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My poor attempt lol, but it works.

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so i was tagged by josh to make a eating utensil in the bush i'm going to make what I always make it is not pretty but it's functional I didn't bring a spoon today and have some gluten-free potato and bacon soup that I want to be eaten courtesy of the way and I'm going to make the spoon that I always make when I'm on the books because I don't really ever bring

so I put on the piece I had then I put on the back of it this piece or this story at the top end ended up slimmer than the bottom end so that's the end the piece I'm going to make for my spoon it's definitely not a spoon and I'm not a mini and carve too much of a bowl into it but I take all of the amusing dead bug i'm using oak like it said taking all of the bark off and if there's any a lot of the times this oak has a check down down the scent down the side of it so that moisture will get into the center of it if that's the case I want to get rid of all this just I don't know decay maybe i'm not sure if even matters which I'd rather have clean would obviously alright so that's the roughed out shape looks more like a paddle and all I do from here is this is like a 1-1 you spoon anyways all I do from here is I just kind of take a tip off and and and slice mine up up at the end so it kind of gets a little bit of a dip in it and it works actually really well so I'm going to do that right now and get back to you alright so that's it nothing more bush crafty than that a piece of wood shaped like a paddle to eat with on the bottom like here's the top of the spoon on the bottom I did carve down and kind of into it at the end so that there's less of the lip on the top but

that's it there

alright guys just to show you I'm not just blowing smoke to stuff I can get on there now granted the brothy soup II part of it it's gonna be a little bit more difficult but it's definitely doable like I said before this is not a nice spoon this is just functional and carving is not one of my I don't know Forte's or even hobbies but this is how we do it

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