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In my Backyard. Adventure Sworn Bucksaw. Axe. Fun


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I get this sweet adventuresworn.com buckaw in the mail, while I am home sick..I have to go out and use it!

Tags: AdventureSworn,bucksaw,Belgian Shepherd Malinois (Animal Breed),axe

Video Transcription

got a new toilet and adventure swarm bucks on mail today excuse me I'm a little sick so my voice sounds a little crazy but anyways let's go with chop some wood and cut some wood camera - so there she is adventurous from bucksaw really nice piece of gear I literally just got a five minutes ago I came out and cut up some Sycamore and pine that's all I have back here but let's see quality stuff made walnut handle nice Baco blade the thing is long and it cuts straight that's how you can tell if it gets a good tension or not and all those are cut straight cut up some more and split up some just for fun box older or beta Toba maple if you're Canadian get my wood pile there it's not the hardest of woods but what I have nobody

it's pretty good it's nice and smooth flat it's pretty good that jaw box older always hits this pink color on the inside of it when it's dead I don't know why here it is again queer stick us cute so split this sycamore up first box older


sycamore's dense stuff just farting around today at home I guess I don't hang out here because I'm sick got that in the mail and she's had to come up for five seconds and play her pretty impressed pretty cool there you go sigh hey yeah

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