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HD Bushcraft Video - Wild edibles, Leather Care, Natural Tinder, Pot Hook


In this video, Scout and I spend a morning in the woods.

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Video Transcription

oh there's no mistake in that smell that's a sassafras root for sure first thing we want to do is just clean off this root get all the outer bark and the dirt and the soil of dirt and soil the back of my knife works great for this yeah that's that probably more than enough sport in the old hidden woods and a rock today well buddy I love this pack I've it used in the water excuse me in a while so we're going to use it today I've already cut up some small ones that I got earlier just going to make some cuts probably all you need to cut it super breakable

there it goes one I'll get you some one minute skills turn some older someone the scout and go bigger there's a front pouch here I like to keep it's a removable coach I like to keep things like my wallet keys things I need to access easily food mostly got in here oh and batteries for my camera so as far as food today let me get all this stuff back in here brought scout something a little a little little treat we won't tell them just yet go drink your water broke I got I got a sweet lunch today guys wait till you see a cheese string Bob owl granola raisins and one pepperoni it was just a quick I got to run up the door kind of thing today so Scott's gonna get his own pepperoni but we're gonna break it up in pieces so he doesn't eat his and then you wander and then come after my partner noise in the background here you go bud

good boy

it's a loud plane okay let's check this stuff out it should have a nice pinky hue to it which it does so I really just excuse me I'm going to take out the root pieces and just drink right out of my pot yeah nice

whoa she's hot that's a nice cup of cup of tea a little bit more in a cup okay I can deal with toast pieces there's some starches and stuff in there too I can see from the root all bonus I'll give her a shot yo and sassafras tea sassafras tea it's good stuff super hot though while I'm waiting for it to cool down I thought I'd give a little rub down on my axe mask I got this open offs leather it's like a wax kind of thing it's awesome I use it on all my knife sheaths and my axe mask just treats it it gives a good look to you don't need much at all it's cold so it's not really easy pliable actually I want to warm my axe mask on the fire and then do this at the old muggins oh this is a newer axe mask newer axe I've never done this on this before but I like to almost burnish the ends here with my just rubbed it crap out of it see it darkened up there to some right in the middle yeah so that one's all done sticky my hands are sticky but that's okay because they're dirty too sticky I can also rub it all over the axe handle give it a little bit of grip and dirt and it darkens that the handle which I like such a blonde handle it's a great axe I really like this thing I found some bass wood that's what is a the styrofoam wood especially after it's been dead for a while this is actually dead standing and it's still super soft but maybe not on that piece either the bark watch out buddy always going to knock my camera the bark is great for tinder making bird's nests for making cordage

so I want to try to process this and you can see how easy it comes off to just peel in it it is a little far gone it's a little damp to what we'll see we'll see what we can do with it there's the outer bark you're just going after the inner stuff here so you get rid of that outer bark then start shredding the inner bark into fine strips see how fibrous it is there and after that just got to buff it off real good which is tedious but I've done some already right here

you can see the difference in the coarseness of them excuse me so again like jute twine I guess really pull apart and then fluff up riveting riveting stuff that's the fluff ball I ended up with a lot of it was too wet to use and this is still damp itself but let's see how good it it takes a spark from a fire steel ideally I would drive this out in my pocket first okay so it's wet and it still went up pretty good took a couple not wet damp it's like nature's jute twine so today I found out that my 10 centimeter Billy can zebra Billy will fit in the side pouch of Edmonton de ruckpack even with these extra little clips on so you just have to put them to the front and back as opposed to the side so I got them in better last time and then once it's in you can spin it around fold the handle down now jingle nests inside the zebra pot your whole kook system there if you're cooking on a fire your whole cook system in one pack or sorry one side pouch there's that front pouch again got everything down there already like keys my wallet all that stuff my ax then goes through the loops behind the pouch right down flap comes over got my logo patch on there I got a bunch of these if anybody wants I just got to figure out how to sell them how to do what I've been doing on Facebook but I don't know how to do it through YouTube yet but we'll see so I think I want to go make my way out but probably slowly hike around it's really nice in here colors like golden so I'll keep filming can't forget my anchor if you've been following me for a long time you know that this is my old shelter that's my old shelter this Melwood fire reflector I had a lean-to here for years it's fall now I don't mind being here the original reason I left this link to was because the tree cover is too heavy here the leaves are too much and I couldn't have good lighting for filming so it's fall now the leaves are going to fall soon it's cool I don't mind working on this thing I want to want to clean this thing up and revamp it I think I'm kind of excited about it a lot of the pieces of the lean-to are still laying down right there it'll be too rotted out to use now but I've got to clean it all up my old saw is still here so ghetto saw used to use for I got all fancy bushcrafter gay okay guys I think that's it we're going to head home I've got a pretty good desire to come back and build this show we'll do that in the next couple days to build up a shelter and I'll film it thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you on the next one

good bye want to go for a walk

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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