick with me boys and girls go your if what's kind of close to the fire dude like a cold or you should probably move your foot man let's go what are you doing you're blind your foot dude I'll give you some bacon calm down all right we're gonna set anything this temperature is a better temperature for cooking bacon everything's working out now I'll try to eat get these off here so I don't put fresh bacon on here at the same time cook these up and I don't want to get bacon dank on them oh she's still piping hot good I haven't had one of these probably since the last time I did on video this is my soul of Siberia cook sir I really like it this is the one I brought on my 10 day alone journey oh very good check them out on Instagram soul of seven that scary bud he took off the bacon grease just lit up anyway soul of Siberia it's his little emblem there I like it I like good luck this time of year I like to change up my gear you know in the summertime it's like you're gonna to early fall it's like a lightweight backpacking canoeing type gear but right now until the spring I like heavier wooden campy ER type stuff I like I like the fact that I'm so close it's my house I can bring a heavy stuff excuse me I can bring on a cast-iron Dutch oven if I want to I can bring out a big old grill like a permanent grill that I leave out here and me just make it comfortable and easy out here right like have a fun place to go stair roughing it all the time the novel idea on a novel idea so again another thing I have to rethink is the placement of the door of the shelter because like I said the wind always comes off the lake in like a 45 degree this way but right now and all day today that's smoke it's when the snow hits it it flames up the grease flames up that's crazy um the snow and the wind has all been coming in like this right in the direction of the shelter although right now it's parallel which is exactly what I want so who knows I'll have to watch it for a couple days and see like the the main direction but I got time you know I mean that's fine well I'll probably wrap the video up here I got stuff to do today Emeralds gonna be done school soon and I have to go get her we're gonna pick her up today and do some stuff with her so so it was a nice day out I know I didn't get a lot accomplished on the shelter build at all but I knew I wasn't going to it wasn't that wasn't the intention of today today his intention was to come out just figure out the spot kind of like secure the spot in my head and on land now that I've cleared all this area out I do want to use it it has a good feel to it I like the shape buddy come on but

yeah I knew I wasn't going to that was the whole thing I just just wanted to come out and spend the day out with the dog secure a spot I feel good about it so I will probably bring some of those logs over before I'm done just so I have a better look to it even my name overcome so I can show a little bit more as to what I've started I hope you guys hear I hope you guys are into this I hope you guys want to see this series I hope that it's something yeah that you'll enjoy it's a little bit different you know I mean I understand it's not some crazy wilderness adventure I get it but does it always have to be I hope not

you know I mean I hope to do some videos around the house but wilderness camping is my bread and butter it's that my favorite thing to do and it's what people have expected I'm gonna keep doing you know I mean but like I've been saying I'm trying to add more me doing this a long time and I'm realized you know I mean it's I was a point there guys where i was like i've heard other youtubers talk about it too it's just like you get burnt out you get like what am I gonna do next I've already done this all a hundred times you guys have seen a camp blah blah blah blah blah just feelings of like is this even anything but I'm happy to say that that's gone you know what I mean and that's been gone since ever since probably a month or two before we moved just because it was it was real I knew we were moving up here in the up though guys I do yeah you still have to drive so much like I'm not joking like so much like if I will go do what I know I've said this before to but what if I were to go do an overnighter it would be a three night thing at least or maybe maybe a two night thing but mostly mainly three nights and then coming home because I had to drive so far right and I didn't want to start the trip after driving all night and not sleeping or started the trip at night you know I mean so I would have to stay at a place I have to stay at a hotel or I'd have to stay at a buddy's house or camp

beforehand lots of time away from family I would have to drive there I would have to do that have to drive back and then don't have to edit and as much as I love it as much as I'm like super happy in my position and sorry I was you know it's still and like the money's good all that stuff it was like at what point where's the braking product he can't keep doing this like I can't keep being gone for my family and then home editing for two days and then leaving again was like this vicious cycle right like it was like never home so I've got a baby too anyways finally finalizing on this house and knowing we were gonna move up here and then coming up here has greatly reenergized me and yeah I'm very happy for it so oh but hope if coming through in the videos and I'm hope you guys want to see more videos from me so thanks for watching this video let me know in the comments what you think let's have a little bit of discussion I'll get in the comments on this one a little bit more and yeah thanks guys so tune in next week for part 2 and in between that there might even be a older probably there is gonna be I'm going camping I'm going camping there's gonna be a good camping video so lots of stuff to come thanks for watching guys goodbye that's a good one there where guys tune in next week for some actual building

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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