Man in the Creek Drill


Yet another Hardwoodsman challenge over at BCUSA

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so this is going to be my entry for the man in the creek challenge I guess is that you fall in the water got wet and you have to start a fire to warm yourself up using man-made material man made tinder and swallowed so I never before used to carry and a tender I thought I guess I was involved that stupid but I didn't like using man may tender I was always trying to use difficult and that's great not so I continue to do still but I realize now that you do need men we tend room for an emergency no one is above that no one's better than that and I'm glad that I've realized that it's it's important so I made up one this just very basic you can hold a hearing bottle from like doctors I've used electrical tape on the outside and I put also a ranger band on the outside so the Ranger man i guess you can use as a fire starting a diff you needed to the containers waterproof inside i have two of the fake fat wood shaving like they're pressed from like walmart or whatever I've got pack of matches I've got this this tab it's like a player in the wet towel order it's all chemicals but that'll go up no matter what so that's all I have in there it's not big fight if you get me by like it for a couple times if I need to I can replenish it when I get home to simulate this challenge now it is very cold this morning and just to show you if you have gloves with me and I was wearing my hands are free cold I guess if you have trouble touching your pinky and your thumb together you started to be borderline you can get hypothermia anyways I know it's a long stretch but anyways it is a little difficult especially do it's not like I'm saying and freezing or anything but my hands are a little numb so there the dexterity is as good as they could be so I'm going to pack all this stuff back up put it in my backpack as for the challenge and go go and gather my materials and see how long it takes me I did this once before took in 10 minutes but we'll see today how long it takes all right it's 935 I'm starting now ok 943 because we will eat hit it to do that my hand is actually hurt grunting the sticks they're so cold oh my god go hope I got enough prep yeah my hands don't want to work going to go let me use this wet fire one so if i'm not mistaken i got to get to waist high flames I don't know if I when I be able to do it with this prep ah


well that wet tyre I don't know what it's called but the chemical fire thing I use work really good have to grab a couple more of those it's been 10 minutes so far so the last time I did it I did it in the same time using oak by the way and the last time I did it I did it in the same place but it was a hot day and dry today there's a ton of frost everywhere everything wet my hands are actually cold so that makes a difference it's been almost 11 minutes it's about mid-thigh and I call that good right there flames are coming up too like I do out there my waist is here yeah so in total 11 minutes 11 and a half minutes with cold hands but that's the whole point cool

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