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Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog - WAKING UP IN THE SNOW!


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Come for an overnight bushcraft camp with my dog, Scout and I!

I have done a variation of this bushcraft camping video with my dog for the past 4 or 5 years.

I set up an old tarp in an adirondack wind shelter configuration, I cut a bunch of firewood using my axe and saw, I grill a juicy steak over the coals, over the fire cooking!

We wake up in the morning after the overnight bushcraft camp to freshly falling snow!

It was very good to be able to go out camping with my dog, its been a while, and we both needed it.

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for clicking the button Joe here with buddy scout we're in the woods we're gonna do a bushcraft overnighter I don't know if you can tell but it's not the nicest weather the leaves are rattling there's wind there's little styrofoam balls of snow rain for the past two or three days and it's snow real good last night most of the snow has melted but there is still some around the woods we're gonna sleep under a tarp use our axe a bunch cook some good steak and bacon I think you gonna enjoy this one starter foam balls of snow like I said I got my old Jill robinette why not wildland skill pack on today and having used that backpack on sometime I really do enjoy this bag I think I found a decent spot amongst these beaches to camp alright this is gonna be it you got one pole here another tree here fuckin frame that's gonna be the start of my shelter backpacks not very late this time wool blanket on their force coat and I've got a sleeping bag for me I can't expect scope to just lay on this wet ground I'm not gonna do that he's 11 years old he's earned a wool blanket move that stick get that stick and move it move that stick a stick and move it don't rip it apart move it get it and go didn't go

he didn't go didn't go I'm gonna get that stick I want to get that stick her alright

oh we broke it wishbone style it's so great being able to take a mode again there's just too hot back home okay so hotness is not a problem here you can see behind me I do have some maintenance to do before I can even set my tarp up check this out look at this bonus I'd even notice this until now there's must've been like logs a long time ago or whatever

see this big round on the ground it's cut off ah Scott you whipped me bro cut off that stump there so I'll definitely be able to use it like a chopping block or a seat or anything it's super handy very cool yeah okay well I can use it for something Louis so the purpose of this trip just to get over my buddy scout a good boy and have some fun he'll cook up some good food plum bun Gokul took up some good food and just relaxed in the woods with him which I haven't been able to do on a camp for a while so nothing extreme I got a couple tarps got a few beers they gonna crack one now it's after lunchtime this is a beer home this is not for you go on over there uh-huh it's after lunchtime now I eat lunch and then came out here so I feel alright with having a little brewski in the daytime you know what let's do I have a cowbell which is six point five or six point three of a headstock which is seven I have a dog's butt in your face lay down buddy I don't like I don't give them beer I swear I swear you're making me look fat and then I got a double dead elephant which is a six point six so let's go with the six point three the cowbell and that's one of my favorites as well from it's a boxing Bruin from cowbell

oh she's a little shook up from all the walking cheers folks cheers haze YUM your star mate your star I'm working on it all right so let's get just setting up a bushcraft camp don't spill my beer I want to get my pack off the wet ground and tying it up here and using a stick of the toggle is probably a good often done it before with good success I'm just trying to look really loose not in there my pack on it it'll hang where I want it to hang so I just need a strong stick now no dude some goods and go buddy

anything like that'll work no I already gave you a stick man I already gave you a stick


there we go yeah son a little lower than I wanted maybe we can fix that though nope there she be not too shabby I am going to leave that wool blanket right on there so off till late on the ground right thing like that until we do want it for scope I've got my old trusty tarp the tarps that you've seen me in overnight bushcraft camp with my dog one two three four and five this is a trusty old tarp I got it from bushcraft Outfitters many many moons ago and you'll recognize it when you see it it's that coyote tan color lovely lovely tarp ripstop all that old-school paracord on there from probably anywhere from seven to three years ago three to seven years ago is how I should say it so this is going our main tarp let's set this up better brand new saw I was super excited about my Husqvarna chainsaw and my Hut new Husqvarna axe that I both purchased recently to do stuff around the house so I bought a Husqvarna folding saw I can't lie then the only reason I bought one isn't because I'm a Husqvarna fanboy now it's because since the move I cannot find one of my folding saw is over like a three I had so let's see how this Husqvarna folding saw does look at this brand new right and I'm raving about how much I love carska varna but check this out not that this has anything to do with the performance of the saw but she just comes right off bro maybe I'll keep that put on my Husqvarna fanboy sticker collection

to agree boss why you whining here the plane the plane has followed us the plane has followed us scoot Smoots whatever dude those small beaches in the way I'll be able to use it for stuff later on that's pretty good soft it's no Sookie she's pretty good sure that's with live wood too right

I made sure I asked the guy at the store live and dead he says yes sir are you sure he says yes a little bit of a theme here and it's just copying the overnight bushcraft camp with my dog that I like to do every fall and in that theme in those videos I do the Adirondack wind shelter with my tarp and that's no different from this time it's exactly what I'm doing so all I'm doing right now is tying taut-line hitch on either tree we're gonna bow chest tight here and the core does tend to sag after I've got the tension on it and the pressure and everything so this is a good height I tend to start with with a 9 by 9 or a 10 by 10 tarp one of the most bomb-proof tarps I've ever used oh I just reeks of smoke constantly yes always such a good good reminder of camping trips past okay so for this set up I want to go on a diagonal I don't want to set it up straight I want to put the corners over to the second or third Toyota depending so let's see this is the corner okay here and I'll go one two tabs back I'll throw that toggle right in that small tab there I'll just throw it right in no problems whatsoever got one site on and then on second side I'll do the same exact thing counts 1 2 3 there we go these tabs could be a touch bigger and I think in the newer tarps they have made them bigger all right do good for your home there we go all right pull that tight all right these are looking good I'm gonna need a bunch of pegs or stakes for my tarp so this the beach site took that'll be perfect for that I can just if I give a skinny enough twigs I can just stick them right in the tabs no scope look at this there's my favorite way to make a peg this is a perfect example oh man scaring me okay so you can see it right stick it in OOP and then this part is like a lock and it's not going anywhere this tent peg going I'm using my old Turley Gasconade fantastic belt blade there's another one boom

so I'm just gonna make a few more up just like this probably five total and then we'll start pegging it down so this setup takes a little bit of tweaking sometimes get it set up a certain way and then put the finishing touches on it and it gets all saggy in one spot so this is a little work in progress and that's okay but we will get her done for sure there's the first peg want the sides to come out like wings so I think this is probably the one to be pulling as well we've got one two three one two three tabs I'm just counting the tabs to make sure I'm putting them on the equal ones on either side yeah that'll never come out of the ground

okay now this can get tucked under I believe to use this part of the ground sheet I'll tie that tight we're getting there

yeah once I pulled that back pull this up you'll be doing all right every what I said it takes a lot of tweaking on this one I ended up adding a couple more pegs and that really brought it all together this is the only spot I'm having a little bit of difficulty with what I think I want to do just literally wrap this higher up and try and wrap it on itself just like that that works fine then I'll tuck this in call it good so when I come around the side you'll really see the difference here all right now you can really see like it's like half of a tent you can really bury myself in there okay that's you shabby a little awning now no you're over to the side so we don't really mess up with this I'm not gonna have a long fire tonight I'll have a decent sleeping bag and Scott Scott is will blank it so the fire will be purely for enjoyment and cooking and staying warm before bed so I can show you a little bit closer what I mean so this this orange cord ties the whole thing together right I'm getting a big awning over top of me to protect me even more and it's going up to that tree in the past I haven't really used it like that because of fear of fire and burning it or melting it but if I have the fire there's the line if I have it right there I could just sit over to the side in front of my fire I can probably pull that that little piece of wood uh that that log that I found set my little sit pad on top of it and and be pretty comfortable here yeah it's all coming together

not too shabby yeah I got a lot of covers you know that I wrapped all this around here tagged to the type tagged it out fight it out good it's very good I want to keep this groundsheet on the inside of the tarp at the top that way anything dripping through isn't gonna pull on my ground sheet okay man this is looking comfy now it's all blanket for them this really is an awesome backpack I love it I should I designed it haven't used it in hello well I'm sure not all you were around for that but that was maybe three years ago or something I did with a company in Toronto I still have two of these bags and I'm gonna start using a little bit more I like like him a lot well black suits cover them up too if I need to if it starts to snow or rain or anything like that he gets all wet I couldn't even dry them off with it and cover off with it but he doesn't have a care in the world which wants to chew under sticks go a little bit of my mouth you don't have to get up good good do what you're doing here

go lean you bet anybody any bet what boy as for you don't you can lay on the blanket all right bag leaving pad and sleeping bag pretty soon I plan to do like a more limited gear survival II type overnighter where I won't bring any of this stuff maybe I'll bring a wool blanket I won't bring the dog cause I'll need the wool blanket and then we'll just make everything out of natural materials and stuff those are always fun videos to do this is a light believe it or not it's like a illumination balloon which I'll use tonight to help me film that's a little mushroom me not gonna be eaten off of it or anything but it'll do okay that's not bad the fire right there nice and warm here pretty happy with that I'm gonna gather some rocks I think and clear first I want to clear away this area see what the grounds like underneath the leaves and I'll decide if I need rocks I might grab so I've seen a few here and there and that are too far away maybe build a little bit of a fire reflector with them if I can so big good let's help man go over there go over there come on dig think for me good dig dig dig dig dig dig good dig dig one what do you think scoots not even I was tell him to come lay on the bed the wool blanket when I was on the shooting the video a couple minutes ago there in front of you guys but he didn't do that obviously and then I just left him alone and he came in and laid on it himself let go good boy I couldn't 11-year old dog should you know well ground is clear in front of me safe for a fire no hazard I've got catching any of the wet leaves or the ground on fire so I think what I'm gonna do is go search for some rocks like I was saying and maybe build like a you like a u-shaped fire pit nothing in front I don't want a rock in front towards me to block the heat but I do want some of the sides in the back to kind of reflect the heat back to me to kind of retain the heat and also just to keep it burning better not do there's much wind but maybe there will be later on I see hundreds of those two degree moths just flying around all over the place they're so awesome to see it's funny when you don't deal with bugs for a season when they're around they're not that bad and they're not biting you so yeah observations by Joe thank you I'll be here all day is something I'm not used to readily available rocks oh there's not effort at all nice and polished ooh round that's a rock that's a rock dick dick good boy watch out now good boy watch out all right this might be too much worse work then it's worth buddy shake right here dig hard dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig good boy good boy dig good boy watch over oh yes the dog good dog that's perfect okay that's a decent sized rock guys so I obviously want the biggest ones in the back roughly right now happy that one so if I sit here in the back of the fire is where of those big rocks are right now but that's all good everything's good that way there's actually a rock in the ground right here that I never put there I could integrate that into the fire pit so I think the only thing I really need to do is just to position this big boy how I want it that's probably like this small and behind it to prop it up kind of thing there's that integrated rock in the ground here

and like I said I don't want to pull circle well like a you so I can get all the warmth from it that's probably it right there I'd be honest with you that's not so shabby those rocks will retain heat yeah that's exactly what I want right there perfect nice size fire nice warming fire and ice cooking fire and ice just ambient fire and that's all neat look where did this guy come from and a live snail just right on the forest floor here maybe he was under one of those rocks I picked up I can tell he's alive by there's this little mucus covering where his toe comes out I think it's called the toe anyways

I'll put that guy away from the camp sweet doesn't get trampled on [Music]

no piece is pretty rotten huh I'm gonna chop into it a bit and see but I don't have high hopes are you gonna be okay you gonna make it oh my goodness okay thank you I know you're trying to help putting my ax mask away in my pockets actually feels alright let's go can you stop crying man that might be all right I'm touching my lips to it to feel if its moist doesn't feel very moist at all all right well thanks some pieces of this back anyways now that I know it's decent see how this all works on dead would you please be careful of the axe dude oh you want some wood for himself [Laughter]

yeah it's not bad I used better but I definitely used worse it's okay good handle I like the handle it can really get a good go get a really good grip on it but yeah she's dry she's dry I gotta lose some of these layers and getting too warm I'm gonna start chopping fucking up this log here there's no way I want to be wearing all this stuff it really should have lost a couple ears first when I got here but a little chilled alright don't ice water should be good she's slippery sliding all over the place right there she'll stay a bit better alright looks we got lucky this isn't a dead standing but she's dry as the Dickens season even it looks like it had fallen off the top of another tree and just kind of planted into the ground so I can tell because of how gray it is that it's nice and dry sure I mean it's just got this gray weathered look here to it almost white and it's got that natural check so we're good to go problem is there's a plane every two seconds I can possibly see my camp over there somewhere but she's nowhere close this is a good chopping logs bucking up log so I'm going to use this fuck these things up a little bit manageable pieces and throw them over there with the rest of my lumbago she's all it down that's good that log underneath that I'm using for a choppy log is just disintegrating okay that's really good what I'm happy about that No

that's my firewood dude where's that stick at hey that was mine that was all for me careful now it works all right but it binds I don't think it has the right teeth set tooth set t fir okay Oh see my problem catching it like that is not cool and it's it's very tight around my arm - I've done this this this this and this which really isn't all that much if I'm being honest with the saw a big chunk to do and I might even just consider doing it with my my axe instead because it's really not fun using this saw so I think I'll leave this in my ATV as like an emergency saw so I have to clear a path or something but it's more of a pruning saw in my opinion it's wet on the outside but won't judge a piece of hood by its odor Burke apparently okay we're doing good on the firewood front of us a lot of different stages of kindling and fuel

I know I saw a yellow birch in these woods cannot remember where but I'm sure if there was one there'll be a couple so you go search till I find one or a white birch whatever but all right in front of me

Hojo found one all right we'll get this fire going soon it's just after 4:00 want to eat I'm hungry so look at this going and I'll probably eat maybe in an hour and a half I'll be all right there's that yellow birch right in Fermi and all I want to do is take some of these ribbony pieces I'm not trying to peel it just try and take the owner flaky stuff off that's gonna be more than enough and I just love the way this thing looks coming up on it and see a lot of shelter like a lot of coverage man quite the coverage yeah some fam Sun indeed so we have everything we needed you've got our birch bark like you saw you've got our kindling but our kindling is just twigs right and they're from like pencil pencil add two pencil two finger size but they're all wet you know like I said earlier it's been raining for three days and then it snowed so I feel like it's a good idea to split some wood down and get to the middle and make some shavings to just kind of help out the initial fire starting so just split it down with my blade here this is a piece of maple or beech I'm not sure right now go on this she's tough though whatever she is I think it's Beach it's pretty dry be able to make some good shavings off this I think it's in just real quick ones oh yeah I'll do a couple handfuls of those and I'm sure that I hope the fire get started

much easier wet stuff make an edge for myself some of those are good I won't need much just a little bit to have a boost for the birch bark until the twigs catch

she is tough wood man and you're having marginal stuff lots of little it's always good when it's wet lots of little is always good in a general practice lots of little is always good alright it's good this fire going you can see all my stuff laid out I have it prepared I've got some logs down for a barrier to keep it off the cold wet ground to give it another base of coals and just give it more chance to live the fire yeah my birch bark there my little helpers here and my twigs there so I should go pretty easily I'm using my fire stole from Nick from HF survival school once again this thing's a beast like look at the size of compared to this big big wafer still I'm gonna try to get excuse me the link where you guys can find these I think Nick is selling moment for not mistaken he sent me this a while ago alright I don't want to get it all together he's a brace she should go up pretty easy and while they're growing big flames let's put this first set on as soon as those things start to come up the top of this what's wrong my next layer on just to dry the moat as it's going kind of thing there's no point in one stick in it a tarry something I learned from Iowa woodsmen a long time ago and anyone who's been around that long will hear me say it too don't be one stick in it the thing behind that is is the fire is not gonna grow strong enough to dry everything out one stick at a time you gotta kind of pile it on the on there and use all the heat and the ambient craziness going on to dry everything out as it's going and if it's raining the top sticks cover the bottom sticks in the fire and it's a help for sure okay she's gonna go I think we're out of the danger zone here now you can hear a lot of moisture in there but have faith like feel like she'll go you know all right I've got everything on like I was saying she is struggling it is on fire we are good but she is struggling anyways I'm getting pretty chilly and quite hungry so I'm going to put my clothes on bundle up and stoke this fire keep it going get a lot of coals so I can cook my steak because I'm ready to eat for sure you ready to eat scope once with steaks find them for that string there guys she'll get you you see all the smokes kind of going that way not coming into my shelter that's a good thing who's a good boy yeah this fire is garbage I'm gonna have to split some of this wood down right now so I'd real dry stuff and get it on let's you shaggy what is it it's five o'clock now still let my fire burn build up some coals so I can cook but I've already used up a decent on a wood I think a good use of my time is gonna be going and finding more wood so when they dedicate some time to that know as much as I just want to kind of sit here and relax I don't want to need more tonight this goods is beat - all right well it's almost time to cook those coals are looking mighty fine

Kili down lay down so in my food bag of goodies I've got food for you don't worry you got a red pepper want a slice this guy up put them on the grill as well that's a mole Mountain hot sauce this stuff is probably my favorite hot sauce going it's almost like a barbecue etalk alii it's really really good it's good goes good on pizza wings steak I love it so I got that by a subscriber a while ago thank you very much clove garlic some jewel robinette spice I'll put the link in the description where you get some of that some bacon the bacon is for tomorrow I got a plate and look at this this is my this is my prime rib this is my supper for tonight ants goats very marbled I'm very good looking this is no geo GMO all-natural everything I haven't had meat from this so this came from a farm they had the animal there everything happened there right so it's very local and very should be very good I haven't had it I hope it is because if it is I'm gonna buy probably a lot more I bought it frozen because that's how they have it but you can buy bigger pieces and half cows and stuff like that so probably what I'll be doing soon enough if this is good smells like beef alright probably gonna get that grill open on top of the fire getting everything grilled now I'm excited can you keep getting in the frame though keep getting in the frame so in my last video lay down but what my last video I showed this donk grill that I had from a long time ago first time using it there was a lot of interest in it I can get some made if there I can probably get with a run of like 20 or 50 mate if there's interest I'm in the comments and then if there is we'll go from there but it's heavy duty it's not a backpacking girl this is more of like it's not heavy by any means but steel you know I mean it's not ultra lightweight one but it has legs they go this far they could stab into the ground into the snow whatever you want I've used this for so many years anyways let's get this on here well not that girl nice and hot and while we do that I have a little chat hey have a little chat I'm gonna crack this head stock this is from nickel Brook really good beer highly recommended if you can get it not so citrusy real hoppy real good Cheers

buddy Mike showed me this one a long time ago

alright excuse me I'm gonna cut up this red pepper I think that girl's gonna be getting pretty hot so so everyone's adjusting well in the new house in the new place we live Emeralds need some friends at school which is awesome that was my biggest concern legit like I knew everything will be fine with us but I uprooted my daughter who is gonna be 7 soon out of the city she's only only only over city she's lived in only of her house oh my goodness there's a little pepper inside my pepper there's a little pepper was pregnant Oh Oh what did I do just leave it it's a pepper dude anyways leave it man bro so although the only school she's never been to would be only house she's ever lived in the only city she's loved her ever lived in and no more friends new baby sister new school no neighbors that have kids you know I mean just a huge difference but as people say kids are resilient and she's doing very well she's been invited to a birthday party already so I'm really happy about that can you please lay down good boy and her birthday I get again will be pretty soon so when that comes about we can have hopefully a lot more interaction with the other kids parents you know what I mean and try and show them that we're trustworthy and we'd like to have emerald to have friends outside of school right like after school stuff so anyways I'm sure that all happened in due time but it is going all well right now Willy's doing well the baby's doing well I'm doing well having fun I met a friend Bush Shrek Boosh on Instagram in YouTube

I don't know what the heck that means but he's a really nice guy like you know they can you set me up for a while before before I came up here and and after I got up here and stuff want to get together and stuff and it's like yeah he seemed like a nice guy and an old guy but it's like how do I know like what's going on but I do I do tend to meet up with quite a few people now and anyways couldn't been happier could not have been happier with the dude super salty beers type guy I met his parents they let me use one of their ATVs for a while and just it's awesome up here it's a whole other feel whole other vibe you know people are nice people are normal and real and and cool my neighbors are good it's good it's a big change it's a big change and it's awesome it's very cool so I think we can get that oh you know what put the steaks place on that's probably a normal normal thing to do right oh she's getting dark but that camera is not showing it I'm not shooting in manual right now I've done for the past couple times but anyway this looks like dude eight colors kind of weird it was frozen when I bought it and I let it be I let it thaw overnight and today oh sure it's fine have you got spice tonight boys and girls decent-sized steak oh there's that sizzle we were missing oh man she's gonna be good boys and girls why don't you saying boys and girls now that's strange

okay I don't like this I'm gonna switch to manual to get you an actual real feel of how dark it is over here it's not like it's nighttime by any means like super dark but it's way darker than it's showing up in the camera a lot more real or reality more real okay so I gotta go bigger ISO ISO whatever you want to call it here all right now what yep that is pretty accurate that's actually very accurate perfect okay now I got to uh I got to flip that thing I think that's the problem then the darks are real dark but anyways that is a correct rosetta rez about the temptation of the color out here I'm not ready to be flipped yet may be rid of some of this flame oh I got a move I gotta move flame get rid of the flame it's not the same right Oh boys and girls boys all right I'm going to show you something I'm gonna switch back to what I was shooting before that's what that looks like now and that's how light she looks oh no stupid freakin pepper bro on pepper bro one in the oven that's something's wrong with me all right pepper bro went in the oven Obama that pepper bros are fine out there stand away from ovens [Music]

I do you like to cook the fat a touch on a ribeye rounder now he's gone no she stops headlamp bro I think I might do is drop this steak down right onto the cold just to finish it off it's probably done but I do want a little bit of a char on this one so let's do this get the ash off the coals much as possible these

it's for a second fresh calls over there just couldn't get the fat a little charred little caramelized I really prefer that oh yeah going to town going to town I'll let it sit for a good few minutes

all right I should be well that's sitting for a couple minutes I'm gonna get the fire going again that garlic wasn't quite done don't leave its coat but I put it right in the fire built up the fire big time and should be good it's nice and soft now at least I'm sure it'll be fine well I gotta move that camera you can't see a thing yes it is better all right everything looks really good can't wait to dig in Scott's gonna have to wait this time we're not gonna just come off a piece I want to eat and then he can wait have some scraps for me I have some dog food for him too but I'll give them about a quarter of this steak call hot smells so good again this is the first time trying this grass-fed local non-gmo buttery soft

wanna get on film this time a lot of people saying oh don't worry but we don't mind if you eat in front of us so I'm gonna do that I'm just gonna try and minimize the talking while chewing I think that's maybe the problem right right

you know I'm I'm outside camping think that's our I see the point I see the point

miss garlic I'm just gonna eat oh yes roasted garlic uh-huh okay I'm gonna let that it's garlic I'm just gonna cool some little bit cheers guys

we're just gets colder and colder all right I'm gonna put on my mole melting hot sauce this stuff is the bee's knees for reals oh yeah I was a big little drip drip drip I'm through dripping mm-hmm garlic is great yep



I told you guys about that one idea I had to come out do a more butch crafty type thing we're using bedding sorry boughs and boughs for bedding and shelter and leaves and stuff like that I'll probably do that soon maybe get it in try and get in before the snow comes for good snows on its way she's coming quick they piece that garlic it's so good anyways yeah and then once winter comes possibilities are endless but I'm going to do some hot tenting stuff too soon so excited for you go big guy oh my goodness this is a good steak so yeah perfect it's a good steak very happy with it now I can know now I know I can buy more of it that type you know what take that with a bite of garlic at the same time doing some of that momentum selves mmm so see so soon oh you good boy yeah that down I've given him already more ore than this book I'll get a little bit more he'll get a little bit more of that but I'm Li a good portion of it so I'm really pleased with this steak and I'm really happy about that because I want to support local stuff you know I want to have like more community feel I want to buy things like fruits and vegetables and meat and stuff like that from people are right around me and my direct person to be supporting local stuff it's just a different kind of life right like I don't I had some good neighbors I might other place for sure but that was it like this is more of like a whole business type thing each person has does does a certain thing and you can support them and you know be a part of it which is what we want not just me but well I think I will go back get some more you can put it order in for a bigger bigger order they have everything like not just beef quail eggs fancy get spins is my moment

oh man I have I been on a trip or camp out or anything where that plane has not fallen above head above head overhead click up like a loo whoo Cindy where what's up hey yeah yeah maybe soon Cindy Oh Cindy Lou Who what do you mean I'm so weird so weird ha ha ha stake in my life well scout moves away from the hot fire the supper was super good like extremely good done my beer all the foods go got a heaping portion of that steak I'm full beyond full so I don't have anything else to eat tonight and that's good because I don't need anything else to eat uh just your big ol slab of birch bark on there and got this fire going real good again so what it's always good to bring a sip pad regardless if it's something like this little piece of reflectix so heat shield type thing or up like a foam kids puzzle piece floor or an actual sip pad that you buy it like REI RM EC good to have to get off the ground also very very handy to fan the fire as I have told you for over ten years YouTube videos what it doesn't change the fact is true we're gonna get a little cleaned up don't have my last beer relax for the night so the only food I do have left is that bacon I'm sure we'll be fine especially Scott with me I'm gonna hang it up in a tree away from me but I'm not gonna hang it like you know I'm not gonna hang a bear bag type of thing I'm just gonna stick in a tree right nowwe backpack where it was actually it'll be fine I want ice coat up at night too so it doesn't go after any animals or anything like that but I burned my uh my sit pad a little bit she's the all melted storks good get there it's the food shelters right there bars right there nothing's gonna come by and if it does I'll scare it off it's close enough we'll hear it so let's you concerned fur has been going good for a long time now I'm just about out of wood I got one or two pieces left but I have been splitting up some extra wood put it in there for tomorrow morning so I can have my bacon and stuff especially if it rains or snows tonight it'll be nice and dry and I also do have that beach there that I cut up and broke up between that and the what I just showed you should be good for tore morning well it's time for the last one after this it'll be bedtime fairies going good it's very warm I'm not cold in the least granted I do have every single thing I have on me which is like socks long johns pants boots t-shirt sweater for even wool and then this father of an overcoat but I'm pleasantly warm the only clothes I have you do have to change into is my one pair of socks I brought because I knew my favorite super claiming from wearing these Muppets it's just how it is we're good for keeping your feet dry from the outside and keeping them warm but yeah it definitely sweat anyways cheers guys is a double dead I'll double dead elephant from railway City eight percent not six point six eight percent have we saved this one st. Thomas Ontario

he presents no joke that's a big can too anyways fires going really hot when I was when I was changing the the SD card over there I was away from the fire it was much chillier this is a super big bed of coals and it's burning this wood I'm just putting on one piece at a time now after it's already all good to go trying to preserve it all but I would is all but gone now let's go past oh he's been laid on that wool blanket for an hour and a half easy so he's not gonna run away from me but I don't want him to take off and try and like fight a coyote or wolf or bear even out here or a deer or any of that stuff so I want to tie him up to a tree with me here so he can he can move around I'll give enough lead so we can move around get up stretch and whatever he needs to do but he's gonna stay with me this is a braided piece of 550 it's braided its reverse twist super strong so I'm not worried about him breaking or anything like that alright guys that's it for me tonight it's long past lay down food so I don't think I'm gonna fall asleep right away but just gonna hear you down relax I can't sit on that log anymore my back is killing me so that'll be it for me tonight we sure would get with you guys in the morning cook up some bacon relax a little bit I got some tea and coffee get a good fire going hanging out but yeah my back is wrecked I don't see a chiropractor or massage therapist or something along those lines she's not good it's all the driving and sleeping on the ground it's tough it's just catching up to me all righty Oh get up and shut this camera all the perils the perils reckon it guys good night guys

good morning folks I had quite a good sleep passed out around a 9:30 I believe and slept all the way till about 6:30 it's quarter after 7:00 now I just been laying here kind of enjoying the morning I'm very warm it did snow a little bit last night got those snow blow those styrofoam balls again on the top of my tarp a little bit I saw but right there but other than that I'm off not much snow so anyways I'm gonna get up and search this fire so I didn't cook my bacon I'm freaking starving Oh

good scratches yeah my neck is a little kinked I slept in the same position for too long all right I'm starving starving Joe it's fall Raven cab Jack it's just like a nice overcoats durable and looks real cool look at the amount of room I had in there with schoo he's laying lengthways in there right now he's completely covered and I laid like tucked in the corner there ice with this flap up it really really brings the shelter a whole one more shelter yep yeah there's still good ammonia heat coming off that oh yeah Wow nice okay that going that's crazy it was a rocking fire but a long time ago

all right so if I pile off all these together I'm gonna be able to blow it into flames

I'm gonna hit it with my fire steel and I might have to put twigs on it too but might be able to get it going you get a little bit of a flame it's looking promising that's for sure oh snap

well I was not expecting you still to be that that much close in there that's pretty cool you know lay some stuff on top try and look for a little bit fitter stuff but I'll have that dry out as a looking for thinner that's not so bad man didn't have to try and light a second fire today obviously this was still not just easy as late the piece of birch bark and going but everything would have been difficult this morning how wet it was so I'm not too bummed out about how that went I'm pretty happy with how that went nice and smoothly and he'll the budget can't fire smoke but that's alright over three definitely gonna pack these over here put them on my backpack for now I think the snow is actually coming to stay out here players going pretty good got a handful of beech twigs and splits here to Stoke it up I'm gonna throw it all on now get a good amount of coals get a good hot fire going hook up my bacon mighty just relax for a bow now or so I don't get over here got some bacon for scope so all is well in the world you want one those sticks too we want a stick order stick go Gator can't deprive them of sticks you know stick this spot kind of reminds me at home back down so it's cool I have the option of having this or evergreens and stuff like that next trip will be more evergreens but it is cool to have this reminds me of home beech maple oak but then there's things like yellow birch that I don't have and rocks all over the place and Hills these ferns this is mainly beach in here Oh My so much grumbling humbly in the Bronx

back up buddy a minute we're gonna get something to promise some of this bacon is for you lady cold cool alright I said this just down in the coals for now it's already boiling actually almost so much bacon has been cooked on this grill it's man smoked out over there yeah years and years of baking I miss it five to start off with have to get them off that fire quickly you know like my bacon on fire where's my gloves fooling ones bro so I'll just wait a minute so that cools down or calms down no come on I stop with the planes bro yeah jasmine tea from my wife oh I think I messed it up all right whatever there she goes nice jasmine tea for Jo her lion and she's flaming up again so that bacon grease is obviously causing the coals to flame up it's okay for a little bit but I really really don't like the flames on the bacons we're doing much better now that you guys getting nicely smoked oh snap look at the sizzle boy look at this sizzle oh she's looking good now wow that's gonna be some tasty tasty bacon skeleton I used to go to the woods just to do this just to make baked and I'd used I used to make videos like when I first started to put music to them and just go out and cut down a tree build a fire make some bacon eat it up with the dog and leave they're like I know 7 10 minute videos 10 minute long videos that's those almost the gist of them using this grill saturated in smoke that oh my goodness tasty as the tastiest bacon I've had in a long time it's chewy - it's not like crispy and just smoky is all beat he's done steeping Bacon's done very jasmine tea


this is the life it's snowing all around me I have this I'm not under it but I have this awesome shelter like there's not a drop of snow on under here at all feel completely comfortable I have a chair I have chaired look with me I have a chance oh man t feels really good on my stomach she's hot still hot still Joe was pants and he could washing anyway oh she's hot on the leg you okay I could probably slow cook the rest of these actually that's what I might do leave it well I'm sitting here I might as well anyway he's actually not bad very jasmine tea though I see that you know it's funny his last one of us overnight bushcraft camps is my dog maybe last year it was kind of the same thing they used this tarp same configuration I woke up in the morning it was snowing but it had snowed a lot more overnight so when I woke up it was already white as opposed to me waking up normally and now it getting white but it's still cool the tradition continues hopefully I'll be able to do it again next year with them he'll be 12 ah it's hard to believe man he was in my first youtube video was dug 10 years ago or whatever 7-eleven 7-eleven yep he's been around the block but he's doing good 411 very good and like I said last night another pep in his step being up here so it's a good thing well I just gonna let that beak and the rest of that bacon slow smoked three pieces left me and Scott will share it I'll probably packed up and get on out of here excited to edit this video get it open for you guys trying to get more videos frequently out so hopefully I'm doing that

keep my boots off of here best way to do this is just to lay right down right on your pad


good that's good come on hands you want to work our hands are shaking cold no it's funny I used to know a guy named Brandon hands are doing that song came out hands are shaking oh very funny

all right it was funny to us who knew him yes you had to be there then the axe goes in the ever useful axe loop it does not get impeded by the blanket whatsoever we are ready to go the gloves are the only thing left they think yes here they are so I hope you guys enjoyed that video all right a really good time probably one of the best nights to sleep a hat out in the woods in some time oh I gotta take my paracord off this tree too but yeah thanks for coming along with schoo tonight I have lots and lots of trips planned lots of ideas for videos and hoping to keep it fresh hoping to switch things up a little bit on that push for a million I know they keep asking for it but I'm serious I love your subscription hit that bill notification even be better help me hit a million it's personal goal of mine nothing is going to change it's just something that I never thought would happen and now it's very very tangible so that's it for us we're gonna walk out of here I'm looking forward to it actually this forest looks amazing in the snow let's see you guys real soon

I'm just gonna struggle to put this glove on for a while take it easy and see where the tarp was slowly getting covered in snow now again Oh buddy a long drive out here this is basically my backyard guys I mean like obviously I'm driving and probably drove out a half-hour to get here but like that's better than hours and hours and hours and hours right

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