Overnight Alone in the Forest


Part 2 of the Spring Bushcraft Camp Video

I cut up firewood, hike around, cook food, find animal sign and spend a very relaxing night under a tarp.

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Video Transcription


that was a much-needed rest it's almost five o'clock now I don't know what comment was but I think that was a few hours I naps for feel much better I feel very relaxed so what I want to do now is I want to bring this piece of red wine the substantial piece over my camp oh it's pretty rotten but I need something to work on top of I need to buck all those pieces up so I'd like to have a working bench this red Pines been on the ground it's rotted like I'm staying

I want to probably take out on all eight feet of it that way it's stable enough where it's not going to roll around when I'm using it [Applause]

pretty humid out here the nice breeze let's breathe much easier than it was before but it's very humid and this old axe is not as sharp to my newer ones more blunt is the first v4 stacks I bought I think ever 19-inch Wetterling so I was getting the bushcraft 19-inch water links large hunters it's got a large big wedge on it so it's not as flaky and I see some of the graspers or by Sandvik even so she works all the skeeters said enough woodchopping do i do enough wood chopping in my videos i haven't been told that before not at all oh man look at the lighting so the lighting right now a perfect day here you can see what I mean this is a red oak this has got that that white dusty bark but look at the red on the inside look at the contrast blue to the contrary more sorry look at the contrast right look a hug how much decay how much decay is on the outside right about eight of an inch but then once you get to the wood that's when you can really see the grain and tell that it's filled quality if you ever had like oak flooring in your house or whatever that's the same kind of look at houses long that long grain I'm getting absolutely swarmed right now I don't know if it picks it up in the camera there but there is mosquitoes and black flies and black flies are just starting to bite mosquitoes have been biting all day but I'm gonna probably get that fire going have a little smoldering fire inside underneath my tarp shelter there just to keep the bugs down for a while I'm not really hungry that nap and that was good I got gassy from those those for the hoods very gassy

things come to the outskirts of my pine eye red pine dad and I found a white pine is white pine have a little bit thinner twigs either very very dried have tiny needles on the end or tiny pigs on the end so I'm going to gather a bunch of these to bring over for my Kindle a it's all about using the easiest stuff around you I'm not have to walk far for this at all and I don't want to slit down my oath too much to make too many shavings and stuff so just grab a Conaty this will be a few few levels of kindling for me so it's dead oak has another tell and it says bark that just peels off very easily if you look under it's got the dot its bark if you've been watching my channel from the beginning you know has oils and characteristics that birch bark has as well so what I'm going to do is it doesn't come off as easy this is actually very easy to go out this specific one it's not always this easy but I'm going to bring this back over to my my shelter and I'll show you how well it lights has oils in it and it will burn and will ignite my fire this will be my bird spark substitute I still do have birch up there but I thought why not there's all this around kind of something different a little different to show so we'll grab this still use a match it will light off a fire still look I have my match I found my first I pack the label my matches you know you make this

but we didn't see you there trees nice backrest except for the limbs you having me miss fine okay so what I see a lot of times the biggest problem people have and most lighting fires no let's say I'm letting fire with a match here okay no nothing primitive about this but the same same situation same deal applies people you can't even start with something this thing this is pond this is white pine super-lightweight styrofoam II and I would still not some start with something that thick one start with stuff this thick the very tips of the pine twigs or the very tips of the maple or whatever you want to use use the smallest diameter that you can without any if you can't find that then that's when you split down you know you make these tiny little pencil lead shaving a pencil lead and pencil diameter stuff so even though I'm cleaning all those off all these are getting put in a pile I'm still going to use this that's my secondary printer right so easy it's breaking there's nothing to it but I'm going to put that in a pile bigger than the tip so that way I have different levels of kindlin expert level kindling unlocked anyways I'm probably telling you guys things that you already know but maybe this will help

a few you just tiny tiny tiny and then what I am going to do to because I'm leading it with that oak bark a birch bark substitute I am going to go and grab more milkweed stocks to put down actually first before these little twigs just to give it as much chance in the world as it needs to grow obviously I don't want to use more than one match it's not a survival situation or anything like that but it I don't want to sit here with a book of matches trying to get a fire going when it's not even raining that wouldn't look very expert level would it so although making your life easier like those seen earlier that's what this trip to vote and he will go off my last video okay

this win is kickin up - it's coming at me this way which is good because my bed is here my bedroll is here my fire is here just parallel to the park so anyways I've got enough here I'm gonna go out I'm not gonna bring you with me he already know what I'm doing out there government milkweed stalks I shall return alright so I've got the two sticks I got to put on this side so you can see as a brace I'm good my oak bark the half of it blew away in the wind here and I got the wind at my back so the wind actually just kicked up pretty good here gonna try and block it as I'm inviting my ah as I'm letting my fire mosquito is all over again the same thing with this the very fine kindling I'm for a two-top sauce and that's going to go down first we got a piece of gum in my pocket perfect wookies candy see the black smoke so it's got like that really super oil energy flame and the black smoke smoke and it's burning pretty good I just four oak bark it's not any kind of birch or anything like that

as I've said that's a pretty good brown with black smoke off of just a little bit of thin bark something to keep in the back of mine anyway another trick another trick another trick is not leaving your matches right in the fire that's a good one too no look at me boys and girls and we just get progressive progressively bigger crisscross some applesauce some what do you think that's alright a pretty cool little trick it's not as good as birch bark but you saw how oily and how orange the flame was so pro action it's not a go pro drill I like being outside and not having to work on but off you know something fun about it something really fun about it you can see what I mean my bed is here in front and the fire is is completely blowing that way that's how you want your setup it's getting to be that time I have a surprise it's mainly for myself but I'm sure you guys will be interested in it too I got to go out and down to the river to go get it so let's go to the river so what could I possibly be going down to the river to get bonus points if you get it three two one it's beer no beer we're this time I got beer sticks holding her down Oh buddy let's hike back up and I'll talk all about these behead points no no no Elmo's were all right I'm back ah back from the river okay so I have sand in my mouth piece this in focus this is not in focus so better all right

I have two of my favorite beers by two of my favorite breweries in Ontario have sawdust city Twin Pines and that bad boy that's a order is that 28.8% land son got 25 double IPA extra song extra strong beer double IPA she says so out of City is out of grievin Hearst you've tasted our lone pine IPA you've experienced being slapped across the face of the pine bough quote unquote at first it surprised you then it grew on you and before long you couldn't wait for that truck truculent tree trust Yulin TR you see you le NT truculent tree to do it again and now as you stand there and disbelief you see not one but two mighty pine looming before you are you seeing double indeed you are Twin Pines is everything you love about lone pine with double the pleasure huge mountains of hops and balance perfectly mounts perfectly with massive amounts of multi King Twin Pines double IPA one dangerously delicious ale you've been warned twice

she says growing around only good five months okay so second up for your viewing pleasure is octopus wants to fight this is a staple our pet octopus is a bit of a jerk he's that guy who has a couple he's that guy who has a couple that either tells you how much he loves you or threatens to fight you so we brewed this IPA with eight varieties of hops and eight types of we targeted 88 ibu 8.8% to appease him sadly when he found out that we fabricated all of the above and so only made a more volatile we're starting to realize that octopus was a poor choice for a pet it's not 8.8 at six point two right now this batch at least ingredients water malted barley hops yeast doesn't say much more than that serving temp 3 to 5 so I think I'm going to do the Twin Pines first off start off hardcore you know eight point eight as opposed to the six point whatever I just want to get the sand out of my mouthpiece you know really more than anything I saw a comment it says I wondered just how much he gets paid by the liquor company notice he reads every ingredient all about the liquor and the beer before he drinks it I wish bud I wish he think the LCBO just sentim each X here right all right and another thing I wanted to get off my chest you guys see me drinking in almost every video that's like once a week maybe once every two weeks I don't really drink at home too often I have a beer every now and then but I do enjoy a beer while I'm out so for the children out there it's not a cool thing it's not something cool I wouldn't think you're any cooler if you are drinking or if you're not it's just something that I would like to do over here Cheers

by such a good beer old Twin Pines actually went to the brewery to get it in Gravenhurst they don't have them in the liquor store by my house my planes around me here here now I'm over here if you're missing me maybe I should only go up the one beer so far right now to keep the other one cold boot okay I think I got to do supper it's a 6:30 both supper time I burned my other fork or spoon or spatula or whatever I made so it had resin in it anyways I didn't really want to use it too much for eating so here's a piece of maple Hart super hard dense when I do the same thing I'm just going to make like a little straight like a chisel point on the end it works really well for eating I'm going to cut it cut it again with my saw because the end is all very splintered and obviously I don't want that while I'm eating as a utensil I'm telling you I know every told you guys is this we'll saw on the Swiss Army knives I had a farmer and this bushcrafter now a good little saw you're not going to be doing your firewood with it at all but four notches or four like making traps or a bow drill kit or even just little stuff like this little crafty stuff perfect it's not a garbage saw that definitely is not a wire saw work almost through takes a while no joke Oh Oh take my but my meltus all know my multi butter and garlic and add that - oh my jerky all things are looking up boys and girls

no peasant life anymore all right so I got rice jerky butter Gerlich I'm not gonna put my M&M peanuts in my rice not this time

Oh fire is hot laughter not so got that in there I am going to put the rest of my butter in because I don't eat it for anything else now throw my garlic honky in there just like that - I tend to normally put too much water in not really on purpose just pull in a Jo every time like a good trick is if you throw it back on the fire without the lid on the water will evaporate you leave the lid on and the water the steam come hits the lid and drips back in as water right if you leave the the lid off then the water evaporates and gets to be good they say I've always cooked this rice just always too much water and then boiled it out it's always worked fine for me so we do I think what I'll do is throw my jerky inside it once it's done I got them actually move I won't need salt

if the jerky is in it the trick is pretty damn salty in general but I think I'm done my spoon just that chisel and one ends more of a scoopy kind of thing nothing fancy you know not zet over here carving cook Sue's and spoons like a pro what up Zed much love all right let's take this now I'm loving this sheath super simple anyway let's take this rice boiling rice off of here and see what's going on I didn't bring any gloves and the titanium tends to get hot so I normally try to leave the handles hanging off the fire but I think they're going to be pretty hot right now so why I think that means I already burned my hand on it like a pro man think I'm like oh man these bugs getting me they're getting me Bob I think I might cut up my garlic in here now

I just wanted to plop it in at first to get the whole thing full of the garlic flava

oh she's she's a touch toasty but oh my goodness gracious you're a dog or something it's a cow get mom all right cut these off she's soft that's perfect soft garlic garlic yeah that's a dog I hear a dog working out there all right quality spoon it's almost done I think right now I will throw my jerky in as well because it's almost done might be a little weird okay I don't care if you think I'm weird on the best jerky man awesome subscriber sent me some Christopher alright I do have more stuff at home if you guys have sent me something I haven't mentioned it at all I do have it at home I'm going to be doing a video on I just haven't got around to it yet but I do appreciate it and thank you this is done this is done all that water is gone now talk to DOM buds you know what let's go sit on the cliff have a little view for our dinner it sounds like a good idea what a view it's like the bend the Grand River not the Grand River Grand Canyon there's a Grand River though just like the Grand Canyon here same deal scorpions sure this is a nice spot very nice spot thank you to Clark for letting me know about this place for sure bub I know some people are going to comment or wonder about my tarp setup I've had people before everything from thinking that carps are the only way to go now to telling me I'm an idiot for setting my tarp up so high what if it rains the fact that the battery is the tarp is not the be-all end-all shelter I love it I absolutely my favor I love it I love the the ventilation you get the airflow you get through it you're not getting all full condensation my focus that's a little bit better not getting all sorts of condensation in there yeah she echoed you get protection from the rain there's zero protection from bugs it's a little bit more of a pain in the butt to set up and sometimes depending on your set the way you're configuration you need trees that what you saw me doing my last trip with the with the pole with the canoe paddle or you could use a stick that works and you can you you can use a tarp without any trees well you're still kind of limited so to address the rain thing it has to be raining completely sideways for it to go past that you know I mean I have it up so high it's almost flat but it would literally need to be raining sideways I I know it's not going to even if it does sprinkle like it did earlier today it was just like a drizzle not worried about it if it does doesn't take much to just drop down the corners and get more of an a-frame even if it is high up above you it does stop the wind when it's closer to the ground but again I'm not really concerned about it um my wool blanket tonight it's going to be more than sufficient for warmth I don't need to worry about wind and when I did worry about wind on my last trip for example I was taking it down to the ground you saw that so different shelters for different times of the year for different situations for different regions even at a guy flip out on my solo hammock camping in a thunderstorm video call me a retard and and everything because I'm teaching people that it's ok to camp in the thunderstorm with just the tarp what was it going to do what is it going to do in a thunderstorm what is the tent it's just four pieces of four walls of thin thin nylon it doesn't make sense that tarp isn't going to protect you from thunderstorm or lightning but neither is a tent if anything there's no poles there's no metal poles on the cart people are very quick to jump to conclusions and think that they know what's going on maybe they do every region is different I'm really not trying to teach too much at all I'm just trying to show you my experience out here that's what I'm trying to do I'm not an expert in anything I'm just a guy who goes out and camps really it's with easy as you want to put it I have some skills I have some knowledge but man you get that by going out you know what I mean so anyways maybe this double IPA is getting to me but the fact of the matter is the morale the story is not everything is the same things are different things are good sometimes things are good not other times the same thing can be good one time and not another time nothing is just straight across even results may vary my version of bushcraft may differ from your oh and I would laugh my next trip will be with a friend who should I collaborate with next let me know in the comments who should I collaborate with I already know what my next trip is going to be I won't let you in on it just yet but it'll be cool and will be with a guy that you've been asking for for me to do a video with well who should I collaborate with are the big youtubers let me know somebody's with a lot of them all the cool ones

pack that up with me I'll go down the creek

get some water wash this bad boy out again but first mm peanuts desert time I love these things just a handful little handful do you check out my website Joe Robinette comm if you want to scalp patch BAM on the two colors stand in there and really works good tactic as an abrasive imagine using like an SLS pod compared to a dish rag alright so my mommy my mom's always hooking me up with weird stuff pegye sage I swear that's what it is straight sage and she has had a sore throat she said for some time now so virus thing going on and this has been helping her throat oh man that sage and she says she did a bunch of research on it it is not only good for just your throat but good for guts and all that fun stuff so what I'm going to do is make a tea right now out of my hot water that I just cleaned my rice tank with I'm not really sure how much to put in how to I don't have a tee ball or anything like that so I'm just going to grab a nice movie tablespoon ish full a little bit more just drip it right in

and then after when it's done steeping I'll probably just sip it slow to try to keep this stuff out of my mouth but yeah it smells really good I've had some like honey or lemon or so can I think it would go well with it got salt I don't think that'll work though all right I might try something different other than doing what I said just drinking it will fit in with the sage in it I might I am going to not might I'm going to pour it in here

I want to sift it into here and then pour back into my cup oh it's green so I was really good actually so they can use some lemon lemon and honey okay so that's good in there golden goodness I left sage I almost dumped back into my pot okay pretty clean pretty clean do the old switcheroo oh look at me never a dull moment alright pretty clean look Seiji all right this should be pretty good

Wow that's decent guys straight-up smokers come at me a little bit now I like it I like it quite a bit actually thanks mom again thank you hope you guys did something good for your mom's on Mother's Day

oh we had everybody over at a little barbecue spent some mommy time some mommy time can't appreciate the moms enough you know legit real talk okay well this sage tea is very good I suggest you guys try it if you haven't actually really nice make another tea after another cup of rolled sage tea well I think I might go for a little walk before I lose light it's almost sundown I got to see the Sun behind me if you see that we got 1 and 3/4 we got an hour and a half before dark so each hand each four fingers is an hour from the horizon so we've got an hour and three fingers our 45 minutes till it's dark and it probably won't you be dark at that point we'll have residual light but yeah go for a walk maybe down by the river see if any animals are out I've seen beaver sign I've seen beaver - all by it maybe you can go be quiet and see a little bit of sign or see some beaver let's go seeing the sand here dear-dear hoofprint to bunch all around the sand is good for al track track those are raccoon I believe is something else but something close to a raccoon otter beaver or a raccoon I imagine that bug spray off me as much as possible wake myself up a bit you know eight o'clock at night you need to wake up I can taste in my mouth is that sage all I can taste in my mouth is that sage well I'm getting swum down here by mosquitoes

up and where my camp is there's much more breeze and a fire so I think want to go head back up there if you live in the Eastern woodlands I'm sure you've seen it always on young spindly trees this is black not of cherry Apio exploring the mimosa one of the things I remember from college very well they called it blank on a stick we'll call it crap on a stick is what it looks like literally looks like a turd but it is a fungus I've tried to sparked with a fire still before with no luck pretty fibrous inside I thought it would have worked but anyways a Pio spory no mimosa I got more than enough firewood now stacked up I only got it's 8:30 I only have I don't know I don't expect to stand up until past 10:00 I did have that nap today maybe I'll stay up till 11:00 or something but still not even three hours left I can burn two or three pieces of wood at a time and it's more than sufficient nice not having to huddle by the fire trying to stay alive kind of thing just having it for fun instead this is a good trip it's completely different than my last trip but a very good trip I almost needed it to reset all I brought from WAMP was my old Prem lock get out of here

this thing has been with me for so very long it's one of the first like expensive pieces of clothing gear for the outdoors I bought you know it's never fun buying like sleeping pads or clothes or like even a sleeping bag and stuff like that it's just not something cool it's not a night some acts you know what I mean it's not a I bought a woods tool I bought a garment but once you have your tools and once you you're comfortable with your stuff and you don't really searching for like the best nights and all that quote-unquote stuff you really start looking at like how do you make yourself more comfortable out there without carrying heavy bulky stuff right like at all depending obviously on what you're doing but this is my thought process anyways this was my thought process during this whole camping thing so this is a Mountain Equipment co-op off link one it's prim loft it's got like so it's that means it's like synthetic down inside it's like a very thin nylon you can see I've patched it up multiple times it's got burn holes all in it no jokes yeah I brought this on alone with me and I've had this maybe two years before that soldering all good good five years at the very minimum and the things still going strong you know what I mean it packs down to nothing keeps me super warm I put this on it sat by the fire I can't I can't even wear this right now it's too hard and it's inside out just put it on inside out that's really weird what how does that work no I didn't - 20 pairs well yeah I can't even sit here by the fire with it on way too hot and I don't even need to put my sweater on right now

so oh and the best part is this is how I'm going to be using it tonight I didn't know if I would have to wear it or not how depending on cold it got but like most things like this it's not like special towards this or anything they folds up into its own pocket most pieces of like odor down where their coats and stuff that have the chest pocket will do this pack right up into its own chest pocket zip up and then you can use it as a pillow not too shabby that's all I'll be using this time I didn't bring my fancy pillow in my old Joe ro pillow yeah not too much gear on this trip enough though definitely enough in the past and times where the Sun don't have a shine Oh shiver the whole hero night to bagus my girl don't lie to me turn away did you sleep last night alright super bonus points who sings that song filled up a whole SD card a 32 gig who sings that song and what album was it from my girl my girl don't lie to me tell me where did you sleep last night and the puns and opponents with Sun don't ever shine I would shiver a whole lap probably a lot of people's favorite band of the 90s iconic as they come go at to trivia in this video go to trivia feel a little trivia [Music]

do you want to fight me 10:30 now I'm gonna head in soon I just put the last of the wood on the fire there winds kicking up but obviously I'm not cold at all I still haven't had to put on my sweater or my premaloft or anything like that yeah they want to tuck in here pretty soon I'll get with you in the morning I got some oatmeal to cook up before I pack up and get out of here so hope you guys have a good night and I'll see you in the morning good morning birds are singing woodpeckers of pecking mosquitoes are biting what a good night it's this past six now so I slept them pretty good I didn't fall asleep till 11:30 or so 88 a fire going man these mosquitoes are getting bad this morning Hiro the mosquitos died down last night pretty good once we got dark and the fire and the wind and all that stuff the wind kept up pretty good last night too but it never got too cool I to put on my sweater here without it nice sunrise a beauty bust out the old birch bark a so it's a one match I still got a book of matches but we'll try to use one match [Music]

like that would go that's what's on the menu this morning you'll never guess is something completely new meal I think I am going to use my spork so they remembered I had it last night it's an easy this morning probably not going to film too much or stick around too much I do have that big six hour drive to get home emerald is anxious to see me as I am her and my wife so just an overnighter but I was gone for two nights right I had to drive here the day before so has a little bit of time away absence makes the heart grow fonder until five minutes after I'm home and then the family is ready for me to go again and I am ready to go again I said this to my wife last I was a tall man all I wanted to do last time was be home and now I'm home and I got the itch to be gone again and she says I know what you mean it's is what she's like I wanted you to be home five minutes after I wanted to be gone again - she gives it right back to me man which is good that's probably why we've been together for so long but yeah anyways probably eat this oatmeal up and tear down camp can you see the globe lit a little little bump on a full head oh my goodness it's huge oh my gosh in the backpack she's empty now first goes tarp perfect size on the bottom for the turf completely takes up the complete bottom the same task gets smashed in front of it on the bottom Karp leaving that both on the bottom nothing else could fit on the very bottom itself all right then we go off balls coach we go grill inside sleeping pad are sitting pads and that goes in the back sleeve here in the orange should I put that in first put that in there now all right cause this coach to get smash down into their coat and the front fry pan I'll wait to put the fry pin into the top but then we got our all right here in both pieces with him our fishing rod both pieces so this piece at the end the connector sharp I want to put that at the top I don't want that hitting my suiting bag or padding or tarp my real can go in I just slow go my real perfect get that guy off of there real goes in and I am going to put my chest mount in there my smaller GoPro which is my sorry my GoPro session not my smaller GoPro I guess it is the smallest one smaller camera extra lens these are all extra things that I don't really even count all to do with filming my other tripod my fishing stuff on stage and the fry pan goes in top top if it wasn't for this tripod everything will be perfect so I maybe won't have to carry that one the Knox squat they will slide it down the side here there we go X goes in side paracord in there I just got the old wool blanket to put in sixty days up so right before I put my canteen away I'm going to probably go hike down to the water grab something to put this fire out everything go good to go all right guys I hope you enjoyed that video I had a really fun time on this trip a little bit different than my last trip stay tuned there will be more videos coming soon adventurers and whatnot we got a good day thanks for watching I'll see you on the next one

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