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Battle Horse Knives-Woodsman Pro. First Look and a Splitwood Fire.


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Battle Horse Knives Woodsman Pro Bushcraft Survival Camping Knife


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Video Transcription

battle horse knife sent me this knife to test out and do a little bit of a review on its woodsman Pro I got it they asked me what I wanted the specs I got natural canvas micarta no no polish on it so it's a little bit grippy I had its 5/32 so I had him take the grind up a little bit higher than normal and I want to do a split wood fire because that's what I do when I get a knife it's a good test of it see how I like it so this is seasoned maple nice and dry on the inside so I like to quarter the wood up when I'm batoning and I'm splitting down wrist size pieces do it into quarters and then once again I'm not gonna take it easy on this knife by any means but I'm not going to do anything that I wouldn't do normally to my knives just a really real world test for it for me at least obviously you see it's it's a knife it's doing what it's supposed to do see if we get some curls off of it it's cutting through this maple like butter

not too shabby cut those off and I'll collect them put them in my pile try and get a fire going I realistically do split wood this way so I want to see how it works at this one

sometimes when the pieces of wood are too small to boot on or they break out you can do it this way just stab the tip into it and it works good what I do like about this knife is it has a pretty pronounced guard right here that protects your hand from sliding down I'm also putting my thumb on the top but that guard is extremely pronounced more so than what I'm used to in in my knives so it's a little bit of a help there I got a Kydex sheath with it they asked me if I wanted to Kydex or a leather it's actually got both it's got kayaks a and leather on it pretty cool sheath something new something different there's not my normal style knife so look at the size difference right the depth of the wood against the knife goes up a quarter of the way up the blade let's see if we can pounder through safely yep no problem not too bad it's got some heft to it chopping is not a big big deal through a seasoned maple so my tinder is just gonna be in the shavings the wood shavings I made I'm just gonna find like yep appearance by scope she's gonna find a nice set of curls really tight ones that I got and I'm gonna focus on striking the fire steel into those and then adding the rest of the curls after maybe we'll move that so you can see go so the spine is nice and sharp 90-degree spine and then there's your split wood so it did alright for that I did that split with fire in around ten or twenty minutes no big deal like I said it was maple and hey I worked it's a knife to cut it cuts things right so here she is a little bit better close-up picture of her like I said natural micarta not bead blasted left the grip on I wanted this to be like a beater workhorse kind of knife which it is works good see the grind is up really high on the scandi that's because it's a 5/32 and normally like mice Candis 1/8 but this was my option so he bare at battle horse and I said he'd take the edge up higher and it seems to work it slices pretty good I don't see any nicks or dings in it in the blade in the edge and I was pounding it through that maple pretty good so feels all right feels good in the hand it's the the blade the guard stops it there really well and then you have all this room at the back I have small little girlie hands but it's a pretty decent sized handle and if you choke up right at the back the chopping action is pretty good because it's hefty it's got some weight to it no it's a good knife this is definitely not a review or anything this is me just using it for the really the first time to build a fire maybe I'll carve a bow drill set out of it later and make some notches in green wood and stuff and see how it goes but I'm sure it'll I'm sure will work fine it's it's got a nice thin edge so I like it

here's it in its sheath my first impression of the sheath was that it was way too big but when it's on my hip it doesn't really feel too big at all it kind of just rides nice it's got a leather belt belt loop I asked for a fire steel loop in it I don't have a fire still that fits that right now so we're gonna wait and see but it's got this this lock they slide up if I can do it so right there this lock slides up and makes it harder it kind of locks the knife in place if you slide it down comes out easy and I have mosquitos inside my ear hole that's lovely so down slide that thing up and then I can still come out but it's harder so kind of lock today

I kind of like the sheets setup I'm not a Kydex guy I don't have any other Kydex sheath that's why I asked for kayaks on this one works good so I wanted to see how much that I could do to this knife right just in the little time I'm over here so I think this is a good test get a size of wood that big on the knife so two inches across maybe an inch and a half across now let's see if we can stab and split this wood that big apiece with this knife doing this up against a tree because it's steady it's a steady thing I have here there you have it not too shabby

I'm taking that sticks coat okay thanks for that

pretty good all right let's check the edge retention

you know that's pretty damn sharp still yep all right guys I gotta get out of here you can see all those mosquitos on Scout and they're just eating him alive as well as me my first impressions on the knife for that it's good it's a good knife it's solid really have any worries about it so I'm gonna keep using it for a little while I probably make another video on or something like that but this is just me in the woods listening to planes in the background as always thanks for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one take care

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