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Fireside Chat; JoeRobinetBushcraft 2016


I talk about what is coming up in 2016, some camping advice, fire, good times.

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Video Transcription

hey guys this Joe here I'm out camping on a winter night in the middle of nowhere a big long fire in front of me my shelter behind me sitting on an old milk crate that I found I'm feeling real good so I thought it might shoot a little bit of a video again just talking to you guys this doesn't really have anything to do with anything this is just me running my mouth so take it for what it is first off I want to say thank you to all of you my channel has been going really well as of late seems like when I would whenever I put out a good video I'm getting 10,000 views on it no problem so that's really good that was uh taking me a long time we get here and I do appreciate it and I notice the people who are commenting and I notice to people who are liking and subscribing I see the names over and over and over again I try to reply to you guys so much lately I've been having to just hit that like button the thumbs up button or need for a lot of it because it's been overwhelming but i have no no plans to stop communicating with you guys and you can find me Oh for you guys who don't know you can go on Twitter Instagram Facebook I'm on all those Joe Robinette or Joe Robinette bushcraft depending either way you'll find it on Instagram I post a lot of pictures that I take with me DSLR on twitter i'm not that active to be honest with you I most active on Instagram and Facebook I don't have a fan page or anything it's just my fake my normal facebook so your friend request me I just gotta have a lot of friend requests every day so sometimes I have to wait a while to weed through them to make sure which ones are spamming which are if you are my friend on Facebook you will see like sometimes Joe Robinette was tagged in these sunglasses things or whatever just dumb things and that's all people spamming me so I have to go and delete those stuff so anyways I do accept all the friend request I get I just might take me a little bit the stuff isn't hard guys just a little bit of knowledge a little bit of gear go oh how fun you don't have to go on some crazy expedition if you want to go in your local would lie or go in your backyard you know what I mean pach-attack try winter camping there doesn't need to be a fear of the woods or a fear of being alone I would be much more worried in the city about something that I mo here gears and everything either you don't have to have awesome gear to go not at all you can get by with a couple seeking bags put inside each other you don't have to have an expensive sleeping bag at all you'll have to have the latest stuff either lately stuff helps a lot and it's uh you can probably get farther that way if you're just starting out that doesn't need to be your goal you know what I mean you go have fun winter camp summer camp spring fall get outside I got a lot of questions about like how to start up and things like that basically just be safe you know what I mean you've seen the videos that I put out you've seen the videos that other people have put out there are courses you can take neither this is so mainstream camping bushka wild camping so mainstream now that's a good thing we all have to be respectful of the woods we all have to understand that there are rules out here and there is things there are things you need to do to keep safe so right now I'm up an Eastern Ontario I've spent all day here camping tonight I'm by myself feel really blessed to be over here really happy and fortunate that I was able to come take this time way and be out here by myself I needed this supposed to drop the negative eight tonight but we'll see what happens but I'm having a fun time we're cold camping so no hot tent I have a poncho behind me good times got a bivy bag with my sleeping bag in it and let sleeping pad there's any interest in it I'll do a question and answer video so this is your time you can put your questions in this in the comments below this

maybe I'll do in a month or so if I get off you at least a few questions I'll do a question and answer video what kind of like Lily's been do it survival Lily 2016 should be pretty good have a few cool camping trips planned and have about four or five courses with northgate bushcraft to teach if you guys didn't know myself in frazer Clark our partners and a company called northgate bushcraft the bushcraft school based out of North Bay Ontario you can check out northgate bushcraft com to find out details when courses are all that stuff last year I got screwed out of a few trips just because of my gut my stomach so one of them was killarney the lacoste trail the backpacking trail and another one was the lake superior coastal trail I want to try to fix that I want to for sure do the coastal trail I'm not a hundred percent sold on killarney I'd rather do the coastal trail but I can do both oh my well I'm sure there'll be an epic spring canoe trip as well apply four or six guys and then in the fall Kyle and I are going to do a fly-in paddle a canoe trip up way up north we can catch walleye and pike and all sorts of fun stuff so I'm really looking forward to that one I think I think Kyle and I are going to try and squeeze in a tool a backpacking trip an early early spring down south somewhere west virginia or kentucky indiana some somewhere in those around the states we like to go south in early spring like the early april because it's warmer down there less snow and stuff it's wet and cold still but it's okay if you're backpacking you're moving all the time good times alright guys I guess I'm done rambling on like I said nothing in particular just a bunch of little little thoughts I had I appreciate you watching hope you guys have a good night by how I did it it's kind of like an a-frame what they draw it back to it I there's a couple reasons I did this

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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