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Winter Camping in Algonquin Park -37c


AVAILABLE IN 720 check out Kyle's vid here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mQWWu0FVE4

With snowshoe and sled, a buddy and I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Algonquin park.

We traveled the Minnesing ski trail, covering about 17km.

The first two nights were spent in our tents, and the last night we opted to stay in a small wooden cabin with a woodstove.

The first night it got down to -37c. the next 2 nights were -34c... the high temp for the whole trip was -20c

Video Transcription

well we're in beautiful Algonquin Park once again this is day three of a four-day snowshoe sled pull we came in two days ago and it was super cold the the highs of the both to the prior days or negative 20 degrees Celsius that is what what Fahrenheit hey yeah negative to Fahrenheit so at night the first night dropped down to negative 37 Celsius negative 35 Fahrenheit the reason I'm telling you this is because our camera our cameras really wouldn't work we kept the batteries in our pockets and and not only the dot not help the cameras are too cold to touch is hurting our hands so a lot of things went this trip kicked our asses that's basically it so I'm going to put this as an intro vid and then I'm going to show you the clips that I have not very many at all we didn't get anything yesterday but that's how it is so these not is bad it's supposed to get down to what was it tonight they go through you're so dumb like that yeah around negative 30 which is still real cold we're going to post up in here and have a good night a fire in the wood stove hope you guys enjoy the video

we still shoot in for about an hour and a half today here in Algonquin Park we're doing the menacing trail and set up campus about 4 o'clock now it's cold then it's like it supposed to gets down to negative 34 so I'll see you tonight it's probably negative 30 already a is cold with it before the windchill so we got all set up and we're just getting firewood and hopefully we're able to get enough to last us for a couple hours before we head in got this fire going with hemlocks twigs we were looking for pine but this is where the hemlock grill right now and some birch bark we got all our fire wood stack up for the night so we're still we till about six o'clock before start cooking dinner and whatnot it's getting real dark real quick well we're both feeling pretty good now not too cold at all sitting by the fire warming up it could also be the rum though not the fire but who's to know got down to negative 37 when I night Celsius with nigger 35 all right yeah and our rum froze the alcohol our sorry the MSR so that's supposed to work an extreme fold failed his crap so we're using a fire which still works a negative 37 degrees and our just going to heat up the water for ovale and hopefully pack up the hearts to use my hands well after being in the woods for three days and two nights a real real cold weather we came across this cow and it's a godsend we're going to spend the night in here and dry our sleeping bags out there all wet with condensation and whatnot got this nice cast iron wood stove we're going to pump that baby full up full firewood just eat like kings and relax this is our last night here so it's kind of like a reward for our hardships in the woods it's uses though every time we go camping with the exception of backpacking I really could get away without using a knife I got this Celilo bushcrafter used as a neck knife for this trip I can't even remember bringing it up pulling it out once using my axe for everything making tripods for cooking over the fire splitting wood clearing brush for my tent everything you just it's just much easier to use in the winter time for me on a backpacking trip I would use a knife because I'm not bringing an axe it's just plain simple but this is a wetterling's 26 inches an old one so done up real nice I like to have had it for a long time it works real well for me I ended up tying out orange lanyard I'm not an advocate of lane use at all but I drop this and it's know quite a few times and I've not worried about it the lanyard shows up it's all good mitts and gloves was a system this time it's been so cold that you cannot wear not wear gloves it doesn't matter you can't not wear gloves for more than five minutes and your fingers are normally hurt so out of these surplus mitts they're really good thick leather they work for just generally having on working around the fire moving the grill that kind of stuff but when you need to have dexterity which you do undoing zippers and packing up camp we move to camp every day have these North Face gloves their fleece and they got a little good grip on them and they work real well putting that on now I have had on a couple hours that's freezing cold but you get going and it gets it gets warmer or whatever but so basically to two sets of gloves for something like this I think is ideal we're really starting to feel the warmth now we've had this wood stove kickin for a while we've got our sausages on here defrosting snow melting ice melting over the Nalgene we got our butt wipes which are baby wipes but they froze all the ice you thawing there we are really comfortable now in here well here we are getting packed up ready to leave we got a some oatmeal to eat still we stayed real warm and real comfortable last night real dry and we got a pack up walk about five five-and-a-half clicks to get out and that's it we're in the car now heading home we had figured it out we did about 15 to 20 kilometers in three days four days three nights




just a little weather recap the whole time we were out we did get mo 12 negative 20 Celsius as a high in the daytime

first night negative 37 second night negative 34 third night negative 34 and today now we're driving out it's negative 11 which is like perfect weather to be Oded but whatever it's all good had a great time learned a lot and if you want stay tuned for some dumb you

yes now I've been ready oh are you ready - purr - shut up okay just saw it nobody's paint nobody's paying you to talk nobody's paying you to talk yeah I'm trying to em fuck em fun oh yeah fuckin run good what stopped the whole a real happy with my spork hey warm no Kyle finally yes it's great

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