Primitive fishing gouge.


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Video Transcription

a gouge is all about the size of the fish's mouth it's not even about the motion of the ocean if you use that little tiny gouge of largemouth bass turd

still got my beat let them run with it a little bit let them give them a chance to get it in their mouth oh that was way better bite you're right with you so fuckin be all right this one's a good one I computer oh that would have counted if I got him with my hand that was here we go they worked for honor that I verdict 500 like I sniped it real quick I swear to God I caught it on this they're not haha you got three witnesses just got a fish on a primitive thorn Bishop pretty cool it is a second fish I've caught on the thorn gorge couch thorn gouge we're using fish for bait originally was using locust or grasshopper they're eating those too but they don't stay on as well I ended up tying the fish onto the hook Miami so I took a piece of fish bone hold fish bone me too let's get out of it tie the piece of bait on and see if I can get on that one it worked I got one on the bone George coach whatever you call it all right I caught another bluegill this is the biggest one yet that I've caught it's my turn comparison it's still pretty small but like four times besides the other ones and it's on that bone that's awesome okay this Trump's my last one by far is is like double the size the old one getting the hang of this thing I think

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