Late Stage Lymphoma.


I'm sorry for the on screen crying, I know its cringy.

Like I said in the video, please let me know if you have ever experienced this, and what worked/didnt work to prolong your dogs expectancy.




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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in today should have been episode two of the hut me building that shelter in the front with Scott but as he probably can tell from the title got some really bad news let's go got diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday and they gave him weeks they said they're hoping for weeks his glands are really swollen and its neck like really big I mean I thought he had a bacterial or like a viral infection because the dog next door sick came here but I got something for my dog next door was sick and and he's been I saw him eating her poop and like look at her and stuff here's a deer part of a deer liver for him there you go bud

good boy stay here please anyways so I thought he was sick from that I thought I did some research and it was either he had he had lymphoma or he had a bacterial fungal viral type of infection from licking her from eating the poo it I thought it was just swollen glands my concern was that he couldn't breathe because for a few days I had been hearing uh him have trouble breathing

like really gasping for air and making a lot of noise like his esophagus is getting pushed on which it is so I brought him to the vet thinking ah I'll get some antibiotics everything will be fine

eat it up buddy and they told me probably the worst news I've one of the worst news I've ever had been told in my life

hold on buddy hold on here a boy anyways we're hopeful he's on prednisone right now before it's like a steroid for his uh I don't know for a hope to help his breathing maybe I'm not really sure or to just slow it down but also we're gonna get him on chemo I know I know I said I would never do it but it's not radiation or anything like that it's like a low form of chemo he's the lymphomas in his lungs like there's no um there's no surgery that can get back up for a sec buddy back up for so those are surgery that can fix it or anything like that it's just it's a six stage for type thing like it's it happened overnight it's seen man I swear I pet him all the time like under is in his throat and behind his ears and everything and that's where they're like golf-ball-sized is like it's so big it's so big and his neck and his ears and his legs they knew right away at the event they started talking with lymphoma right away and but I still got i dry left him there they tested him I don't understand you know what I mean he's held he's been healthy his whole life he's 11 healthiest whole life the healthiest dog going he's still gonna spring his step he's running around here like a fool like like nothing's changed at all and they say he has weeks we just got up here he's lived here for like a month and a half he lived in Windsor for so long the crappiest life going for a dog would just get up here and now he's gonna keel over just it's just I don't know is that irony is it just this is just bullshit like anyways so with a combination of that chemo and a better diet and some pills so we've got milk thistle we've got our guy nine fish oil

there's a couple other habit written down it's in my pocket but I'm a little tied up at the moment and a high fat no carb diet I guess the carbs are what the bad things stick to so right he's eating deer liver right now I've got salmon and broccoli and red cabbage and settin up maybe that's enough liver for now anyways and red cabbage and fish oil and the ground beef ground pork all that stuff it's gonna be making his food from now on and with that they said that some dogs that some of the dogs that respond to the chemo the chemo can you can get a few more months out of them or whatever so like that's really cool I hope that that's the case I want to ask you guys seriously please if you've had a dog that had lymphoma and you prolonged his life a little bit what did you do or if you're a vet and you know of another thing I should be doing oh I'll tell you that the pills specifically right now so that we're all on the same page this is really really important guys this is my blood you know what I mean like I told emerald

it's one of the worst things man Japanese mushroom extract green tea extract argA nine fish oil milk thistle for his liver no carbs high fat that's what I'm doing as well as the the type of chemo that isn't bad for his heart and I do it once every through every day once every week I believe maybe once every three weeks I might know 100% but this is a blow man like I was even saying in videos like I knew he's gonna have a spring another couple years on his life living up here like he goes he hangs out with the dogs nook story runs around we're out here he's eating snow left and right just like his old self loving life loving life way more than he has for the past like 10 years 9 years of his life just caught me off guard I thought I was gonna go in there they were gonna give me antibiotics for him he was gonna be his old self we're gonna be a building that Hut we're out here where he wants to be we went on a long walk today this is the his favorite place around and you can bet your butt that I'm going to be spoiling him I'm going to be not with the food the food is a strict well it's all meat it will be spoiled just strict with the type of food but like he's gonna get in walks he's gonna be doing whatever he wants to do I've been getting up earlier with some past couple days and hike in and yesterday and today at least he's healthy like he's running around he's lost a lot of weight but you know he's not acting sick I'm sorry that there is no episode of the hut today but he's way more important than the YouTube video and I just need to let you guys know what's going on and I really really really want your help I really if you if someone has some miracle hippy cure I don't care what it sounds like please tell me please tell me I'm not going to let him suffer he's not in pain now I talked about it I've done ton of research I don't research things and I'm researching this like crazy because it's a member of my family man I don't care if you know if you if you don't believe me or oh no other way it feels or whatever but like this dog was in my first youtube video this dog protected my daughter from a American Bulldog attacking her he took the brunt of it and ripped his face all open he's made me who I am I don't go oh I wouldn't have gone out half the times when I first started without him without his his insensate like that that the drive of saying okay I want to take my dog oh you know like he's been a huge huge part of my life for 11 years and I feel very bad that I didn't catch this sooner but it seemed like it it seemed like it happened like overnight like I swear to God I pet him all under here open behind his ears it's so big right now

anyways sorry crying I uh what excuse me I really love my dog and I really see that poor liver I really want to prolong his life as long as possible please help me do that thank you

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