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all right I'm on the way out to the woods to do my fire in the rain challenge for the hardwoods on top obviously as you can see it's a gray rainy day out and the perfect day to this challenge all right it is raining it's not pouring definitely not but it's been the steady rain all day and I know the woods going to be saturated my camera's getting wet and I forgot the brand tarp to which is awesome but I just wanted to be truthful about how much it is raining and try not to play it up like it I think it's right anymore than it is alright this is the dish I've got across got some new boots new surplus boots so it's time to see how good they were ok I can't really mess around and notice just now I only have 12 minutes about 12 minutes of battery life on my camera so on the weight into where I'm setting up here I picked up this bark it's big it's dry and I'm going to keep it covered up like that like that Terry said like a dry sandwich in there I'll go back to you that's going to be my stick on my piece of wood not very air it's not completely standing straight up but that's all right you can see the see it the moisture on here anyway everything's broken soaked

oh go on there's no two pieces I want to work it all right all my my split wood is under there I have to just process it I'm keeping it dry in the sandwich bark and I I messed up I was trying to rush and I cut myself really bad actually it I got to take care of that all right it's really starting to come down I God my prep done though I've got my shavings my big stuff it's not an order cuz I'm kind of Russian and my small and my medium stuff there all right well I'm gonna call that done I cut my finger pretty bad it's all mangled and I'm running out of batteries and my camera's getting soaked so I'm going to cut this off right now I've got five minutes left on there I'm gonna call this a success it's pretty frickin wet see on there I don't know I'm wet it was hard too hard to light the fire I did all the work here and he's gonna have to take my word for it I couldn't couldn't keep the camera running the whole time alright thanks is especially for this challenge I I was looking forward to it all day Thanks alright one last shot of the fire just to let you guys know what's going strong I did all the work with a vuitton a saw and my green river and my green over a bit me on the pinky right there pretty nasty

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