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Bushcraft Basecamp E2 - Building the Lean To, Bucksaw Use, Outdoor Cooking.


In this second episode of Bushcraft Basecamp, I build my lean to back wall, clean up camp, cook sausages and pancakes over a fire, and saw up a bunch of wood.

Episode 1 is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVPp9X8NicY

Link to Bucksaw http://agawacanyoninc.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

plan on spending the day out here so I got some stuff to make some food with sausages and pancakes the main thing I want to do today is throw this grabber blanket this space blanket on my shelter on the inside patch leaves and sticks on the outside to basically get the back portion done today and we'll see how much farther else I get that's the main thing for today so if I remember correctly these are 5 by 7 that's about a perfect size for what I want I'm gonna put this reflector blanket a space blanket facing what some people will consider the wrong way so there's this silver on it this reflective part and I would assume the idea the smart idea a normal idea will be to put it facing in so they would reflect heat from the fire back at me but I'm not too concerned about walk here and I would much rather and I'm going to fashion the back so you're not going to see the silver from the back but I don't want to see the silver from the front either I don't want to laying in here and see silver I want to see green it's a little bit more of a neutral tone and that's what I want to see when I'm inside my shelter or looking at my shelter so again the silver part is going to be covered up on the outside but it would not have been covered up on the inside and the silver would have been exposed not that it's a deal breaker by any means it's just my personal preference so all I did was I tied one grommet to this side now I've tucked it all up underneath the logs I'm going to tie the second grommet to this log and the ridge Pole so nice and easy all I'm going to do is take my buy running in throw it through the grommet on the grab or tarp I'm going to move my my rib over as far as it goes and then I'm going to tie the space blanket the last rib and the ridgepole all together it's giving a little bit more security it's on there and all I'm doing is using an overhand knot like I would tie my shoe with that way I can take it down easily if I need to all I have to do now tie it on the bottom do the same thing and then tie the sideways post underneath it getting it down as tight as I can so this is how it turned out looks about perfect the size is spot-on the only oh there's only one problem is when I start to thatch the back this is going to bow in towards me so I'm going to get two or three thin straight poles that I can tie running sideways on here just to keep this from bowing onto me too much I was able to get my pieces to lure straight and not free put this third one pretty gnarly I don't want it poke it through stuff so I'm just going to clean it up a little bit but it'll be fine to clean it up I'm just going to use my axe 120 inch sandwich move

go on buddy lay down we good so got them all tied up there three I might need to put one in the middle here or even one here but we'll see I can do that after it's no big deal what I want to do right now I'll take your on back and show you what it looks like so you can see that the back of it here it looks very aggressive very abrasive it's going to stand out a whole lot so right now I just want to get that covered up and all that's going to entail is playing debris up and down like this thinner sticks like this and then leaves on top of it warming up again man it's been about a week since I've been here temperature hasn't changed a little chillier on the way in today but even so it's kind of off in the morning now having to lose this flannel shirt buh-bam Hey

okay so the back is looking decent I'm going to try and find some downed trees that have loose bark to to really give it a good look this down - and potentially give me some big sheets it's a little far gone so getting the bigger sheets off might be a chore but that's okay and it's okay if I only get small pieces - because I can just get it use a bunch of them it's okay buddy yeah these will help the longer the better

all right this is a start good decent challah Burke Burke keep in mind that this patching material is really only to blend the shelter rent it's not for keeping it dry that's what the grabber blankets for on the inside I don't have to worry about starting at the bottom fashion my way off and getting three feet of thick leaves and all that stuff because I do have that man-made material in there that's going to keep me dry or dry ash it doesn't have to be necessarily completely dry in there I'm not too concerned about that but all this bark is doing now like I said is just blending and blending it into its surroundings I don't want this silver mylar sticking out everywhere so we're just going to set this bark on top then we're going to throw more debris on top to hold it down the back here is 90% done I can still fill in more but I can't see any of the grabber blanket from this side looking at it it just looks like a brush pile so that's what I was going after I do want to make sides I'll do that as well and then I was I had planned on extending the roof up past to get rain protection but I have another idea what I'm going to do to add on to this so I am going to go along and cut all the long poles that are sticking overtop of the shelter off yeah and then we'll I'll leave the second part of the building for another day but it'll be cool we have like a lot of protected area I'm pretty happy with it I do have to move my bench back a touch which is no big deal just slide everything back a little make maybe three inches and then that way I'll be completely covered by this ridge Pole as it stands now my body is covered by the ridgepole put this last maybe not maybe my body's fully not covered I need to be back here a little bit so what I'll probably do is take this front log off switch it to the back and then add another one or it might be okay just like that but again I'm not sleeping here tonight I'm not too worried about it tonight it will do but I'm hungry and I need a big base of coals to cook to cook with so I'm going to start a fire now all right that's your piece I guess so today I have my Deering bushcraft EDC during knives I like this little knife a lot this is some iron wood I'm using and again they're just taking shavings off the outside of it because it hasn't rained in days and I like the that the little bit of wood there's a little bit of a decay in the wood right on the outside makes it really really nice curls like it's spalted that's what they mean by spalted it's like a stage of rot or decay usually you see the maple a lot more I'm double use it people use it on knife handles and stuff like that I'll do just cut them some firewood for my fire and I need to get something to start with

so the sassafras is always a good option it's nice and light it's too long to put in like a little fire pit like this and it's too short to rest on the log and cut so here's another trick I learned from Iowa woodsmen we have a buck saw you can use the weight of your body to cut the wood and it works a hell of a lot easier too so you have your buck saw you put it on the ground handle down you put one foot inside it one foot behind it depending on your buck saw this might differ you just take both your both hands you go lightly super easy that way it's not awkward when you're cutting such a small length Wow wood is rotten my log just bouncing off

has anyone seen my fire steel somebody seen my fire steel oh my goodness oh my goodness I got my frying pan oh savings I'm gonna take the super paper thin ones to start with and these will go right on top right after you got some locust twigs to put on it'll be good to go from there

got a sassafras locust and Ironwood fire that's a different one is that a fire steel in your pocket or are you just happy to see me well that's burning I think I'll keep working on the shelter I want to get rid of all these and make them flush with the ridgepole all right so today as I mentioned I've got breakfast sausages but four of them I'll probably give one to scout I've got pancake batter this is the just add water one and I got some chocolate chips in there I got some lard I got some syrup on that scissor I've got foldable spatula and my grill oh and one more thing after the grill I'm sorry about this grill guys it's still in the process I know a lot of you guys asking about it's still supposed to happen I will let you know when it does if it does and then my new frying pan my foldable handle frying pan so this should be a good lunch we'll call it lunch what I'm gonna do first first I'm going to fry up the sausages in the frying pan then I'm going to half way and then I'm going to start cooking my my pancake in there and then I'll finish the the sausages off on the grill so that they get a grilled smokey flavor as well as opposed to just fried let's do it let's do it here the sausage is going in the past I've used a billy can to mix my pancake dough batter I guess but today I'm going to use a ziploc bag less mess all about the less mess so start with that much add some water but I got to flip these snausages real quick so you can always add more water right it's hard to take water away uh I have a whole I have a hole in my zip lock I wasn't expecting that

what do you do about that Ranger Joe oh you do but the hole in the ziplock bud look forgot I got walnuts in here too uh things are going to shit yeah we'll do it in the ziplock bag so so that there's no mess this time right after that Fiasco I'm kind of clean now let's get these off of here because they're mostly done and we'll have to rig up no scope not for all my telephone we'll have to rig up something in the back so we will look hot you guys hear that in the background the four-wheeler or something so we'll go like this these are a little hot I'll use the spatula so we'll leave that there cook the pancake here I'm going to add some large to this to the sausage grease it's just not enough sausage grease I don't think if it is so well lard is not going to hurt anything to make it taste better

okay I'm just going to squeeze it in there like that I think a little on the thick side with a flatten it out a bit I helped so it's got walnuts and chocolate chips in here it's going to be thick and cook with lard so it will be more of an actual pancake cake in a pan as it were if I don't rip it all the Shh okay

we shall see all right I flip this thing yeah she's getting there not as golden as I'd liked it to have been I'm losing heat on this fire too even though I had a rocker rock and fire before might have to eat the sausages now I think that's all I do I decided I'm going to give one to scout and eat one right now to save two to eat with my pancake because I like to put syrup one at all but broke skillets open because they've been super hot it's been chilling cooling down everybody I'm gonna come come into frame good boy it's just for you oh do go you would you go Oh eww boy super gentle super gentle good boy oh and I would laugh I lost so much water making that pancake through the hole in the ziplock bag that it turned out way too thick the batter turned out too thick well it's okay it'll be like more like a dessert Bannack thing and it's not even chocolate chips that I have and I forgot I put raisins and walnuts in it sure gasps Joe strikes again okay I'm calling this done I've been blowing on the ashes blowing on the embers to just keep the coals going I believe it's done I've cracked it open it looks cooked to me so I'm calling it good though my sausage is there and yeah well I guess we'll find out all right so just like last time it's a little warm I want to put it on this log on my lap no I trusting a whole maple syrup go sit nicely I'm gonna leave some of this because it's more of a banach style without syrup on it I'll put my sausages over with the syrup part glaze them up nicely then I'll leave some in case I don't really like the way it tastes with the walnuts and raisins in syrup we shall see though it's good on its own try a bit with the syrup on it mmm it's more like a dessert with the syrup on it what piece of sausage that's why I was waiting for oh he does up I'm trying to figure out the lighting in here it's hard too hard to deal with anyways that was really good mine focus I can't see anything ah I was really good I didn't need to end up eating at all so I left a little portion of it up on the tree there for some critters but I'm sure they're going to get nice and sugar high from it so despite my having put runners going sideways it's still bowling a little bit in the middle it's a lot of weight there and I don't want to mess around with it too much but I figure if I stick this down in there prior that up and prop it against the ridge pole it should do something for me I don't know we'll see if it's worth it I might lose more room with the width of this log but we'll see if he'll try it out anyway just trying to flatten it out a little bit so that I don't have to prop up as much on the ridge pole as much material yeah I think that's good got to work really well now hold that one straight from Boeing give it a little more structural integrity I don't lose any room that's you bad it's coming like home I just got the call I got to be the one to go get my daughter today my wife was supposed to but now she can't make it so I got to get out of here within 20 minutes that's not too bad I can still do one more thing before I leave I want to fix up the bed a little bit I've been playing with it and it's not as sturdy as it was before so I do want to pound some stakes in so I want to get a sturdy Deadwood and make some snakes real quick after I pack up this is a piece of really strong dead red oak I'm planning on splitting it right down the middle and using either side for a peg each just lots of noises going on out there moose coat well not that even here that is what is that out there so farm equipment I think okay so this will be a good peg and this one so all I want is this this log tight up against here let's go perfect alright guys thanks for watching hope you hope you enjoyed it I had a good time I'll be back here soon to do more work on the shelter and spend a night in it take it easy guys have a good day

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