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Scout's Birthday Hike/ Testing a new Camera- SJCAM


I was away for Scout's birthday, when I got home, there was a new camera waiting for me, so I took the camera and Scout out for a 3h hike around the city.

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe and Scott here it's Thanksgiving morning Canadian Thanksgiving morning with Scotts birthday two days ago sit it's a nice chilly morning and it's about 9:00 in the morning so before I have to do all my family stuff on Thanksgiving I want to take Scout for a nice three hour walk across the city like we used to do in the spring and falls and winters of other years

summer is too hot he can't handle it all so I got this new camera it's like a GoPro style camera it's called the sjcam 5000 something along those lines sorry about the beagle so I want to take this I'm going to cut my DSLR off here when I go because it's a little bit too big I'm gonna go fast and light just with a small backpack and we'll use this sjcam to see how good it is to see if it's the quality that I can use in my videos or not so it's basically the same deal just got this little block on the top which is kind of hard to get over it off honestly and uh yeah it looks like a GoPro is black no scopez gonna freak out here it's black it has a viewfinder or LCD screen sorry yeah lots of options to like motion tracking time-lapse all that fun stuff but the real test will be if the volume is going to be good enough in this little case with the two slits for volume let's go for a hike will hike up the tallest point in my city and have a good few hours stick along Oh

the scouts nine years old now we turned turn nine two days ago I was gone camping and then yesterday we had to do other Thanksgiving stuff at my mom's house so we got him a good bone yesterday but today I needed to take them for a walk spend some energy I wanted to walk around too because it's nice out so yeah we'll head over to Malden Park

just a little kid just a little kid of hurt you know go to climb a good climbing tree every now and then lots of garbage lots of litter Scout come here buddy scaring all the goofs away but we're scaring all the goofs ease up here we're almost where we want to go Malden Park will be the halfway loop or halfway point of the loop and will come back home a different way I just wanted to take this time to give a shout out to this awesome young lady named Eden and her dad so evenings been watching my videos Ben really wanted to get into camping made a couple videos herself and her dad is going to take her camping really soon in October in the mountains so that's awesome thank you very much dad for supporting Eden's want to go camping and thank you very much even for watching my stuff I really appreciate it you guys are awesome let's go starting to limp a little bit almost at the top well we're at the tallest point in my city if you can see it there there's the Ambassador Bridge over to Detroit and then there's the Detroit skyline Renaissance Center all that stuff this used to be an old dump my city's my County's flat so this old dump was turned into a Nature Park forget hills and trails and whatnot all right guys well I'm going to stop filming now to finish my walk with scope I'm going to get home check out the footage maybe do a little commentary at the end telling you what I think of the footage what I think this camera will be good for wouldn't be good for but I do have to look at the footage first alright folks we saw the footage there already it's too late you saw things there it left a lot to be desired in the audio the the video quality was great I thought I was totally fun was almost all power to GoPro but the audio is garbage and that's because again the back slits are about the casing hole only had two slits and I also saw there was like a little timeline or two date in that in the bottom corner I can get that rid of that I just never did I never never messed up the sentence before but I played with it out there and get rid of that so that's no big deal I think what I'll be using this for this camera for personally is for b-roll for uhm footage on with a voiceover already anyways for time lapse for the motion control that motion control work I set the camera up and walk by and it turned on excuse me turn it off when I was gone the camera Wester you cam came with a lot of gear a lot of accessories and stuff that you can actually fit on the GoPro and go accessories will fit all of us JK and vice-versa so that's a little bit of a bonus I don't I wouldn't recommend this camera for someone even this is going to be the sole camera this is a backup camera this isn't going to be somebody's first camera I'm going to learn and make a youtube channel it and shoot everything on this this isn't a soul camera where you're going to shoot again shoot everything on it this is a backup camera for me virtually or action camera something you're going to put on your dashboard put on your canoe your bike something like that a lot of action shots and narrate over top I think right now it's on for one hundred and sixty bucks Canadian and there's a 10% coupon code that I'm going to put in the description I'll put where I got mine I'll put their coupon code in the description you can get it for 116 dollars it says on here after the coupon so that's that's decent as opposed to my gopro hero4 silver which is at $499 and doesn't come and bear me anything alright so it is what it is it's a decent camera for quality wise and you get a lot of accessories like I said the audio is as you saw so thanks for watching guys I hope these answer some questions about some cheap cameras I know I haven't uploaded a video in a while this one will be the first over a week but stay tuned because in a couple days I have an epic hunting fishing video coming out awesome camp so yeah that'll be up really soon with some familiar faces so thanks for watching guys and I'll see you next one I'll see you on the next one goodbye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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