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Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog - Long Fire, Wool Blanket, Fire Reflector


My Dog and I spend all day in the woods, I build a bushcraft camp with a wooden framed, tarp lean-to, I make a cooking tripod, smoke a steak, and hunker down for an all night snowfall.

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Knife used in this video is an Adventure Sworn Tradesman


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Video Transcription

you guys Joe here thanks for clicking that button and with old scooter we're in the woods today we're in southern Ontario Carolinian forest woods it's the end of January there's about two centimetres of snow on the ground not much at all it's going to get down to negative nine Celsius tonight which is 17 Fahrenheit it's going to warm up during the day oh so warm up during the day till vote negative three Celsius I've got a backpack on I've got an axe I'm going to set up a tarp shelter build a little fire reflector in front cook some good food hang on my buddy Scout I'm going to set up camp here this is a nice open location tree to tie off to I'll probably make a tripod on this side very big opening front for my fire not too much scrub behind to clean away I have enough room for Scout to be comfortable with me this will be my home for today you can see I'm using a wool blanket tonight for warmth along with the fire I've got it strapped to the bottom line backpack and I really don't want to just drop that in the snow so I'm just going to apply it up clap a little piece of paracord with a bite in it now this stick sturdy thick put it through it should hang and three I really want to get all the snow debris leaves all that stuff away away from my camp what camp is going to have this black soil

as you can see I've cleared this huge space here I kicked out all the snow all the debris all the leaves have got down to this black soil I'm not worried about having a fire on top of it when I have a fire all night all day I only brought that wool blanket for warmth like I said so it's going to get cold and I have to get close to that fire so we're gonna have a big long fire the only pair of extra clothes I have is one extra pair of socks I want to change into tonight before I go to bed it's okay but so I think I'm going to hold off on making my fire right now I'm going to build my shelter do all the work that I have to do and then sit down and try and draw out my foot or switch up sauce regardless like if my boot is so humid so I don't think I'll be switching out socks out they'll be a moot point I want some warm socks to go to bed with but anyway I'm going to build a frame for my tarp out of wood because it's supposed to snow tonight we're supposed to get 5 centimeters of snow that's like an inch or two so we're going to protect the tarp from sagging in by building a wood frame just off to find some wood for that now

this is probably the longest pole I have it's hard to get straight or pulls longer than that and it won't fit from tree to tree I thought that was going to be the problem originally so I am going to still do it this squat I'm just going to build a tripod here as my secondary support so I'll be tying off to there make a tripod here that's why I grabbed so many so many sticks or logs so I'll probably build a short tripod using the shortest pieces one I'll cut that and that one that should be good pulling this overnight I brought my fall Raven 3lu 55 a little bit overkill a little bit big for one night but I do have the dog with me and I have things in here that wouldn't normally have right so I have my dogs blankets goats blanket takes up good three quarters into the room in there she'll empty it is now so anyway what he needs it's too cold for him to be laying on the ground my tarp good boy good boy so I need to mark I need to cut them all the same length basically you're close to it I was going to mark right here right there that way I know where to cut them got a I've got to get myself a chopping block or chopping log before I move any further it's just too dangerous to be chopping without one and I only have a little silkie so I brought my big ax on my small saw on purpose so that I would use my flaxmore one I've got a Jolin on one side I'm going to loop it through just to get it all secure I'm going to do some wraps and fraps so I want to do it too tight so as to where the legs won't Bend Oh on the tripod when I need to stand up come in and cross wrap my wraps with my fraps drops are going this way up and down on the rack

there we go I going to tie it off but it will just to itself okay this will be perfectly fine not worried about its strength good there's another benefit to having this tripod as opposed to tying off to a tree I don't have to tie my Ridge Pole on to the secondary under the tripod I can just lean it in the crook and that's especially helpful for when I'm tying up my rich boy I don't have to have it held somewhere or trying to hold it up with my shoulder long time because literally rest it in there and set it up but this is going to be beautiful apart a little bit so I want my I want to be on an angle I want to be facing that way for the Sun and so that means I'll just move this back a touch and I want to bring it down chest height won't wait my wrist ball to be chest height I need to bring it down a little bit make sure they're not going to slide so I'm going to come up from underneath it so it doesn't want to fall any more a few times

I can come up around here and do my crap that's a really security in there and all I'm going to do is tie it off to itself which is basically a square knot this overhand knot I just want to make sure that all this stuff on the top it's pretty cleaned off I don't want no sharps blood because I'll be laying my tarp on here and I don't want to put no holes in it right this trips going to be a little bit of an homage to my first real video that ever got any traction it's called overnight bushcraft camp and I shot that video probably about four years ago says three on YouTube but I think it's wrong it's got to be four years ago because they did alone three years ago this is before that so like I said that was the first video of mine that ever got any kind of traction and I'm kind of simulating it on this trip a little bit this would be the same shelter I set up at least at the team tarp this tarp I've had for like I don't know man I want to stay better part six or seven years okay so what we're doing is we're going to go on a diagonal like an adhirata like an Adirondack wind shelter which is basically what it is with a frame again the purpose of the frame being strength we're not gonna get too much snow what it's nice to have it and it's nice to play around want to have the opportunity so I think it's going to be to the third tab so we're going to count one two three tabs on two three on both sides going to mark it out right that's where it's going to sit so I just want to notch so I know where to put my poles got my secondary set of poles now I'm just lining them up on the notches I made at about a 45 degree angle so I can see how long I have to cut them this has to come off right there and right there so tying these ones in place I am going to use my Canadian GM not had a couple small pieces so it's no big deal and I think it is it prefers my preferred way of doing this especially when I have a lot of room to work with scrambled oh it's super easy buddy super easy just like this you got to dress the knot I think that was your problem you're letting its flux lock too too much you got to pull it right up close to the other not do as I say not as I do it's going to go it'll go there she goes anyways that's how it goes when it cinches up to that knot that's how the Canadian gem works better or works properly so after that I'm just going to again lash and tie off super easy so I've got this last piece and it's going to go at the bottom on the back on the bottom and again same thing at the top I'm just going to lash it on and it's not it's not supporting any weight or anything so it's not a big deal down here it's just going to need the tarps going to be wrapped around it you'll see what I mean here in a second I've came over the top Ridge pole with the tarp I've tied both sides of the tarp at the third tab on those logs that we laid down they go saying I've come up with this tarp underneath often underneath the logs and this bottom part is either going to lay down or get tied up I'm not sure yet the side pieces have wrapped around the logs to create the sides same here and all I have to do is really just cinch it down now okay so that's on there literally just pull it tight and tie it to the bottom here I remember getting some criticism last time I made this shelter the people worst because I had to cover the top of the tarp tucked down like this and people were saying all rain would come down and drip down on there this got it obviously doesn't know what he's doing well the funny thing is that if it did start to rain it's super easy to just lift this up you can even lift it on a diagonal like that so the ring shuts all the way down you just uh take it down like that you know I mean there's so many options I'm not really worried about it

but right now it's not going to rain this time of your second or it's going to snow so I'm fine with either I can do anything I could have it up like this stuff like this like I said but what I am going to do is I want to build a big little fire in front okay so and line up this over the way and if for some reason it does start to snow kick the fire back put it back that way or not so rain put it back that way or even not even worry about it because you would have to rain substantially for this to come and rip all down in here I digress what I think I want to do is tie a piece of paracord to this tab tied it right down to the wood down there take this wrap it over top and tie it back the easiest way to do a tie out you guys are probably gonna second me showing you this nice and easy there look at that so here's the finished product I'm pretty happy with it except for one thing I tied the sack part up to get it out of the way but then I pulled the back part of the tarp up to get some more room and I don't really get the room because this is blocking it and I could also use this as part of my ground sheet for scout so what I think when I do is undo this and see how that looks now that it looks a little bit better but I've lost my room in the back because I let a left middle tab go but now if I pull it should still be gaining some room I can't tell because I can't look at it and pull it so I'm going to tie it back I'll pull this down tight take it down yeah that's not so bad that's not so bad yeah

oh it's 12 o'clock now I wasted a few hours setting the shelter up and filming I'm really hungry I'm getting cold so I need to make a fire that's definitely my next thing we'll bring my axe I'm going to search around for some firewood a nice big long fire going in front warm up and get some get some food into me [Applause]



I got this dead piece of sassafras to use to start my fire with I like using sassafras when I can because it's very abundant here has a little bit of oils in it smells nice easy to choke through leave it leave it buddy believe it I'm able to make pretty clean-cut care even with my ass pretty good moves go it will plane flying overhead it wouldn't be a wouldn't be a Jill video right all I'm doing to make these cuts to lining up the piece of wood on the other people that I'm working on wherever its best so it's probably that grater on there and I'm aiming right for there I'm going on a deep angle this way I'm cutting down this way I can get it in either 1 2 or 1 to 3 chops which is a lot less effort in sawing the key is to make sure it's lined up on the would see the end cut it's almost flat so I can use it for batoning I'm going to button this down why you say why Vuitton when you have an act that want to that's why making sure that you the food a little cut on don't worry skills nothing for you to know leave it it's nice for you make sure I got a suitable baton oh my goodness square with Twitter okay no this is mine this is for me now you go lay down we've got a new toy to play with this is an adventure swarm tradesman never had a knife like this before with the up swoosh the whole way pretty beefy pretty nimble at the same time it's 1/8 scandi tapered down to the end this is that first real time I'm using it I took it out a couple days ago just to play with it take some take some pretty pictures you know that's what it's all about so sassafras is relatively straight grained split it down for quite a ways before it gets too small and then it'll start to chip Oh probably oh yeah away from where I'm sleeping I only want it to be a foot away that's it it just I need to be a generous foot I guess so when it kicked out away right here and I'll set my log right there that way I know how far to keep it basically this is my back log what I'm going to do is I'm going to line the inside with this dry dead sassafras that I just collected and build my fire up on top of that like a nice big platform bring this closer in for now at least it's like a ten it's all going to burn up but I got I got all day after I eat I'm going to dedicate the rest of day to getting firewood I recently got this heavy cover campaign set it's got so it's a titanium this is titanium it's got a lid that goes on nicely steps titanium as well it's a little super pump to use this I've been carrying this around cows it's like a weird house using the water wall part of it but I've you have to use this actual campaign go I'm going to make up some rice and some bacon watch might you have Delta bacon and some rice and we got a nice big old steak Benna absolutely in love with titanium just durable lightweight fucking awesome stuff yeah heats up super quick I've only had that on for as long as it took that little bit the wood to burn down for me with that stuff up that's not long at all now this sweet titanium fork with it thing is a very very sturdy little wrenches and stuff on it you dig with it the thing is dirty man anyway stir it like all right this canteen is a perfect size to fit 500 Mills and my rice in I'm going to fit that back in near the fire just keep it going a bit just want to get next to the fire really and go I brought this little space blanket and while I'm waiting for my rice to finish cooking I think that I will swing it up on the inside of my car care it's on the bathroom myself a little bit more walks tonight because I'm chilly already and it's not going to be warmer just rather some wet leaves these are going to become my button my leaves and then I grab in the corner as close to the corner as possible underneath it I just wrap it around paracord around it I saw a double overhand like I said okay now

let it go up here and again I'm just crying off to these these logs these super handy logs that I've been able to tie everything off to the nice way to set up a shelter imma grill up my bacon this is some Springer's smoked bacon I'll save a few pieces for the morning a piece of wood on fire underneath it I really don't want to have plain touching that when the flame hits the bacon bring good all the salt makes it taste horrible too much fly matters oh well BAM everything is gone sit down have some good food drink some water take a load off minutes then it's time to work all right I'm some nice fluffy fluffy rice well wet click all right I'm going to rip up my bacon put it inside my rice a little bonuses I like doing that I'm going to give out some some rice I'll start them off it was a piece of bacon come here bud come come in frame so everybody can see take it nice you go boys boy get up big for it good way so I'm gonna eat some of this and I'll give him the rest in my in my cup here because I didn't bring an extra bowl for him this time so I'll just boil up some water after to get it a nasty dog breath oh there is a creek running through right over there where he's going to drink water from we're all have to end up getting water from later on because there's not enough snow on the ground mmm-hmm rice and rice I'm sure glad to have that space but I can blow up there it's gonna be loud though tonight when when the wind comes through so another thing about titanium man some of the stuff that's in that stays that's cold stays cold these real cold stuff that scenario taht keeps hot for a while this frickin spork it's so hot whoo all right buddy he can't wait get over there just put some on the lid for him for now while he's sitting here begging me and there's another one another plane coming through but hot man might want to wait a little touch good boy I'm super impressed with this friggin heavy cover canteen thing I'm gonna put a link in the description below click it check it out man this stuff is I'm really enjoying using it it's like its own set you know I don't its own system and it's capable definitely one

he cracks me up man all right firewood time this is a super-dense piece of wood this is iron wood and it'll make great firewood for tonight lots of BTUs it just going to be really dense really really tough to catch officers go on leave it go man remember how I said I have so much fun with him here a lot more fun with the dog here oh my god it works both ways so he's obsessed the sticks he's throw sticks for a long time a tree falling is the ultimate stick throw and he always wants to go underneath it thank God he didn't on that one how would it how him bad and he's running around now crying and trying to bite it sticks but he's fine

he's totally fine he just well OCD dogs you know well the CD dog skill wait up okay I'm gonna make a photo reflector now I've got to collect a bunch of wood already I just thought of mate I just got a building so basically I need to make some points on these stick solely that shouldn't be too difficult dance Hickory so I'm putting the first peg first bake roughly six inches away from the backlog okay pre accurate with that ax a pretty accurate I want to get a quick gauge of how wide it needs to be by putting one of the thicker logs wider logs down and then measuring from there no you can put this relatively tight up to that maybe leave a little bit of a gap now if I like a little bit of working one yacht man seriously once you lay on your bed buddy once we lay in a bed oh the big boy it was dubbed school emo goose laying in the mud but laying in the mud that was the original back piece that I had on hours ago that's not so bad I still going to put some more wood on my fire reflector it's finally starting to snow if you can see it yet behind me but she's coming down it seems like it's going to get heavier and heavier and I got to I am relying on a fire tonight for warmth smoke in my eyes so I have to get so much fire what it's not even funny it's three o'clock now I have roughly three hours of light that

I bowled I still need more firewood - I was taking a break here for a minute before I go to collect more firewood I thought I'd quickly go through my gear that I brought on this trip you've seen me use most all of it already so my axe is my old grant my grandma's old axe we handled two and a half pound head on a 26 inch handle super big swell at the pommel or the but I guess my favorite axe

I've got a possible pouch for first aid headlamp toilet paper chapstick so snare wire just normal stuff and their OMI batteries for my DSLR and my action camera a little SIL nylon chair if I wanted to make it got my fit pad my hash drawer gloves my hester fall line gloves i brought a big old steak this is a bone-in prime rib 2.3 2 pounds for two and a half pounds but it's going to pink out and myself so so it's okay I've got a water bottle with my logo sticker on it I just actually opened a website Joe Robinette Joe Robinette comm I'm selling stickers on there and patches the patches I've only got black and grey right now but I will have the original colors in very soon I'll ship anywhere so Joe Robinette calm to find that stuff I've got to go with my steak I've got a cruiser all day Pale Ale very very very good beer and one of my favorites from water and all that cooking water cooking storage collection my heavy cover canteens that man freakin loving this thing with canteen parts up hanging up on the top my knife again is my adventure sworn tradesman really digging this knife - you've got a fire still on there I got a sleeping pad which is my thermos meal air xterm I've got a wool blanket it's an italian army will blanket

I've got goats polyester blanket back there what off some bacon some paracord an extra layer to put on my film in premaloft layer to put on some food to my backpack my fault Raven Zulu 55 I think that about covers it it's really not that much stuff it took off that whole backpack though but like I was saying goats bits go some blank it took up a lot of it and if I was using a sleeping bag I'll get squished a sleeping bag real small and then put that inside the backpack and then straps no it's playing it to the outside but as it was I had two blankets just because I wanted to I wanted to sleep by the fire - the whole point for the strips so many plane all right I should do it I'm going to put my snake up here now and let it slow cook because it's very big and I don't want to burn the outside and how to raw inside piece covers this song with take off thank you very very big I'm going to be very good you're ready for this are you ready for this BAM Sun so yeah and the bones bones here let's go have some of that for sure that's a big steak ha ha big place is always Montreal sticks place

rub a lot into here flip around real quick before before the other side gets cooked at all just to rub it in I'm outside too

oh yeah aw she's soften up more that's a nice steak

this is so tender is ridiculously soft the hamsun I'm really liking this cooking platform setup - I can easily adjust it to wherever the flames are spread it out make it skinnier up here anywhere ah as you grow my gloves the gloves yeah super useful man well I'm almost satisfied with my woodpile I've got a lot more and a lot of them are big like this one pretty substantial and it's long - I can get maybe two or three lengths out of that one and this one and this one and then I've got all these ones here I've already bucked up into long pieces it's all hardwood it's all good

solid hardwood I just I just probably need to get a little bit more to be honest

oh yeah

he's getting cooked okay I'm playing around man that sneaks just about done looking forward to it all right I'm calling her done look at that color it's almost like smoke if it was smoke being up there - oh-ho buddy Oh fancy



oh it's cooked looks longer than I are more done than I thought still not bad I prefer a little bit more rare that's okay so this piece is very big it has the bone on it and I'm ton of meat so the bone stops there and this is all meat we're going to give this to mr. scooter we're just gonna wait a minute cuz it's super hot and all the fat in there real deal fat look at that mmm okay buddy there's a little piece right there a big guy

yeah good boy good boy there's some bone in there but I'm bowling there you gotta be careful

get up a black eye I hit myself in the face of the stick earlier on accident anyway it's more cooked than I would normally like but it's still super tender like home ma'am I've been waiting all day for this no head cheers guys great Prudie all right here's a fat there's a whole fat part it's been a long time coming go to mountain down that bone this is why I come over here guys this kind of stuff these moments at 6 o'clock I'm losing light that's why it's looking a little bit grainy now let's go let's see what you did to that bone in that thing nodded down pretty good here here some meat bud good boy a big ol hunk of meat I'll probably end up giving them a little bit more - I got still quite a bit left I'm pretty full now but that's alright Scott will continue to eat and so a lie that good well I guess it's not going to snow I started there for like an hour but nothing even accumulated whatever I was hoping it would have looked better on video but this is what it is I can't control that

that state was good guys I still got quite a bit left I'm competing it to scope slowly periodically through the night now on the way there well I've got a good time man I didn't stop until just now I didn't stop until I eat this steak I still haven't even dealt with my foot I've been warm I've been going going going like crazy and I was sitting in here I'm super warm but now that I've got this tripod above the fire I can dry out my sock and potentially my boot tonight oh she's wet all pruney feet oh man you know I'm gonna probably build a little footrest in front so I can set my feet on there get them warm but I'm gonna hang my my sock over top of the fire I probably hang both of them you know what

is what is enough me I wanted to get it wet - not half is what is that one but might as well from doing one will do both

I think it's time for they'll brew yes no couple really like the way this canteen is shaped I found it extremely hard to knock it over you know what I mean like it's not a tall narrow thing is a short fat base pretty sturdy you know pretty sturdy so I'm shopping with the wife the other day right and I know that's that's the first problem we go into the mall and they have this place called David's tea I hope you guys in the states have David's be sure some of my Canadian viewers will note I'm talking abou and they're like oh fancy healthy tea I said well it's probably good to drink something other than alcohol while I'm camping so I'll drink some tea so bottom I can't remember the name of it they all put it at the bottom but they gave us these fancy tea bags too these ones you fill in yourself right so I'm like I'm no peasant over here you guys you know this isn't a peasant life sitting on the ground there's your whole d-bag so my wife used to tell students teep teep and she had the expand see little Cooper's so I get one teaspoon or one scoop all right per cup put my fancy little tea bag please do one of these joint and now as opposed to a t-ball it's not going to get all the shaking Maya might eat potentially let's see how it goes teabag version run to the tea bag that doing this makes all the difference sometimes you do it fancy look and I'm not even the slightest bit tipsy just regular Joe this is steeping for about two minutes like take it out now she's toasty not the boiling water feels like Joe so slow rate that it's had bone up as always left nice and clean good boy

I was going on a fire he doesn't want any more he left it over there I just want to attract any animals my teeth he's pretty good black I think Blackie good

I told her I wanted something as natural as possible and she gave me like some licorice ever perfect dog heard all but dry another couple minutes on there I think I am going to put my boot up there at least this really wet one I'm just going to stick it right on the end of the tripod let's just for a while fire is hard enough where I can just keep my keep my little feet these nearer and I'm gonna stay warm starting to snow again - so we'll see well it's 8:30 now there's a both time for some scotch this is a laugh - my legs woman put it my chest pocket now I've learned my lesson cold Scotch is no good you need a warm room temperature sketch cheers guys yep I've been barefoot long enough if you'll dry feel very warm too oh yeah oh that feels great like a million times better than getting something out of the dryer and putting it on on a cold day 1 million times better all yeah nice okay you know like a human again feeling like a human being again

Oh celebratory touch dry feet those long fires kicking off a ton of heat now I'm nice and toasty in here very comfortable it's actually quite roomy in here I really would have no problem putting a plastic sheet down the front of this and building a super shelter you know what time it is roasted marshmallow time I'll make a mean roasted marshmallow guys let's say I'm going to awesome cook I do make a good roasted marshmallow look he is all coals all ember is no flame you got to let it get lightly lightly brown lightly golden whoa I'm good pop it like frozen marshmallows we're going to do one at a time and savor it savor it real good you see it expand and marshmallow cooking tip off half marshmallow cookie dense wood joke oh I like deck the right at the end there boys but anyways she's making good a little little little charred on the outside not too bad I'm part of fun I shouldn't be this excited over marshmallows just burning the pieces long so I don't have to cut them you want to cut them at night here with my axe and two small leaves my silky so I'll burn them then I'll push them in farther up as I need to well it's starting to snow now quite a bit actually hit so it's really coming down so we'll see yeah we'll see the accumulation I'm stoked I'm glad I thought I was going to be able to get into that snow but here it is it's uh time is it whoo almost 11 o'clock at night here let me feel that tired to be honest with you normally I'm in bed by about ten o'clock when I'm camping man it's coming down well I think I'm gonna call it a night gonna get my Sleep System and right over this snow I'm sure I'll get up in about an hour or two to stoke this fire I'll check in then until then you'll either check you later what's that from 90s 90s 90's movie trivia

chickaleta leader this will be a tougher one still though a very popular movie check you later one am the first stoking of the fire I pulled this little flap down in front is it snowing pretty good and I'm getting some snow in so this this firm flap I pulled down actually might tie it up I want to do that I'm going to tie it up to my my tripod right now

there I've got a little bit of a little bit of protection from above and it should trap more heat Circle it down into me it's snowing like a mug out here so this is happening now brick and reflector reflector on fire I tried to use this punky wood as I could punky soaking wet wood from the ground but after that hot on fire for that many hours things just right so so I rid of that tripod right above it I'm going to let that fire reflector burn down there's nothing I could do now I'm forget toasty in there to warm i did move my my tarp back out of the way too because it's too hot so back to bad guys this is going to be a restless sleep we can Oh bright it look how bright it looks above me it's not in the middle of the night of the camera or the city globe but sure it looks bright that's your legit selfie fire notice fancy-ass nonsense till the fire reflector let it burn down falls into the fire great to fix well I laid here waiting for that to happen I was paranoid of it happening while I was sleeping I did put a log here and right in front of me to stop anything that rolled my way but it's not going to even do that that's five am i've got a few hours sleep fires no more you can still see embers so I'm going to get up and throw some wood on there get back to bed I'm exhausted and it is still snowing good morning folks it's 7:30

I stayed warm I stayed very warm I didn't get much sleep though probably four and a half hours total maybe maybe five hours broken up it's not so bad really if you think about it not a good night it's fun there's a lot of snow and I stayed nice and warm and dry under here so you'll lean to the hole for the naysayers of the lean-to this is a proof is in the pudding proof is in the freshly fallen snow trick is to pile them all together pretty close actually you don't need too much air flow with this kind of thing and blow the trap out of it in this case I'm going to spin it with my likes it pass or not that's October the nice thing about the accumulation is there's some wetness some some actual water in here some ice some slush so it'll be quicker than melting snow and will be quicker to hiking down to the creek

I've decided against making bacon this morning yesterday my stomach's all messed up from it I haven't eaten bacon in a long time and my IBS just really doesn't do to y'all with it so instead of pushing it I'm doing a two days in a row I'm just going to have my oatmeal today

I poured my boiling water back into the canteen that way could add the right amount of water without getting too much water in it at once but it looked like I did right the right amount of water anyway what's on point look at this consistency no soupy oatmeal for me guy that tacky stick-to-your-ribs stuff I think this is going to be it I've got like maybe 30 seconds left on my card I'll be enjoyed the video I had a good time I actually came out here to try to make a decent video for you guys so I hope it turns out okay I have nothing left to do here and I just going to tear down camp I'm gonna throw the fire reflector throughout the woods with less of it and hike my butt out of here I'll be going on a big winter trip soon multiple days maybe with scope probably by myself so look out for that that will be up soon I'm sure you guys enjoyed that and check out Joe Robinette calm for stickers and patches now I just dropped that website guys so I've been asking for stickers and patches there they are I hope you guys enjoyed the video I had a really good time we'll see you on the next one goodbye

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