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Exploring an Island - Abandoned Ruins, Giant Trees, Friendly Wildlife.


In this video, I paddle out on the Detroit River, make my way to Peche Island, and do some exploring.

Fun times.

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Video Transcription

are you going I want to be friends I just wanna be friends guys why are you leaving me I see I got the data myself guys I've already been on here for two hours paddling around fishing I caught one little perch it was anything bigger than it was it would have shown on camera but it definitely wasn't worth it just paddling around this Pesche island in the middle of the Detroit River I'm just going to head into the island now into the interior of it I can actually paddle right into the interior because there's a bunch of inlets it's actually really cool used to be an old used to be Hiram Walker's old house on the island here and there's been a curse on the island ever since so nothing has prospered on the island no structures or anything like that but watch when we get in here you guys are mean blown away this is so cool going to go in here under this bridge this old cement bridge a different story back in here tons of shade nice and cool very cool spot

you got to check out this water this is Detroit River water remember see how clear that is super clear seems like nobody's here in the summertime this area is pretty popular because it's so cool you can do things here like have a fire

what you can't do that normally collect wouldn't have a fire you can do that in my County at all but here you can fishing just relaxed and there's old some old ruins to an old house ruins a higher mockeries the least a Trump run back with Al Capone back in the days prohibition so he had a house on the on the island here our mansion we go check that out let's go do that check out the ruins this island has some very big trees on it this is just cottonwood but look at the branches here look at the the shoots got one two three four five that's all so you can't see one two three four five that's all one tree really it's all the same same root base so imagine that wasn't different shoots imagine that was one tree she's a big and there's the ruins back in here so this is the remains of the house there was like servants quarters and everything if you look over here I think it says 1915 on it see right there I'm sure that says 1915 that's pretty old regardless of course people have spray-painted on it and stuff ruined it but still pretty cool and there's more we'll go check out more there used to be a geocache down in here somebody must've taken it down in the basement of it what if I could jump this from there to there let's see those about as anti-climatic as it gets I'll go to explore some more after this over here - these look like slots where either honest it looks to me like where horses would be kept there's long slots made of cement as a foundation I imagine it would have had wooden walls but I really don't know that's just my guess right into the foundation was an actual maple uh sugar maple here growing through - now I wasn't joking when I said the trees to get big here this is a silver maple and you can see just how big it is another one right next to it you're that bad boy up rooted and everything big old trees guys and home to many Swan as you saw earlier try and get a little bit closer to this guy it looks like his wing is hurt its flopped down next to him see that keeps moving it there it buddy we would color this water this place really is nice I wonder if there'll be any fish in this little part it's not very deep at all but it connects to the main channel oh there they imagine some little perch would come in here I don't see why not it's a lot of Garlon those gara round here - oh there's a shut her building over on the other side see it across there took a square cement building there are people here gross I think stuff like that table it's very socialized yes I think it expects of course the raccoons here are the same it gets to be a bit much to be honnest but y'all so many so many nope that's right yeah you folks have a great day nice talking to you thank you you too okay I'll take care of your duck the traitor traitor duck that's kind of cool just met a nice older couple there kayaking and picking up trash so it's nice and they brought a duck with them as you saw huh he's just hanging out next to me Xero quacks you know zero quacks given right now oh it's a good day hoppy I'm out here nice a little little escape little urban escape I'm not gonna give you anything buddy all I have is bread and that's not gonna be any good for you no sandwich I don't know if you like lunch meat I don't think so what kind of duck is this what the duck I think it's a blue in teal what the duck a left leg you're all sitting here on the table well I took the camera I went into the woods and was shooting filming the the ruins and stuff and I had a half a sandwich and a baby bill left in my backpack it is nowhere to be found now so a raccoon came there ridiculous here I'm sure it was a raccoon came and took it out of my backpack I left my backpack open but if I would have closed it maybe would have just eaten through the side of it I don't know story I think I got at home go home

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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