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Joe and Doug go Camping. Algonquin Backpacking Trip.


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Doug and I hiked 35km in Algonquin Park, we camped for 2 nights, you can see the video on Dougs channel @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoR7VTDRhN0

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's Joe again thanks for clicking on the video so I'm not oh camping right now when you do things a little bit different right now so basically I went camping with my friend Doug you guys have seen him on my channel a few times I've had a lot of requests to do videos with him just because the banter between us is pretty good so he actually started a YouTube channel a while ago he's been in the YouTube game a long time he's had a few different YouTube channels but made one recently and he's gonna stick with it this time he's really trying to make a go of it so in lieu of that and to be honest with you I really didn't feel like filming he's gonna post the video on his channel so we went backpacking in Algonquin Park we did 35 kilometers in like two days so no big deal really it was an okay trip not lots of Sun on the last day we got a lot of Sun but that was the day we were going out so his channel name is Doug and his channel is called Doug outside and he's gonna post the video I won't post this until he's already got his video posted I'm gonna post a link in the description and all that stuff so he'll probably go to a 15 to 20 minute video he'll do a really good job there'll be some good banter between the two of us if if you guys don't know who Doug is if you're new to my channel or if you haven't watched any of the stuff with him he's a good guy really really close friend now we live about two hours apart so it's convenient I just go up to him where he picks me up and then we go from there but a good guy really really skilled in the woods and pretty funny guy boots so so check it out I like I said I'll send I'll put the link in the description and all that stuff I didn't want to give a little bit of a rundown on one of the pieces of gear I use because you guys haven't seen it before so basically at the end of Doug's video we're gonna both go through all the pieces of gear that we use remote the majority of the year that we used and I thought we find there but my backpack like I said I haven't used it before so I'd like to show you a little bit about that I haven't been backpacking since the springtime and then and years past I'd always been using the same backpack which is a Mountain Equipment co-op spirit 40 as a forty liter backpack a good bag but it doesn't have a frame and it was frameless so I had to always use my piece of reflectix in there so that for this trip I wanted to try something a little bit different Doug got a brand new Osprey pack and this was his old pack this is a fall reef in freako 55 so it's five litre so we switched out he used his new pack and then I island some Maxpedition bag and he lent me this so I'm gonna try this up for a little while a couple years or whatever I really liked it the first the first time using it so the big thing about this is it's got a frame it's got an internal frame the bag weighs three pounds so it's not the latest in the world but it's not the heaviest either my other bag will probably weighted one and a half to two pounds no big deal I think Milo Milo dote on this trip was like 25 pounds for two nights so really really not too bad the backpacks got a nice vented back on it really really cool bag I liked it a lot

follow Raven and all that so if you guys want I can actually do a review or an overview on this backpack later on I'm gonna go into too much detail right now but that's the bag I used so please again go over to Doug's channel it's dug outside on YouTube I'll put post a link and watch the video and if you liked it give them a subscription he's trying to make a run at this YouTube thing so I'd really appreciate it thanks a lot guys hope you liked it hope you like Doug's video and I will see you very soon for another video thanks

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