Budget Knives. E2 My EDC Folder.


I show my EDC folding pocket knife, the Ganzo G7392P.

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Video Transcription

hello folks this is the second episode of budget knives this one we're going to be doing a gonzo folder this is the G 7 3 9 2 P folder in orange g10 I've been using this knife as my EDC for about a month now

goat slides on my pocket nicely has an access folder I'm sorry an access lock and folds up nicely back in the pocket doesn't move around and I like the orange color so I was always saying I like the orange scales I don't want to lose anything I do bring this to the woods in my pocket and I carry it every day the orange is not a subdued color it's I'm not trying to be tactical or anything by any means I want to find my knife I want it to be aware that I am wearing a knife as well I'm not trying to conceal this one bit so the gonzo knife is from gearbest from china as an access lock it has some jumping here which in all honesty I never hold mine who know who holds our knife like this what are you gonna do like this I'm making curls and stuff you're holding it here cutting paper open I don't know I I don't really have a use for jumping I know some people like them whatever it's a soft little jumping doesn't cut in your hand at all gives your thumb a place to go if you are using your knife that way for some reason I don't know we've got textured scales textured g10 I thought for a little bit maybe it'll be too much it's not it's pretty comfortable I like it I don't like this super pointy start to the blade it feels like it's going to stab me especially when I want to use my knife up here making curls because I do legitimately hold my knife like that back up at me back up I mean but that's no big deal I try to find a use for it like making some tracker curls or puncturing something but I really haven't found a use for maybe maybe as a can opener if you're in a pinch but I really don't know

I do like the blade shape it lends itself to a lot of uses I actually broke the very tip off but it wasn't in any kind of normal use I was trying to break into my window in my HOH sign it was like a super thick metal and I broke the very very very tip off but it was way it was abuse I shouldn't been doing it and for all the other intensive purposes when I was doing that I should have gouged it up here and stuff and it's totally fine the edge so I'm really actually impressed with that I don't care that the very very very tip broke off at all so you can see now how I'm opening it

it's got these two thumb ramps or whatever you want to call them screws so that you can do it on either side ambidextrous I normally just flick it up like that you can also do the old flick out and then for closing it's super easy this access loft makes it nice and easy I've not had an access lock beef knife before so I don't really know to compare it against higher quality wants but I have heard that these ones are a bit sticky hard to work but in all honesty I'm just using one one thumb to get it and it works fine for me so maybe I'm not spoiled with with a nice knife already that's why I like it but it is totally fine in my opinion to close it I'm just releasing that access lock to flick on my wrist down it's closed it's nice and smooth I don't feel like I'm trying too too hard or anything I have no play back and forth like this and I have no play up and down which is good this is from the same place that you order from gearbest it's the same people that you're getting the cyma knife from the first knife I did on the budget knives video and now I got a lot of comments saying that their knife still hasn't come in it's been two months they ordered that see my knife from gearbest it has a twin and I've also had some complaints about the sheaths not fitting right so keep this in mind I I contacted your best because of this and they wanted to know the feedback on my my viewers who bought the knife and I told them I said a lot of them

sorry about that little phone call I did talk to them and and and told them that there was problems with the cheese and then there was also problems with people getting it in time or having a ridiculous amount of time to wait for their knife so they said the reason that the knives have been taking a long time is because I put up that video and they got sold out right away regardless that is not the consumers fault that is not something the consumer needs to worry about they need to let you know if there's going to be a delay in ordering this knife and I told them that so hopefully that will be changed also the sheath issue

I don't think quality control is there because they're plumbing a moat and mass amounts so it might be something you have to take a gamble on and that said maybe this knife if you get this knife it does have a little bit of play this way or the lock doesn't work as good if it sticks something these are all things that you have to take into consideration before you decide you're going to buy something like this that said I do like this knife I do I wanted a folder that I didn't have to pay a hundred bucks for because I do use this knife inappropriately I I try and pry things that aren't like metal you know what I mean I open packages this knife is not a woods knife for me this knife is more of a everyday carry I'm literally doing everything with this knife I'm beating it up and so I'm cool with it I did pry into my window like I said and I broke the tip off the very very very tip doesn't affect it at all and I was mistreating this knife I should not have been doing it I'm totally cool with it I like this knife and I think it's worth 15 bucks it's on sale until June 30th for $15.99 normally it's 20 199 or something like that 16 bucks 22 bucks for this knife you're laughs and like I said if you break it you got another one whatever something to think about I like this knife yeah if you're looking for it I'll put the link in the description thanks for watching guys I'll see you again soon by

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