A Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea.


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Video Transcription

hey guys it's joe here today is the first day of winter so a few days out from christmas and i got a pretty cool little Christmas present I want to show you guys you might be able to use for a stocking stuffer for your significant other your kids so I'm like that through night 70 this cool little Christmas package it's got the name their Christmas tree it comes in this nice little wrapping Merry Christmas on it that's what I think we make a week a good stocking stuffer comes in this nice little 10 that you can use after for a make char cloth you make a little fire kit and end or whatever then it comes it's just this little tiny keychain flashlight your penlight takes a triple a battery very very small as you can see smaller than my finger where's it just a cool little thing that you can throw in stuff someone's stalking so that it is nice and small like I was saying it just takes one triple a battery so it's nice and easy don't have to like get the flashlight then search for a crazy-looking battery for for christmas day so in the way it turns on is you just just crank it on you got a dim load and then a bright mode so the farther on you crank it the gene changes the brightness of it this is a 120 lumens max that's what it's at right now shut this off so it's significant definitely if you want to throw it on your keychain or whatever and it also comes with this clip so you can obviously just clip it right on here and then it can be a clip for your bail out your pocket whatever you want I'm going to throw it on my keychain though it does have this little hole here so I'm going to put a key ring through there no stay on my keychain better than one of those little push LED light once on the keychain there's a pretty cool little hidden secret you can do with these things so if you screw the head on six times it'll be a hidden strobe 1 2 3 4 5 6 07 well maybe I didn't count one anyways that's kind of cool

ha nice it took me seven times both times some online for twenty bucks on amazon you can't really go wrong your little stocking stuffer like I said so think about it anyway you have a couple days to to get it if you're like I said if you order on amazon get it by christmas for sure so just an idea thanks for watching guys hope you have a Merry Christmas see you next time

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