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Father Daughter Day In the Woods Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Roasted Marshmallows


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Video Transcription

tight and don't move okay we did it I'm gonna get you right now okay careful for some tree house cookies on him give me a hit give me your hand I do though you climb you fun you got it you got it go ouch

are you okay yeah okay you get across this this log here baby go ahead cross that love there you can do it you go over it or under it took one hey go the best way now I gotta get the camera no we're gonna stay home that's a high he's gone okay okay you lead the way

baby baby come this way your eyes closed right close they're ready open them just what you pick cool yeah

look here's a here's a bench where we can sit down what do you think the work yeah that's cool part of my job well that's why I brought a wool blanket and I brought some sit pads and I brought some hot chocolate and we'll go make a fire and we won't be cool yeah it's called a fire reflector this is nice it's my bushcraft Basecamp say that the veg you say falafel huh epson salts episode table can I collect two sticks for what what a fire yeah okay go ahead sweetie yeah next to the fire pit good idea yup feels nice and dry I guess right it's like too Wow what what is cool what school yeah let's go look at it Wow this tree yeah this is a cool old tree this is an oak last time I was here when I camped out overnight I cut this tree this oak the dead one for firewood right there today yeah well we'll cut it in half so that it fits inside this the fire pit so you know it doesn't we'll cut it in half or we can burn it in half if you won't really want to I can I can rake yeah see you shouldn't do that because it can break up and come up and hit you right hey guys as you've seen I'm out here with my daughter emerald here is your baby alive and you watch a ball go over there we'll throw we'll throw it go get it and we've got marshmallows we had a bunch of stuff we're going to cook up some food get a wool blanket to lay down and here hang out for quite a few hours today

nice throw kid go on over there look at me okay go on loose cannon I'll press the door go go over there go over there run run run run run nope nope look that way watch your footing ready catch good catch man

hop in the fire will cook up some Emmy pick up seven and there and if you get cold you can cuddle up with it cover up with it I mean you can put him back down and you cover her up go to sleep where's your ball go you better look for it okay you ready to help me make firewood yeah stop right here Hart damn love you this here huh yeah here

oh go hard go go harder guys okay so we want to make the fire now right well we don't want to build the fire right on the on the ground so what we want to do is you want to put some sticks in here to cover the ground so maybe can you take some of these short fat sticks and put them in there neatly yeah those ones look perfect

keep going line them in there line them next to each other I've got to boy got one more come here come here why

I'm applying that tight no we can't baby I'll get right back down no we can climb a tree though okay what do you bring out with the four year old to the woods in the fall not too much different than what I would bring normally except for something to occupy her like her doll here a ball oh sorry I don't touch the ball a ball some warm clothes for extra spare clothes I got a lot of good food like an orange some pancake but then there's also not a lot of good food like oh and I also got like a couple granola bars but and then we've got rocket candy I think in the States to calm Smarties and Canada Smarties are like M&Ms Reese's Pieces M&Ms raisins Sour Patch Kids and then to top it all off marshmallows because she really wanted to roast marshmallows

then I got a couple things of water and a daddy drink which I think I'm gonna kind of get to crack in here real soon I got the wool blanket to keep her warm or to keep her comfortable if she wants I got a pot to make the the hot chocolate in fire steel knife all that fun stuff here you won't go climb a tree now okay second three are by you're a very good balance there man other hand you can go oh she's going down telling stuck in the ground stop right there

wait wait wait wait stand up down straight down straight down straight jump to me be on it you know and or no go on you got it hold on retreat you walk across will put here now put your foot here now man is that what you hear when I talk when when the wind comes the trees and food back and forth look even see right there when they do that someone will creep it okay get your boots up with your foots their foots off boots no no I just want your feet off fit the blanket but I said beat and boots at the same time oops and beats beats and boots but this is as far as almost ready so we can start to warm up our pan to make our make our what well it will eventually become but we're gonna eat it first well no I meant we eat the food and then the food becomes the know then it becomes blood per don't drop that fuck don't drop that don't drop that I Bob hey don't drop it Oh

don't shop in boxes don't jump to death tonight and that's sounds like a dancing right look dint it don't drop you been to bed get it dentist don't drop the dentist don't drop the dancer that that's it don't chop that Pam in circle all right what are we doing what is it pancakes right so we need to pour some this into here do that force them into there please no into here sweetheart tell me like that stop perfect I got to add some water but I don't know we got to do it slow okay so you stir as I add water you stir this as I'm adding the water go it's melting yeah it's lard but it's melting yep it's melted oh it turned into that liquid yep pretty cool huh don't give a lot of man yeah we're doing one big pancake we'll share it and then we'll cook another one whoa daddy might have messed it up again I don't know maybe maybe not maybe not maybe not I might be okay here so all depends on the flip oh it's okay it's okay it's okay I can live with that and live with that one now on this one here down there you come both you can um both let's have a look you can just have them both okay well how were those pancakes kiddo dad yeah go ahead round two of the pancakes came out better oh excuse me smaller is the way to go pancake wise Oh use me well hello what do you get stick for fire no for the marshmallow that's what I got right here kid yeah it's long enough to sit here and roast a marshmallow so you need right what else do you need in life what what what can you what we need another steak before you don't know I'll just wait till you're done this is good this is good okay here comes a couple squat okay so don't miss first lemons mine okay oh you want to do it or you want me to do it for you I want to okay yeah yeah like way up there that's gonna do something see right here where it's red hold it right about there try to hold it up though because it's going to fall if I look okay there you go look at marshmallow it looks so yummy crazy yummy I mean that yeah look thank you ah bingo no mean arms let me nom you're good

what do you mean no what's wrong with it yeah

what stuff brown stuff let me see all you dad no it can't be that bad watch your hair

what am i doing right now why do you think I'm doing that make it melt down so that doesn't catch fire and burn the forest down good idea dr. Poole wheel back ok so I think the general consensus is that we both have to poo if she that she doesn't want to do it out here so we're gonna go we're gonna head home but yeah good times man I'm gonna go here for a few hours anyway so I had a fun time what about you yeah she's all about poop with her today so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it these are the kind of videos that I hope you watch with your kids your family and stuff everybody she says oh then proceeds to fall just like your dad you know look at me look at me look at me and then wah wah thanks for watching guys have a great day goodbye can you say goodbye to the camera say goodbye to the people no seriously come on ok bye hey thanks for watching guys guys yeah that's what you get that's what you get folks

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