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Bowdrill fire using my Turley Gasconade


Just puttin her through the tests

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Video Transcription

so this is going to be the bow-drill vid these two pieces of wood or pieces off that original Cottonwood stick I split them by taunting with the knife it had an actual check in it like this on already and if I can I like to use that to my advantage whereas I'll put the knife blade right in the check and baton it that way it likes to just follow the grain so I've got my baseboard yeah going baseboard ready so I where I put my foot on it like its seems a little wobbly but you want it to be steady when you put your foot on it so it's not bouncing all over and I usually put my foot about that far from the edge so I have sorry bout that yeah but that far from the edge right next to the hole and drilling saw a lot of leverage on it so as long as when you put pressure down there it's not going to move that's good for me so it's fine if it wobbles but what I put my foot down it's fine now this is the other piece of the wood which I baton and I'm going to make a spin below to that now it's really wide so instead of carving it down I'm going to Baton a little chunk off of it almost now i'm probably going to use the smaller piece the quarter that I chopped off because I don't really want a fat spindle with this wood it's nice and hard and I like to have a smaller in diameter spindle for the harder would something like willow or a softer cotton wood than this I'll use a big big fat round spindle but this house comp would cease in pretty good so when I'm making a spindle I don't even necessarily really make it so that's completely circular but see this if you can tell but it goes up at the end like it loops up and I don't want that so I'm probably going to make the tip here and just continue to use the rest of it so that it's somewhat straight so I'm going to do that by just watch oh let's go cool gouging into the wood there so I take it off that's gone there now I can either use that for the top or the bottom and since its kind of blunt i'm going to use it for the bottom but i want to even though the rest of spindle first like i said i don't really necessarily need to make it like round in shape because it in my experience anyways the the Rope catches on the edges and provides for a better spin actually the shape that this spindle is taking is thin to thick so that's what I'm going to do I'll make this the bottom and this the top so for my top I make it a long point so that there's minimum friction on the top and maximum friction on the bottom you don't want it to square though so that's pretty crude but it's an impromptu spindle that I'm not taking a lot of time on because I need to get going soon

so there's my spindle so I'm going to leave it nice and pointy like a dollar point that the bottom and a long point at the top I'm going to figure out where I want to put it on the baseboard right there looks good I'm going to make a little in debt with the spindle then we make a drill a hole with the knife not a good thing about this knife it doesn't have a week tip so I'm not afraid of really making a good size hole now for the put that aside for the bearing block colic I told you in the other video this is actually a piece of Cottonwood bark and I'm going to actually I'm just going to leave it the way it is and be clean up the bottom a little bit but there's been like it's got it's been burned through Paulo so I can't use the middle part of it so maybe I will cut it put on this side you can I saw because it's easier that's how thick it is there and like like with the baseboard I'm just going to put a hole or start a hole right boat where my palm is on the other side so that the spindle will go there my beau I brought from home because I don't like making a bow it's not very hard but I don't like it just going to set up the camera in a different spot okay so string up spindle cut my face or my socket and I wouldn't want to do this right on the ground if there have been any kind of moisture in the past few days but it's been bone-dry here so I'm not too worried about it all right Lucy smoking quite a bit I'm gonna cut the knocks I'll be right back all right another one of the parts i don't like doing is cutting the notch sometimes it's a pain in butt so got another little wood chip under here to catch my amber when it happens wish me luck

she popped out on me Scout calm chase and ears yeah alright show us again it's gets harder the tired mortar to get i'm pretty sure i got it that time so this is going to have to be one of those non rushing situations like yours was talking about because I didn't prepare a tinder bundle I don't know why I think I was trying to hurry up too much but go see if I can wrap one up real quick keep it before the Ember goes out okay so here's my Clinton steel kit and luckily I have some jute twine in there which can be one tinder bundle and I have some chaga which i'm going to use to extend the life of the call so considering i've got an abundance of chaga how interesting is just big piece one second okay let's see if I can do this

all right now that saga will go for quite some time I'm just going to leave that there I make my make my tinder bundle so there's my impromptu tinder bundle made of jute twine and monster call on the chaga there we go fire sorry this video ran so long guys I wanted to get a bunch of stuff into it but yeah like I was saying the gasconade knife a plus if you're in the market for one contact is he is a master knifes maker and a great guy to deal with I couldn't say one bad thing about the night for the person thanks for watching guys take care

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