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Making And Maintaining Campfires Made Simple


This video is designed to help those who are having problems with campfires. It also has a few tips that the more experienced may find helpful as well. Through the years I have come across a lot of people who have a hard time mastering the campfire. Many of those people didn't have the chance to learn those skills when growing up or even as an adult. If you happen to be one of those people, there is no reason why you need to feel ashamed. Fires are really not too difficult to understand but it really helps if you have someone who is willing to teach and give guidance to help you master the art of campfires. If you will allow me, I would love to be that person. This video is an attempt to dispel some of the "mystery" and give a few tips that might just be the key to understanding fires and opening up a whole new area of the outdoor world.

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Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival will teach you about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in a less than ideal "survival" situations as well.

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