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The Soggy Saga of Joe and Co. or.. Tarp Camping in the Snow with Friends.


Myself and a few buddies tarp camp in the snow for 2 nights.

Outdoor cooking, building a bench, drinking beers, having a blast.

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Video Transcription





well good morning guys Joe here thanks for clicking on that video I'm out on a camp with two buddies Kevin and Brendan we got here last night we hiked in with buddy Shawn he wasn't able to stay but we set up camp a little tarp shanty village yeah

spent last night at all bunch of freezing rain and snow so today's gonna be a good day we got these guys are get a fire going while I'm sitting here should be good day we're like Thank You Squire we're gonna camp again tonight so we'll film a bunch today and hopefully be a good time hopefully yep can you hit record for each and put another one here or even arrange it better yeah we got their burners this is some campfire coffee which I'm very much looking forward to having this morning oh we're near a campfire - that's weird you have a neckbeard no the beard Envy is strong in this one beard Envy for ol Joe yeah what about this well BAM what you know about that we had a bunch of rain last night and snow and it froze so everything's covered in ice we're having to really keep the fire going having to really try to keep the fire going a little extra beaver flavoring on the ridge nobody except Joe GRE show Peggy Lowe Giardia in McCovey flu Yeah right cowboy copy if it isn't spill spill yeah we got four I turned out fantastic ooh ooh but what does yours look like I got some greem in there thank you Paul oh look what mine looks like what's angry oh it's an angry winter green tea that's not coffee we got some jalapenos onion what else you got in there some great pepper and then you can put some eggs in there I got some bacon going Brendan's got what about family breakfast Sammy fake tiger this is going to burn like boy like my food


I'll be making up some Bannock got my mix in the pan add a little bit of oil we'll leave this is just sunflower oil or some sort of vegetable oil and then here comes the kick a couple ounces of Canadian maple sugar or maple syrup oh whoa

that'll be brought is that all I brought come on Canada oh yeah feel my national pride building I'm just gonna mix it in is it normally take an hour five hours sir well Joe see when you want to do something right uh-huh do it right uh-huh if you want to do something to Joey right you know just do it you just do it yeah the NX looking nice oh yeah oh yeah there what's going on come along almost and save that oh yeah oh yeah tripods still the ho l2o tall-ass Joe let him he's a big in that was crazy to both of you first okay like all right around my face it hit me and the camera see that little bit long that is gonna break that branch is going to fly it out way be careful get the longest free fall just go just go okay so we got to buff this up flip this up how how long do you guys think you should make it got very long enough for us to sit seven feet so we're just in the process of making a bench now you can see Brennan behind me sawing up a tree we just fell keep your tarp stock boys and girls nice they're unfrozen we got some sada city lone pine this is probably one of my favorites hogsback which I'm going to give to Kevin because I have not had it yet and I don't know if I like it had the cocktail which is Kevin this is not Kevin's is black beard this beard is black not thanks Laurie's buddy you either give me the vegetarian beer hogsback vegetarians Chuck how close you guys wants very good no that side is gonna be lower we're gonna have to prop that up yeah even more but we'll take it all in yeah we can even fly there like hey you know what we should have it reversed definitely what I want yeah I agree we should have it reversed we should have smaller one of the function with yeah well you know the obvious thing you pick up the small one yeah be heavy loud one back yeah yeah not bad guys almost a bitch we need that shit on that for sure it's so collected yeah

then we're gonna head Hewitt off a little copy time very good around the heart

so we're camped here we're lucky enough to have cell service still and I was using my phone last night to check the weather and stuff like that left it on it's dead now but I got this new power bank by through night it's called the c2 and yeah it's this nice small little one and it fits my bag no problem and I'm able to actually charge my phone with it and I can charge my GoPro as well so this is going to be helpful for secondary filming for GoPro and then again like when I do have my my phone you can actually open it and there's a battery inside it that you can use for other things so you can charge this battery this 18 650 battery inside this thing

alright use it as a charger and then use the battery itself or use this as a portable charger like a phone or a GoPro or whatever this is the first time I've been able to use it so I'll let you know how long it lasts how it does what the cold and if I like it and maybe a couple months down the line I'll let you know if you want to look at this if you want to check it out I'll put a link in the description alright like mine gonna kill you remember cooking up some bacon potatoes onions and garlic and stuff in there and we've been setting these uh we set these these garlic cloves here to roast and they're all mushy inside now so I think I might add it to my stuff after her as well should be nice and it's in gorilla key instead of a antisocial and freezing my butt off tonight hey can I join the boys up here so hopefully this will also walk through this wind coming into our camp it will smoke into our face we're going to do Thai off from my toggle there on my tarp way over to that tree a little a frame or lean-to whatever here that will definitely help stop the the wind from coming in here it's super windy tonight check and see if my food is done had caught fire so I imagine it's done the grease the butter was leaking out the whole thing kind of went went golfing in flames golf this fake golf man there we go a little bacon action in there - I got this mixed bag of small potatoes some potatoes small potatoes if you have kids you know what that is but I got this mixed bag of small potatoes and in it one of was a purple one and on the inside I thought it was black but on the inside it's actually purple nope it's not weird

mmm purple

hi this is what Kevin came up with end up tying off to my tie oats on my tarp so count makes it all fill in their ceiling wise yeah how does it feel oh pretty shaky like super shanty it's feel like I'm welcomed in the shanty for you are you've been welcomed to the same shanty town except Zee town you're gonna make it here you can make it anywhere pushing graphics and here we are in bushcrafting ttan well the shaft graph engine there may be love Asians libations of libations libation I bet what he said life nations of live nation under God that's one nation every Stretch Armstrong this fire reflector is the bee's knees I probably talked about it last night in my drunken stupor but it is no snow are we done we're done oh my goodness spires warm antisocial Kevin oh I I don't believe you it looks quite comfy yep we have floors out here in the forest

I got forest floors they got floors what's that coming love it finally got a piece of the pie moving on up fish fry yeah that Nellie and the st. lunatics or is wow this is done there's some legitimate snow so what so I guess no doubt I might have to come in next to you you talking Brendan right oh yeah Oh Pierce we're just battening down the hatches now Snow's coming and it's coming kind of right into our camp so I pulled down my flap on my Adirondacks shelter now I got kind of like a door there so I should hope quite a bit we're gonna prop up this tarp a little bit more because he's sagging with all the snow weight on it oh god why I deal with a little bed seven-thirty food hashtag dandy member remember what used to be a past nine o'clock alright guys we're going to bed I get to listen to a pitter-patter of the snow in the rain on the tarps pitter-patter let's get her goodnight well good morning Kevin Fraser oh hello Joe

there you come Peter shanty village haha there's nan comfier Brendan what are you doing oh that never happened good morning guys it's about 7:00 in the morning here you pissed all night melted a lot of the snow our fire is completely out completely done and that thing was going for two days it was a rocker so we've got lots of lots of hiking lots of driving to do today so they're going to pack up and get the heck Budda here ooh her food of get the heck out of here it's cold I'm cold oh-oh-oh so thermostat Joe all right guys thanks for watching the video hope you enjoyed it hope you learned something I had a fun time see you soon in the next one Kevin you know some people are clever and you're just one of them man what are you gonna do what are you gonna do I think we're done here we've all packed up cleaned up camp we've got about an hour hike oh thanks for watching I had a lot of fun we did - yes that's where you see up oh yeah I have fun I had a lot of fun meeting up - so did I yeah I hope you enjoyed it thanks for camping with me guys ah thanks guys I was thus forced okay goodbye are you not walking are you serious right now come on what you don't know me by now if you don't know me by now nothing no no you both alright guys thanks for watching we're out of here hiking on out ah there's snow and trees in the way and I'm walking into a pool hope you enjoyed the video I had a lot of fun camping with some good buddies so there will be more videos to come join in on the next one say bye boys Oh guys peace evaluations you yes

and puts hand is this a bit oh hi there like that almost just happened boy

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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