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Coastal Trekking - 3 Days Backpacking Lake Superior's Rugged Coastal Trail


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Come along as myself and good buddy Doug travel to the shores of the largest lake in the world, Lake Superior.

We spend 3 days backpacking along this grueling coastal trail, all the while, seeing some of the most scenic spots in Ontario.

The banter between us is quite entertaining, I believe you guys will really like this video.

Be sure to check Doug's video of the trip here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-eOXKXJ2GQ1gewivwNxYKQ


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Video Transcription

well hello yet again just getting back from an awesome coastal backpacking experience bunny Doug and I drove far up north and hiked the Lake Superior Coastal Trail that's what this video is all about this is the full trip video but first I want to give a huge shout out to my sponsor audible thank you once again our mode for sponsoring my video I really wanted to download something that got us like hyped up for the hike right so I I download a book called hiking through it's about a gentleman who likes the Appalachian Trail after his wife dies of breast cancer he feels like this calling you know he somebodies wanted to do with his whole life he's never been able to do it or whatever she goes and kind of clean this here is his soul and stuff after it's over 2,000 miles he hikes takes him over four months or something quits his job just really really crazy but very inspiring book and it definitely got us both in the hiking mood you know the guy who actually did the hike and wrote the book his name is Paul Stutzman and it's narrated by a guy named Lake Chamberlain and I already know what I'm going to download from a next book they just released alien covenant you know the movie that just came up they have the full novelization of it on audible and I checked it out it looks really cool from the synopsis finding something that I'm really interested in something that I've downloaded myself to my own phone it's going to keep my attention you know I mean it's not going to be like just scanning that may be good scanning the radio station to find something that's not too staticky another really cool thing about audible is that once you download the books they're yours to keep forever regardless if you continue with the service or not nobody can take that away from you you can do android iphone but you can also do like a tablet or iPad iPod you can get on your computer if you want it's actually run through Amazon so there's no like concern of safety super quick convenient easy if I can or the movie aliens isn't your thing you definitely don't need to download those books right they have everything they have a huge selection everything from comedy mystery sports thriller horror real-life stories I even downloaded stuff for emerald on on a past car trip so they got something for the whole family they're so audible has been nice enough to offer you guys my viewers a free book so you got to do is go to audible.com slash Robinette that's promo code check it out get your free book and let me know what you think about it thank you one one more time audible for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it onto the trip video I hope you guys enjoy it hey guys thanks for tuning in we're here we've arrived at the coastal trail if the coastal trail runs along the shore of Lake Superior yep we're going to be do or have you doing 65 kilometres which oh man which will take us hopefully three nights that's what we've planned for height we do in three nights four days yeah a beautiful day black flies mosquitoes just now not too bad at all looking forward to getting this hike underway we just stopped at a campsite along the first stretch of it where I can sell this we saw this campsite we saw the driftwood bench we thought let's cop a squat and do an intro so I'm going to end this now so that I can throw rocks at Doug stay along with us stay along with us I'm sure you'll enjoy the beds here at Malone come along and the video join us won't you give you up okay [Music]

first tell hard to see in the camera but it just drops off right here not my one hike and pull on the side play the clip is camera in the other hand oh man Oh check out this view we made it to the top of a little lookout very scenic just a bunch of islands there behind me you can see real beauty Doug's pointing so you can see right here you can see to Rachel right here hello click superior is the largest of the Great Lakes and the largest mass not boiling so there are lakes deeper probably not bigger but not bigger okay let's go

and you know you can hold [Applause]

we're just going up to another clearing here pretty sweet lookout and this is even nicer than the other one look at it you can smell me mojo we notice you here let me get up on that blue can you know tasted apples hey while that and this is nuts so we know we're going the right way here we see Doug in his natural habitat Doug opted for hiking boots he's got some vast hiking boots so we'll see everything's fine so far but I normally do like hiking and trail runners a lot because of the lightweightness of it and the cook drying but my feet are still dry all right he's it's honestly doing this on purpose because I'm falling see that there's no need for that what is the purpose of that it's only been a few hours I'm going to focus my am focus wait no no there we go oh now you can do those focus here you go

feel like we're on our way to Mordor might be hard to see but there's an enormous pink Rock under the water pretty cool huh we're up into the forest a little bit now a different big changed then the coast not Boulder hopping but we're getting to see all this really cool moss nice in here very nice lunchtime sea grass ooh Sophie Sophie well well not a frame or frame we are posted up here at a little campsite the lake is right there I'll take you out and show you in a minute I can get some water put in some good distance in time for lunch we need to refuel and keep on the food I can feel myself crashing already so I got for lunch the old wrap like normal about Genoa or Genoa depending I guess salami in there and Colby jack old Colby jack cheese isn't pretty good put some water


needs mustard so this would be an awesome campsite to stay up see behind me for some level ground those been a shortage moment look like but when you come out just opens up completely on this little protected Bay I assume the sunsets here would be phenomenal the water is so clear cold it's like a look at the great lake or something let's make it for lunch dougie I got wrapped in some Maine mangled salami and fancy cheese Muenster I got my little chest mount

on let me put my GoPro on there try make up some miles and it believe it could rain any minute here so yeah everything's packed to in backpack and I'm ready to go just waiting on old man Doug old man Doug did you lose your marbles Doug low-speed marbles it's kind of cool this is our hiking trail nice and bouldery ran it running down the middle pretty nifty another one well the Sun has come out and it sure makes a difference guys the temperature is skyrocketing now just been out on this boulder field or whatever you want to call it rocks for good amount of time now jumping from one to the other all nimbly dimly

for dhikr s just a bit that's the touch gorgeous ah well she'll oh wow I don't know why that's different so the trail keeps switching back and forth from the coast in the forest Pryor said that but now we are back in the forest proper just stop to the water break we're going to try and hike it haul it for about an hour without stopping see where that puts up in two seconds after I just said that we're back out onto the coast it's kind of cool

hunker down in there well it's been an hour we actually did end up stopping one time just to take a drink but then going pretty good since done a little runoff here dunk my little footsies in the water taking a cue from a little dougie feel pretty good we get some clouds there that way and that way pretty much that whole general area over there oh yeah up and dug in the puddle oh man having fun what the heck is this nonsense we just found a little shelter fill the shelter of sorts strange Oh get away from them bush copters enduring bush crash ruining the report it's 5 o'clock now we've been walking since 9:00 in the morning put our 8-hour day in and we're coming out into this nice Kobe deal with actual sand look at this oh my goodness sand look at the yellow water and what is this pollen it's all Paul and all the time a little pollen in the waters off of the pollens miss it does look like chicken noodle mr. noodle or ramen for the lay people well those are coming out we're done for the day it's after 5:00 now almost 5:30 the last time I talked to you we thought we were going to continue on for a little bit we walked up through the cove found a few more sights and said just screw it let's just stay here man walks over 8 hours today so it's a grueling trail I'm beat you think

would be too I want to talk for them but I think so stop and the bugs come out it never rained really bad drizzled a few times today but the temperatures overall it's been perfect can't complain about it at all so ah we're going to get a set up here I think just relax a little bit I might get my tent set up so I can relax inside my tents and I get eaten alive like that little going on with this anyways you can't pull set up and dry out my feet I can't I mean I just keep my feet dry for like three-quarters of the day and there's just a couple stream crossings that I couldn't circumvent and said screw it so no big deal I expected my feet to be what from five minutes in so actually pleasantly surprised

so my Big Agnes tent if you want to see a full gear list of what I brought and why I brought it I'll link a video that I did previously before I came on this trip goes over all my stuff alright so basically I have my Big Agnes like redo oh one I've got my poles and my pegs in here is super easy and quick to set this up I'm going to dry out my feet two feet these

okay brief intermission any bug spray the bugs is getting be in the fly it's super easy to put on just connect with these clips which I really like then you peg it out it's good to go if you guys remember or if you saw my five day solo canoe trip video remember I had that Marmot sleeping bag which was no good turn out to be garbage so this is my replacement this is a phantom SPARC negative two Celsius or 28 Fahrenheit by melting hardware sings tiny guys real small so this is your first time using it starting to get down anywhere near negative two but it's so small you know to me it's the size of a summer bag anyway so and it's red pretty red along with all of my gear for some reason like my least favorite color so knowing that I got my like feet wet at the end of the day here I know I need to dry them out so these are my socks my um these are darn tough socks ankle socks but like you got to get rid of all that dang I'm just going to wring them out hang them up and maybe if we have a fire later on I'm sure we will have a fight earlier on try and drawn by the fire a little bit without burning holes in them you know they were fun we needed excuse me sand like crazy two of my shoes and socks that's you got to be careful with that try and clean it all out because it will start to give you blisters rubbing on on the sand

so though you've had a lot of Twigg stoves in your day what do you think what do you think the bush woody is the best or your favor at least had that so for what seven years whatever using it if I didn't like it okay that's the end of that I said I told the story in those of you go outside go outside that talked about the construction guy I went up to a most sheepishly about his saw he had a worm drive saw with the motor on the back of the big the boy was throwing sows I said I like that saw has a little kid walking up to him he said when I have the blankety-blank thing in my hand didn't like it and I bowed my head walked away and he thought that that was a good role model example to act that way for you so people start to try to ask you things legitimate questions try to help help other people you know you know you should know such a perfect issue so I have almost got a boil as well I'll pass my camera now I have almost got a boil as well I'm going to do as well I'm going to do dehydrated spaghetti tonight no more fades from I am my pasghetti is done looking real good nice and steamy and I'm going to put some cheese in it knowing all too well that it's just going to stick to the sides and can be super hard to clean but we'll need some cheese oh you know well cheese in my life some Colby jack semi soft oh snap melt endure melt in Deraa and she's gone Doug is gonna be documenting this trip as well he has a YouTube channel called Doug outside that's what he was alluding to a couple minutes ago so go check that out too well you know you know shut your mouth 22 how long the boot camp was and how many times we camp today how many one spots how many much for quiet watching oh so in our planning for this trip we decided Doug would bring mini hatchet and I'll bring a saw and then that way they complement each other well use wandered again if I need to use on my pancakes before I get some wood that needs to be split and split with the axe obviously so right now we're just scrounging kind of for for wood there's not much available but that's okay but I have not come here ring oh I will come let's go see you this toilet it seems excited I'm going to do a total guy see ready please what we have oh my goodness how they must have brought this in on the boat what I had to it's not sure what do you think they own donkey attack give it a joke oh my throne fold that ventilation to there you know combustibles that's pretty cool man take a morning deuce in that one it's got a trap door let's open it why did we open it

I'm sending out their dummy this is the well there's a full video on my gear on it's a good size how about an X that's the one man very much one man keep in mind I like I think the side vestibule as opposed to my front vestibule yeah you too it's got just enough room for your backpack but look how much little room there is in here yeah that's too bad that's the same as mine that's it the show all I need my home away from time if you get your a little survivor man Les Stroud and in on Les Stroud does that own the bandana drops the mic and walks away oh we found a frisbee we found a frisbee left-handed now it's the Lake Superior frisbee check this out you can see the streams of rain coming down there there's big ones like walls almost carry blue so I think what we're gonna do now reach me losing light soon it's so nice out here man look at this place

how scenic is this the greatest of the great lakes luck to be all yeah yeah look at this man a really cool spot really cool place I think what we're going to do now is a little fire going you chop it up put it in full Doug sounds like his poo was a great success let me cut up a bunch of firewood

let's get that bad boy Rocking I have made fire barks bark and delight mosquitos later a lot who's interested in the freakin rabbit now Doug go Toulouse thought it was a boss we got some cool colors out here it is like 9:30 believe it or not we still this light out a little bit of Pink's in the sky pretty nice little dougie bending over

too late but that's really nice man really really nice night that flavor looks warm and comforting look at that's all alright guys I think we're heading in it's almost 10 o'clock still some residual light out here which is absolutely crazy but time for bed get up early and hike I can hike in hike four days four days all right guys sweet dreams I'll see you in the morning you know they're not going to bed eh they're watching a video you ruin everything that's true it's very true they're not going to bed maybe they are maybe they're watching at night they're going to pause it a little bit maybe they're used to putting you on a bed time into fall asleep I hear that quite a bit actually yeah for real happens to all of us that was like well good morning that was a great sleep support sup great the product nine hours so get up and make some breakfast break that fast we need no pointy they are well very skinny boy they're skinny boy 6:30 in the morning up up and getting up and drinking coffee for mr. Doug so I'm probably not hitting around here with too long get up and get an early start

i'ma take till five ish again hopefully put some miles down today hitting the swing of things so yeah looking forward today this shit was yesterday it was like a big blur to me it was a it was epic but it was brutal - and getting to the kid when we got to this to this camp I was completely done but yeah I'm feeling very energized raring to go raring goal we're not going to talk to each other after his trip can't imagine life thing Joe yep okay still haven't had to use my power a bottle to fill up water with because we've been so close to the water for the duration of the hike and we'll keep it in there just in case these booties these met booties the neoprene ones serve the purpose the last night I guess I'll just throw them in a side pocket here to write as well that's about it I have my food like I was saying for the day in this small possible pouch and that's going to go on the outside of my pack and the top super easy act to access what's about it I'm not going to wear my hat today ended up taking off halfway through yesterday we're just annoying so we'll see I am going to wear my sunglasses today because it's very bright up supposed to be the sunniest day we have sunglasses are riding with me I think want to put my DSLR on the backpack again today if there's any scenic things I need to take pictures of or get in crisper video I'll use this but I'm just going to wear my chest mount for my GoPro for a while today make up some time and we're off just a little bit before 8 o'clock this morning see how far we get and what the amount of time oh she's bright now this is what the trail has been like for quite some time this morning where we haven't really seen the coast since we left our campsite but it's nice nice in here quick walk in easy walk in making up some time for later on today when I'm sure we're going to be bolder scrambling or dying of exhaustion back onto the boulder fields boys and girls we were talking about how amazing it is that your eyes can just scan these boulders to find the right one to step on as your are constantly moving and you're dug danger Doug I know how well the GoPro is going to pick that up yeah it's just gorgeous clustered crystal-clear water crazy back into the woods lots more wood taking today then yesterday we're 90 percent on the coast yesterday say one more time we've been able to see that island this whole time we're just getting different views of it start looking at the butt end of it down there say it one more time this place is just gorgeous just look you making good time or not cold cold cold

okay look at the Mawson would you just look yeah find Orlando Bloom just hanging out here leg lifting it up we rode a big waterfall as you can see is an orphan Lake River may be at the Orphan Lake Trail what's that pretty nice pretty nice so we're on a bridge right now over this big river this this trail intersects a day use trail that's the only time that it really touches another trail so we're blessed with the awesome bridges going over a substantial River and waterfalls we're nice in here very nice this is what I was talking about we came from that way still a backpacker dude

close to the trail orphan Lake is the hiking trail just walk it all in the beach here and this myth has really come in within the last five minutes it's like shrouding over all the trees very cool there's some of the formations and colorations on these rocks then it goes down into the water itself we're going to look at Lac yeah block yeah as a contrast

that's our another whole other planet mist came in big-time we can see a couple hundred meters very cool place just gorgeous just gorgeous let's just enlarge place we've been climbing for quite some time now thought we've been at the top a couple times but actually just keeps going up up and up and up and up and up and up yeah beauty and up and up and home an well after that long drooling hike up there finally at the top you see that fog way out there

our view is just insane nothing compares to us for sure not around here at least quiet you and I said that you're stopped for a bite of lunch running the coast nice and windy so it's keeping the bugs down we're tucked into a little like rock overhang so there's some shade it's very windy today I mean sorry it's very sunny today well that was a nice much-needed break and lunch we're back on the trail now it is just after 12 noon but you look at this terrain just look at not 100% sure if we're on the trail right now but can't find a trail in the woods so the coast is the safe bet

we'll just link up with it again after oh shoot there's a snake scared the crap out of me why can't I taste you why don't you taste like anything wait a bit of blowdown in this particular section of the trail very windy along the superior coast I wasn't sure you can imagine going back to get his camera I'm gonna try and scare ya all right not much longer dude it hurts refreshing refreshing and painful stop for a quick reset I literally laid down on this rock that's all asleep for a couple minutes I crashed hard I gotta get some food into me some water and cool down a bit we've been rock hopping on not this really but smaller rocks and it should scale and our feet stepping in the water like that for a little while brings the swelling down and cools it down get miss behind me can't see anymore temperatures very very nice can't complain

better than walking on the rocks now we're on a proper sandy beach now killing the time we already crushed our destination for today we're on to the next campsite

oh man we finally made it to our camp for the day well for 10 hours straight today but exhaustion my body feels fine but just just done for the day exhausted so there's some other people camped along the beach too but we made fantastic time today we earlier on in the day we're a boulder hopping and going up we saw up the big crazy hills and mountains and everything which really ate the times have a long time to do but then we got on this long stretch of sand and we actually past where we wanted to camp blue pass where we want to be can or will reconsider camping so when we saw that on the map when we realize real a very happy yeah just like that we got here like five minutes ago it's time to cook up some food it's six thirteen right now I'm starving I'm gonna eat right I've never seen Joe eat so much food in my life today he's been serious I'm being dead serious he ate more food than I did usually I make fun of him for his most most eating habits gonna be a big boy boy it's a big boy now food my food give me my food I want to eat my food right now don't blush buddy that's it swimmin bush buddy just doing race today that's when I stopped getting too much protein so this life is going to go down well bump me help a little bit you know watch more videos

no I hope maybe I'll pass this man hell no I get enough of you in person man so sleeping bag is a little damp from condensation and a whole lot of sweat last night I want to hang it up for a little bit beforehand so it can dry out obviously there's a sign here in front of our camp that just says it's the coastal trail all right I got my stock hanging on it I'm going to hang up this red beast over there will be reaction in Lake Superior there he goes going some firewood trying to see if I can get some driftwood along the beach here because there's mostly as you see just spruce as far as I can see there's some good dry food Here I am yeah thank you can nice and done - this is an old bird so actually I can get the bark off to start it with to the same dead tree now there's a pile of wood it's okay for tonight a lot of driftwood pieces then some crappy stuff from the bush that should be good enough everything is dried out now my Steven Pat my sleeping bag and my tent I'm just going to roll this back and put my stuff in my pack just like that you know keep it nice and closed up no black flies mosquitoes get in don't want that black life in Rio okay here a lude

I love that sound only way like there can't see the other one why

good job Doug there we go we can't believe the weather we've had this whole trip man the phenomenal added the rain pants to my gear here because they called for rain every day yeah sup yeah I didn't bring mine but definitely brought my rain jacket yeah it's been like very comfortable during the day right now it's perfect there's no wind I hide it which is awesome in our only experience could be like horrible some of those does rock through a walk on today stupid treacherous man like if there was some smokes go to my eyes that time all blinky but yeah it could have been very slippery very very rough walking but it wasn't beautiful just beauty this has been the already the most difficult strenuous backpacking trip that I've ever done trail that I've ever done I think here some using usually and Doug's done a little bit more strenuous than I have he's done to killarney the lock wash hula trail a couple times three there you go couple three I've done algonquin Dolly Sods Michigan stuff like that but this is just on a whole other level I would put this at like an advanced level trail for sure but yeah it's it's rewarding as well it's been extremely scenic it's been tough so like at the end of the day we feel like we've done something yeah crazy good trip already and only only the second night so we're still a full day tomorrow night tomorrow and then yeah half the next day or a few hours next day at least so pretty cool pretty smoky very small very smoky

we're just sitting here at the edge of the shore watching the sunset it's quite relaxing so much needed after the eita the day we had we're going to stay here until that thing goes down we're hoping that the sky gets painted red it probably will happen alright guys well we spent a really nice night here at our campsite it's actually what I really wanted all day long just kind of relax sit by the fire club sunset on the beach we end up sitting out there for quite some time very relaxing this is a rewarding kind of feeling a rewarding kind of end to a very grueling day so when we get up early hit the trail and do the same thing again they're going to turn in pretty soon so good night guys Thanks good morning I'm hungry time for breakfast Oh money okay so this morning I'm super hungry and my knees feel like somebody has taken a knife and jabbed them repeatedly like that but I'm going to have this much peanuts and M&Ms left fallen so I think I'm going to put those in my oatmeal this morning I'm going to actually just put my oatmeal in the bag that I have my yeah I know it I'm not mm that's a mm I meant Raven gonna happen huh ah hi you're hot so yeah last night was a great sleep I um I got up a few times to pee as normal and this guy was completely lit up with stars out here like bright bright with stars very cool very scenic very not buggy because it was a nice time actually the bugs having the bat all really some black plays here and there swarm in it I thought for a minute yesterday you're going to get bad but then it's like that no okay okay said I okay so I'm gonna boil this up and eat this up there doesn't that look appetizing Burks with the champions right there mmm right in the ziplock bag works fine the only problem is if you have a spork you my poker my poker a bit but that's right this guy for breakfast today biatch I'm eating oatmeal

so I've already got the fly in there in this stuff sack heinie right it doesn't add much more when I add the actual Tenten super quick and you need a pack as well so that's the tent is match her down your Smasher I like to take the top just tie it around the and there's a little handle on the bottom and then that way it keeps its shape it stays small inside your pack always I don't know man I think the whole thing with it with the pegs or and the holes with two columns or something like that I'm super happy to see that this is my food bag now got one more full day food is probably one of the later things in my pack now I do have a hefty food lunch set lunch bag for today but together that's my food and this will be gone 100% today that will be my food left

so packing becomes a little bit different now whereas this used to be one of the heaviest thing and it had to go in a certain spot like middle close to my back talked a little bit differently today and with my DSLR in my hand my cock is going to be quite light probably 18 ish 18 ish pounds we wearing our neoprene socks at camp for Footwear protection from bugs stay a little bit warm at camp and last night even though I hiked all day in these and they were soaking wet hung them up for a little bit in the Sun and then when we were sitting by the fire I had them in my pockets and the fire and my body heat dried them over like 95% 95% dry which I'm very happy about as well as my shoes shoes in my pockets but they are a little dry as well so feeling pretty good already on the foot front this morning the bugs are coming out in full force oh I'd like to get going pretty soon get a no it's 8:45 so it's not like it's early or anything like that but we don't need to really cruise today like those same just a little point of reference here for us and you guys we drove up highway 17 we got a shuttle which is a truck pickup truck to drive us down

carbon-12 Road so carbon-12 road is here off of highway 17 that is the trans-canada highway all the way down there and we got dropped off really in there or the T is the first day we got from the route 12 to beauty Cove so there today on the first day yesterday and that was eight hours yesterday

we went from Beauty Cove all the way past or from Lagos at side trail that I talked about a little bit bald head blew past our original thought of camping at Robertson Cove absolutely just decimated that pathway we go with us yeah we cruise past Katherine paths and way down to the second campsite here so day two or a ten-hour day we didn't fix day one because this eight hours so I said we're here at the second campsite today I believe we're going to walk down there are some pictographs around here someone either pictographs which will be really cool to get on film we don't have too much of a hectic day today like I said go down camp probably at the last campsite we can find and then the very last day which would be tomorrow morning we only have to go down to the visitors center so that's not a bad day at all and that's what we want because you have a big long drive to get home so right now our second campsite we just got to find the trail again hi Tom yep oh yeah she's tender up their attacks nice and light feels great actually the packs been riding fantastic just up my collarbone here because I'm so skinny kind of digs in but not what you can do about that all right let's go oh you know what can't leave my camera behind well I don't like holding this cameraman do not like it this is beauty back in here man

super machi I like it for a few hours just stopped here behind this rock for some shade I ended up getting a little bit of a sunburn yesterday with my arms I'm going back my neck so make sure I put on sunscreen just now Suns come out and having some water taking a nice snack break you know so all the difference in the world when when you're getting run down you really need to like on these trips like backpacking or a long distance canoeing and stuff when you're getting like when you're bonking or when you're crashing it's always good to stop and eat it makes a world of difference honestly and drink something you feel rejuvenated ready to go again even if that's only for another couple hours each do it again so that was our first real break right now today next break I'm sure will be lunchtime

that's not for some time just just beautiful look at this place man Doug's food bag there but there's a ton of yellow pollen all in the water and all over us

I'm walking by it these are alders look at you can see it good try to talk here trying to film and freaking does drone there's run this sucker over there water at all if you can hear him running a sucker Buddha water pool tea oh that hair I think I need to shave trim it up when I get home what you think buggy we are on this precarious ledge this is a visitor center kind of thing so there are a little pools they used to have a railing here but to the best of my knowledge it got ripped down from the ice and stuff - no there's like just these roped and a little bit of chains of stuff in case you take a tumble and you can't even be up here when it's wavy when it's windy you only be so found our first set of pictographs a mythical creature yeah so think about this the ice and waves and weather ripped down a metal railing and this has been here for how long you don't even painted native crazy to think about he's a hundred years old and the metal metal railing it was on there held up by post like that can't even last just amazing what do you think do you recall yeah it is nice and cool in here oh man sweet literally you have to go through here for our trail Wow midnight this is the trail

these caves nice and cool down in here very cool in every sense of the word Wow

something else me how it's pretty cool want to have lunch in here you want to do much here yeah I think so and all right yes let's climb in here for sure nice and cool oh man what's for lunch today boys and girls hold on something new no flat bread salami figlio looking forward to this

and raw back onto the trail again there's a really scenic part of the trail very pretty we are almost done I believe so I think we're calling it day today take to the car this is nuts back in here Wow this is the trail crazy I think so my camera is not doing too good looky I'm skinny Oh something put your backpack on that one more this is something else ah well we're done going through cracks in rocks I think no we're just taking up a big one oh yeah that view this beauty so that's beauty little toasty a warm little sweaty oh we have been climbing up and up and up this rock for quite some time and look at our reward oh man she opens up Wow or backpacking now boy holy through that view

how's that for you all righty so we just ran into a couple hikers they informed us we're almost done so instead of setting up camp one more night we're just going to book it out of here I don't feel bad about it at all actually I feel pretty accomplished considering what we did in a short amount of time we did like Doug was saying earlier you can hear the highway right there - actually we're almost right at it like Douglas again earlier the first day we thought we were behind right we didn't really know we did the 8 hours and the second day we really booked it like we put the miles in in those 10 hours but we came to that um that beach where we were able to put a few kilometers down we're just a card packs and like walking on a road almost so we really made up time there and then today like it's just flying by so we're going to get out of here today go home to our families who got like a super big long drive anyway so yeah I'll catch back up with you near the end a little final thoughts thing but I think that's it I dougie right sure oh look what we found great success we're done we're at the car that was a grueling last little bit we really put the the models down there great trip great great scenery very rewarding very satisfying very rugged so thank you very much for watching guys thanks dougie for coming with me and had a good time and yeah if you want to do this trip get your butt into gear don't just get off your couch and come over here this is an advanced trail so this is a by far than I think this is a top trail yeah yeah check it out guys awesome thank you very much for watching I'll see you on the next one soon they're easy later

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