What is Bushcraft?


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I attempt to convey some of my thoughts on our hobby that is "Bushcraft"

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Video Transcription

could I be honest with you guys for a minute gonna be real I hate the word bushcraft okay I hate everything that that comes along with that the implications that it implies the stigma the the attitude I don't like it I use bushcraft in my name for my channel so that I can have a category I think that a lot of the things that I do are not bushcraft I think that some of the things that I do are but who's to say obviously people like maybe more ski and ski ray mirrors or both the Australian outback people place where it originated from bush the bush out the back in the bush it's bushcraft crafting from the blush taking things from the woods and making things to make yourself more comfortable with right makes sense to me but I didn't make this in the woods I did in you know I didn't have my Billy cane that's pretty bushcraft that's a zebra pot right Oh grant stirs Brooks axe so so maybe I'm not a bushcrafter who knows or on the other hand I have expensive knives so maybe I'm not a bushcrafter maybe bushcraft is only doing with doing more with less the whole doing more with less thing right you don't need all that gear blah blah blah blah blah but you know what I don't care if it's called bushcraft I don't care if it's called monkeying around in the woods I don't care if it's called survival I don't care if it's called camping you know what I mean I really like going out into the woods by myself with my dog with my friends or with my family it doesn't matter if you can somebody asking on Facebook the other day a dilemma they wanted to they wanted to go to the woods for night but their friends wanted to party it's not even a dilemma whatever you want to do man bring your friends to the woods and party if you want you know I mean it's just I would choose I would choose going to the woods over partying anytime you know what I mean because that's what I like to do but getting a little bit off track you're the the whole bushcraft thing it's just I feel like who cares what it means you know I feel like if somebody wants to say I'm not doing something right because I call myself a bush crafter or I have a channel a YouTube channel with the name bushcraft in it and I go on a backpacking trip for a few days and I don't do much bushcraft or I'll cook on a cat stove instead of a fire I'll bring my my Swiss Army knife instead of an axe you know what I mean where's the wine honestly and who cares why does it even matter why does it everybody have to try to label things and just be be caught up in this this this labeling game of like you know you're not what you say you are because this word doesn't mean what I think it's supposed to mean if I mean like does it make sense what I'm saying go to the woods and have fun stop being so nitpicky sup sup again I saw another video the other day by a guy stop telling people what to do that's that's basically what he was saying who cares you know I mean obviously some if somebody's being uh dangerous in the woods they're not being safe yeah you have an obligation I think maybe to just speak your mind and tell them hey maybe the way that you were doing this wasn't so safe pointing case I was splitting on video a piece of wood between my legs the Ray mirrors way and a couple videos ago and a person wrote me in the comments and told me listen you have the wood too far up if it glances off you're gonna hit your shin and the first thing I thought was okay buddy whatever you know where's your videos Telep it but can I think about it's like okay maybe I just need to listen to this person instead of jumping to like oh he's just trying to tell me what to do so I did and I watched it back and I it was unsafe I had I had the wood way to way far up too far up so if I did hit it in glance it would have hit my shin and that's bad and I'm and I'm and I'm showing other people that on my videos so I feel an obligation to not do that obviously or to correct that so thank you for the person who corrected me on in the comments and we have a back and forth and actually it was good you know it's a good exchange rather than like oh yeah whatever you know I mean me thinking he's a troll or a hater or something which he's not you know I mean just telling me this is how it was um I don't know okay I'm getting off track listen bottom line don't worry about other people go to the woods if you want to or don't watch other people go to the woods on online or on TV there's nothing wrong with that either you know what I mean I think the ranch is over I hope I prove my plot out but I got my point across maybe somebody won't agree with it I'm sure let me rephrase I'm sure some people won't agree with that and that's fine you know what I mean it doesn't matter to me I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope you understand what I'm trying to say thank you for watching and I'll see you soon bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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