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ThruNite TC10. Great Emergency/Vehicle Light.


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Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/thrunite

Amazon Ca: http://dwz.cn/1eGTT0

Amazon UK: http://amazon.co.uk/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1

Amazon DE: http://amazon.de/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1

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Video Transcription

let's take a look at this rechargeable LED flashlight by through negative so this flashlight is really cool i'll be using for about three weeks to a month now I've had it and it stays in my car and that's what this is this is my car flashlight and there's a few reasons why actually my family and I my me my daughter my wife and my dog went camping and I brought just this because his car camping didn't bring headlight or anything so this works really well last a long time and it can charge in your car and I'll show you how so basically this is a rechargeable LED flashlight right and there's this little USB port or is it right there it's hard to get without without it going on a focus but you can see it right there as I lift up so just a rubber gasket there and you close back up well what's cool about that is you can get for your cigarette lighter these little chargers right I'm sure have you everybody seen another three bucks at the gas station no big deal plug that into the cigarette lighter and you have a USB on the other side so this obviously didn't come with the through night but this did this little cord right so you plug your USB or cigarette lighter USB end plug the USB into that and you plug the cord as you would imagine into the flashlight easy people you go to do it the right way I guess easy peasy right so then that can charge your flash like infinite indefinitely as long as you have juice in your battery for your car so that's why I want this not just for camping but for emergencies right so think about it this is never going to need this is never gonna be out of batteries right like as long as you have this charge in your car and juice in your car you're good to go regardless so that's a huge plus in my book the battery is huge I'll tell you the name of the battery in a second I'm not a con percent sure off the top of my head I'm gonna have to research it but that is how it says it right there 18 653 point 6 volts that's a big old battery but the good thing is you don't have to buy them you know what I mean you get one and then you just recharge it so you're good to go I'm going to show you how the flash that works how bright it is all that stuff but first let's just do a few little specifics because I know people I know those so the light is a cree xm-l to its smaller than other LED rechargeables from other companies it comes with temperature control so it doesn't overheat when it charges or when it's using this one's also made from an aircraft aluminum body which so it's durable you see what I did with that other through night headlamp the thing was bomb proof so nice good thing they made this at the same so the cree xm-l to has the lifetime lifetime of 20 years there's five modes on the light the stroke is 900 lumens and it can last for four hours the high is 900 lumens and it can last for 103 minutes medium is 220 lumens in it lasts for six hours low is twelve lumens in the last 100 23 hours Firefly is at point zero one luhan's it lasts for 83 days the maximum beam distance is 292 meters it's waterproof its impact resistant and it weighs 165 grams let's see what this bad boy can do so I'll turn the light off here in a second we'll check out how good she is but just just to to operate it so basically there's a button on the back the back end turns it on and then a small button here lets you cycle through so again on off cycle through or hold so let's check it out alright guys we're going to start off here with Firefly mode as you can see nice and dim I want to cycle through push it once hello twice is medium free is high then you back to Firefly but then you also have strobe which is pretty intense if you like feel like when I'm brave you know Firefly low medium high medium in height between medium and high is not that big of difference let's try again Firefly low medium high you can tell a little bit of a difference but not much and then Party Time party time this one's gonna stay in the car so this is gonna be our emergency or everyday use for the car no matter what here in the evening the daytime you drop a quarter under your seat you know what I mean you're looking for whatever car breaks down you're all good so this is this is a good good pleasure I'm glad to have it I'm keeping this one this one's not going to give away maybe next time but once again this is the through night TC 10 so I hope you learn something hope you enjoyed it and if you are in the market for this check out the link in the description below there's going to be tons of links on coupons where you can get these flashlights and all that fun stuff so take care guys thanks for watching bye

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