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16 Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Lover, Christmas Ideas Camping, Bushcraft


By popular request, Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Lover

Gear List

1 Sleeping Bag REI/MEC

2 Sleeping Pad Thermarest

3 Adventure Sworn- Mora Garberg

4 Saws Bahco Laplander- Silky Gomboy -Agawa Canyon Boreal 21

5 Axes Wetterlings boys axe-Sandvick 19"-Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

6 Cooking Pots Seirra Cup-Zebra Billy Pot 12cm- Heavy Cover Canteen

7 Tarp BushcraftOutfitters 10x10

8 Gloves Hestra Fall Line Gloves-Canadian Surplus Choppers

9 Pants Fjallraven vidda pro-keb

10 Flashlight Fenix-Thrunite-Petzl

11 Possibles pouches The Hidden Woodsmen-Phantomx

12 Watch Casio Pro Trek Tough Solar

13 Twig Stoves Bushbuddy-Firebox

14 Backpack Fjallraven Friluft 55-TheHiddenWoodsmen Dayruck-Camelback MULE-Frost River Cliff Jacobson Pack

15 Boots Baffin

16 Jackets Puffy Coat Mountain Hardware-MEC UPLINK

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Video Transcription

hi Merry Christmas Merry Christmas check out these 16 items you can get for your loved one hello we're really trying hard to do an intro here come along too we're talking about so I got a lot of requests to do your specific video about maybe what you could get your significant other for Christmas or ideas for specific gear related Christmas presents thing is how it's winter it's almost Christmas we're going to focus on winter type gear for winter type activities cold weather tripping tripping okay so yeah a lot of these things I have multiples of and over the course of how long have I been asking for this stuff for Christmas and stuff forever so over the course of my whole life honestly really probably the past 10-15 years I've been just accumulating gear we were broke before you know we didn't have money and it took a long time to accumulate gear through Christmas presents through birthday presents all that stuff and I was getting low end gear at first and working my way towards getting like quality lighter better gear packs down smaller so I'll give you a try my best to give you a few options of each piece of gear that I have an economic version and then more lightweight quality version not that the economic things aren't quality sometimes it's just a lot of the times they're a little more bulky and heavy and when you're doing these distance things that matters alright so let's start what you start with Wow well let's start with sleeping bags be nice and warm so behind me I have one of my oldest sleeping bags I have this when I bought this I bought this from a Melton Equipment co-op okay so if you're in Canada you'll understand what I'm talking about mech but if you're in the States

REI is basically the same thing is my head getting cut off it is REI is basically the same thing and the good thing about those stores is that they have their own brands right where they'll be cheaper for you to buy and they're still relatively good this one is probably a poor example of that whereas I bought this well before we were to sue Singh me and kill winter to summer that's gonna be seven years ago or something like that yeah six years ago

anyways I've had this for a long time this was supposed to be a negative three Celsius sleeping bag and down sleeping bag so I would always recommend getting down and if you can get the treated down the DWR down that's even better there's a few reasons light it's lighter weight a lot of times it's warmer there is a downfall to it if it gets wet it's start having a lot of conversation it starts losing its its warmth and that's not good especially on a multiple day winter trip but it's still very good and the likelihood of you getting it soaked we're beyond where it's going to keep you warm is slim and nil and if you get a sunny day to windy day you can hang this up and it will dry it and with the way that that moisture so this was supposed to be able negative three Celsius bag I got a rebate I got a letter in the mail maybe a year later same brand even the rating was off and it's supposed to be a plus three Celsius pen so I had been using this in the very cold temperatures sleeping and shivering think I'm just a cold sleeper in the world anyway so I've got a rebate for it I ended up keeping it and getting like 40 bucks back water I love the sleeping bag it's my summer bag it packs down extremely small so my point is go to REI go to any see if you're looking for an economical sleeping bag hoping that the rating will be true on the other on the other hand to that I have a mounting hardware which is which is a company that should be known negative 7 and this is also a down dousing bag so you can see how small that packs down to and it's not heavy at all how else you think that weighs so it's about a pound maybe if that yeah gracing bag negative seven Celsius gets me down into pretty much any kind of like fall whether I want it all into winter and here's another really good thing you can do is if you don't want to go and spend the money on a big like negative twenty degree Celsius or negative 40 degrees Celsius

where that will nigga forty associates will meet up negative 40 Fahrenheit it's the same temperature anyways you can use this sleeping bag in conjunction with that sleeping bag he put one inside another so if you don't have the money or the desire to go to spend a bunch of money on a lightweight or even a bulky cold-weather sleeping bag double them up and it works just as fine so that this scene bag that's a big 52 this one completely fine I'm use it in two very cool temperatures works great I'm also using a stuff sack from CEO summit as a lightweight subset and it makes is a compression sack it makes everything just compress so yeah that's a really good thing to have for using bags to some don't some sigmaj don't come with a good one i would suggest going and buying one a very good lightweight one such as see this on it that's why I use mmm-hmm also you can use it like it now obviously if it gets down super cold this isn't going to cut it by itself but it would be good for is using conjunction of gallons of sleeping bag maybe if you put it on top of you you can protect yourself if you're sleeping next to the fire the Emperor's won't hit your student bag but one thing to remember is this will compress you're down in your sleeping bag if you put it on top of you putting this inside a cig bag it will be well I've done it so really really using that the wool blanket conjunction with the Sigma is basically for keeping this marks off of you in my opinion your self is just this one yeah no see all the way all the way okay let's go to sleeping pads I got a therm arrest neo air here and you've seen me use this this isn't this isn't my brand new one this isn't the x-term this is the older one it's crinkly but it's not some kind of insulation in it and it's very durable and I've used this for a long time yeah I bought this at the same time about the first day so this is one good way to go it's nice and wide and it's a rectangle the whole way down you get ones nowadays that taper and are a lot lighter weight and stuff if you saw how small this one was this is about the size of a Nalgene now let me show you the other end of the spectrum this sleeping pad I've had even longer than the last one this is when I first was transitioning from like Canadian Tire Walmart gear to more like sports store there's a sport check even though that's not the third grade is giving place and you can see this is packed out I probably get a little bit smaller but this is nothing compared to the Nalgene size of the rest Neil where this is a thermos of ridge rest or Ridge Runner or something so this works it's a heck of a lot cheaper you can still pack it down and it's still very warm it actually has a rounded end to it a little bit but yeah this did be fine since therm-a-rest Pro Plus I don't that was a Ridge Runner anyways this is an old one and does spas is self inflating you can top it off by blowing into it after but a fraction the price of that one also what would another good one will be is that like egg carton one firm rest makes an egg carton of saw one you can't really pack it down so much but you can strap it to the outside of your backpack and if you're in the width in the which you're using a sled depending on where you are okay so let's get the got the boring stuff out of the way so you know he wants to buy a see compadre I don't want my dream isn't to go to the store buy see I like comfort - it's very very important but something cooler will be like a knife you know like a bushcraft knife or an ax or a saw don't get your significant other tell them tell them the problems you have trying to buy for me I can't buy him anything I never know the right thing to get him and when I get it for him it's always not what it's supposed to be because this stuff is very specific right I can't just say go get me a sleeping bag yeah there's so many different sleeping bags there's so many different purposes and reasons times of year and ratings and weight everything that come into play and I feel like that's the same with all camping gear I feel like it's really really hard to any kind of hobby thing like if I was in the toy car r/c car I said you have to be specific about that's nice every bushcrafter every outdoorsman every survivalist every camper loves a knife I don't care it doesn't matter you do so a couple of good ones that I like a lot I really liked adventure swarm the company this is an adventure swarm Explorer this is one of my oldest knives this is one of the bushcraft USA runs you can see there's some rust on there I just have it cleaned it off in a long time black Asheboro 5/32 thick which is a bit thick for a scandi but look at that sheath to that sheath has been through the wringer man fire steel magic fire steel under everything so that's a custom knife and you're gonna have to either wait to get that or pay a few hundred dollars to get that and maybe not that's not for everybody's cup of tea maybe even for your first kind of knife that's not something you're looking for this is my other suggestion this is a Mora gar bird this is one of the newer Mauro knives they made this is a great

ix guys like probably around probably around $100 which is still a decent price for a Mora but this is so solid 1/8 thick full tang and the tang is exposed at the bottom so you can pound on it not have to be worried but you can actually strike a firesteel on our - like that but yeah very good knife very good design super happy with this one those are the decent sheets - yeah I had three Moore's high - more more - more try flexes and a clipper and I had those for years know that from Ragnar from Ragnar right we've forwards and they come in colors so I don't mind the sheep at all it's actually previously cheap but I'm actually getting a leather sheath made from one tree leather very soon as a canadian maker very cool i got a another nice shoe from the other day and i was very impressed by it okay so anyways yeah it doesn't have to be a moral garber oh you can get any kind of moral you can also go like the the buck route you can go condor has some some decent economic economical knives I really prefer Mora because I used them and I know that they they help hold up exactly and this one's way more durable than the other ones this is the most durable one I've seen yet so other cutting tools we should move on to that saws depending on what the situation is how the camp is where you're going if you try to be discreet tons of variables but I have three separate saws I think would cover all the bases the first one but alright the first one that I would recommend would be that I have had for the longest time - and probably this is the most common one is the bahco laplander you've all seen reiniers use that for years now which is great and it's so it's a decent saw in my opinion the teeth do not have half the cutting power of this silky gone boy so look at the size difference right already you got such a big bigger blade on the silky silky cuts on the pole there are disadvantages of the silky every single silky you're gonna see sorry huh as a broken-off tip or a bent tip okay it's very common because these blades are so thin that it's easy to cut them bind it in the wood and snap it off one of these BAM that's why you're supposed to pull the piece of wood that you're supposed to be cutting is it supposed to be like more than half the thickness or length of the saw blades so when you're cutting you should be able to have enough room where you're not going to bind it and jam and get all those because it will snap but this is the silky gone boy I had a silky pocket boy first which is much smaller than that's probably half the size but again you can see the size difference on these guys look at the teeth okay those are that's the laplander teeth and that's the silky teeth much more aggressive both those saws are great if you want to just do some pruning or some light firewood duty or whatever maybe a little tiny shelter building and stuff like that a little debris type but if you want to any kind of real building or if it's wintertime you need like a lot of firewood or you're using super dense hardwood like oak and stuff like that or are you gonna cut down your Christmas tree this is the Anglican and the boreal 21 you guys that seem to use this a lot I love it because of how easy it is to set up and take down how well it cuts and there's no pieces to lose everything is connected on some bucks on both sides there are different pieces that you can lose which is very easy to but she's solid right they have a few different blades you can get with this a few different colors of the saw and all that stuff I highly recommend this as a buck saw it's it's it's done me very well okay so I have three axes here at three different sizes three different brands the first one I have is one of my older axes this is a 26 inch wetterling's 26 inch axe is called the boys axe that's the size it is this has been modified like crazy not by me by someone else who had before me so very very well used axe very good acts as well you see all the SAP the pine sap on there I was from Bill net shelter at Sean's property what I like about these type axes as Swedish axes is the heads relatively thin and it's sharp this one it does have a little bit thicker of a head on it but she's sharp she sinks into wood really good that's an old wetterling's wetterling's does not make axes like this anymore I don't like wetterling's axes too much anymore the I find the handles very chunky and the heads very thick the second one I have and so yeah so that's the 26 inch axe and then this would be the 19 inch axe and next to it this 19 inch axe is an old Sandvik head that funny Mike fixed up for me the Kydex sheath on it was done by Copperhead outdoors by Ron and this is a good example of not spending a lot of money on an axe that wetterling's axe would have been a couple hundred bucks this head he got at a flea market for very cheap this is a Sandvik like oh saying and he had handled it himself look at the look at the good job he did on that it's a great axe I love is this is a good all-around axe and it does obviously doesn't have to have the Kydex sheath you can have any access for it there's a little leather guard on it which I don't normally use but on this kind of axe I do like it there's a good pack axe I can do a lot of things with this axe is it probably if I had to only take one axe this would be the one because it's small enough to pack around and it's big enough that you can use it with two hands please we got our 26 or 19 and then however big this is 15 inches so this is a grand spores owed or axe so this is a completely different type of AX Rainsford yes the first grants for books over what happened left then no though was the first axe I ever got I got it one one of the gifts I got right yeah right off the hop that was so long ago I'm talking like 15 16 years yeah it was a grants first broke Scandinavian forest axe and that's like the equivalent to this but it grants first which is supposedly like the holy grail of axes I'm actually picking one up tomorrow after I tell you this it I I brought it out we went on a wild camp for like a week long and my buddy in the sweltering heat get eaten by black flies I didn't know anything but what we were doing and I chipped that axe really bad on a piece of gnarled oak number of that it was was like the size of like a like a dying that came out of it and it was just like I was swore I swore off my swore graspers Brooks off and talking garbage like all that stuff I must have just got 11 I don't know what happened but um yeah so that was like the reason I never had in my death row attacks properly throwing it I wasn't throwing it like [Music]

yeah so I swore the boss said I would never get one anyways tomorrow I'm picking one up because I've used a bunch in these past years and I that's not the case they are a great axe I don't know maybe I did hit a rock Colin so cook it raw

anyways this is a completely different acts that you'll see really anywhere it's very small acts it handles more of a hammer type handle where it doesn't have that big swell you can use it two handed but mainly you're gonna use it one-handed it has this metal collar which is kind of cool to keep it protective and then the head is very wedgie but impacts of a walk wallop with old just poked me packs a wallop with all that oh no packs a wallop he says with with that head anyway I like this axe a lot I would use this on a couch trap maybe on a non long-distance backpacking trip we're just heading to the woods you want to make you know like a little lunch or whatever have fun in the woods kind of thing this axe is very discreet sliding your pack good to go I got this at Canadian outdoor equipment that's online okay well moral the story on axes don't have to be expensive you can get a counsel tool ax that's already made up for pretty cheap price or you can make one up yourself by a hand will buy ahead of the flea market or somewhere like that a garage sale and fix it up yourself it's a lot of fun I actually have a video on my channel from years ago that I did that with one a Jersey pattern which is a harder one to do in it it's a lot of fun good project let's go cooking gear cooking implements I have three here this is definitely not gonna cover all your needs for cooking but boiling water being able to boil water in the winter time it melts snow orally cook up soup or stew stuff like that is very important you do need a metal cooking implement so I started off with this this is a Sierra cup all this is is like the Canadian Tire warmer metal cup that nests a Nalgene nest right inside of it the handles actually come off very easily and then you can make a wire bale around the top there's a lip and all you would do is just make a wire bail there and then have hanging over the top actually I have videos of that too back in the day and then I made a lid out of like the apple juice container put a little put some holes in it put a handle on it and then yeah you can either set it right in the coals or hang it and now that did me four years like it's small you know I mean I only really made like a cup of soup and coffee and that and stuff in there but it worked hot chocolate the next up what I've had for a very long time as well is this a zebra Billy can a 12 centimeter one where I got this and like this ooh yeah this is a very old this comes with a lid an inside dish and then a pretty decent sized pot you can cook eggs in the top with water in the bottom you can do tons of stuff you can bacon this is a great piece of kit comes with a decent bail with a little loop on the top so I actually see it's good a lot of guys were modifying these with wire around taking it this off so you can slide it on like a bird beak not you me this is kind of thick but I've never found it necessary I really like this and I have three sizes of this I have a 10 C meter 12 CM air of 14 this is the middle this is the 12 Teddy its steel this is my newest piece of kit that for that style this is my heavy cover canteen set obviously seen use this a bunch of times this is titanium super lightweight super bomb-proof throw this down a hill and it takes the heat very well titanium is used in like engine like plane engines and stuff like you can you can put this right in hot hot hot coals you're not gonna warp it she's good to go yeah heavy cover you can check that out that's online as well I'll have you covered titanium as far as shelter in the wintertime you're either using a tarp you're gonna be using a like a four season tent a hot tents maybe you're building a shelter yourself I like to use if I'm not using my hot tent I really like to use a tarp this is my old bushcraft outfitters ten-by-ten coyote tarp this is a ripstop tarp nylon

and I like it a lot it's not still nylon so it's not the lightest in the world but it's not the heaviest either it's super durable I've patched I ripped it one time and my tent poles broke and push through it and I patched it up and it's been no worse for wear and this has been going strong for years love this tarp just smell it I swear when I put this up in the spring of the some of the bugs just go away because the smoke smell this is yeah again bushcraft Outfitters you can find them on there they still have them they have a bunch of different ones yeah I would recommend a nylon tarp regardless if it's still nylon or rip stop I like it a lot better than any of the poly tarps or anything like that this is a really really good piece of kit I think it I think it makes $60 for this like eight years ago six years ago and it's been going strong tarps are good terms are really good in the winter every season the only reason I I don't use a tarp is if there's books yes yeah charts are useful for sure gloves two pairs of gloves here really this is only what I would do in the winter time I've kind of cut up all the other gloves I ever wore I have a pair of leather gloves are insulated here these are called estra fall line gloves okay and they do me from the fall until the winter and I'll use it in the winter as well but when it's too cold I use my choppers and these are military surplus they're huge they're leather they've got a wool liner so between so between my Hester following gloves and my choppers I have all my bases covered I can touch fire with this I can hike with these I can sit around the camp with these they slide on off super easily the wool on the inside is dense and you can take it out if you need to there's a little snot rag on the back which I know is not a snot rag it's like cleaning your glasses off and stuff but works good you know I got these surplus store for 30 bucks and you were what was researching these the other day because they're almost other on the way oh and I was saying I might need a new pair how much did you find for it they were typically between 150 and 190 American American and some of the places have myself right now 420 do you remember that place so they're expensive I got these on sale at a website called live o ver dot CA and I was really happy to get them for a cheap price partly because my hands are little girl hands I think that's why they had this size left but that's a lot of money for gloves guys it's like a whole lot of money for gloves you can go to the store I'm given a pair of normal leather gloves without any insulation and just use those and then if you're moving around and stuff obviously you're gonna be warmer sitting still 30 blocks we have a surplus store and they sell like high-end styles of these but I've never found a reason to get one these are these are very good yeah I think they're Canadian military if I'm not mistaken pants okay you guys see me wear these four even pants for years no okay they're expensive too don't get me wrong not saying you need to go get these I'm not saying these are any I'm gonna make you a better woodsman or make your time with doors more enjoyable or anything like that but for me they have features on them that I love I always get asked about them so that's why I'm talking about them they're durable as hell yeah use my full Raven veto probe trousers they've got reinforced knees they've got pockets underneath you can slide a pouch or sorry um pad pad up the knees so you can not kill your knees when you're out the bush they've got these closures on the bottom but I really like these elastic closures you can cinch it down and have a tight cuff reinforce but axe loop pocket a bunch of cargo pockets and you can wax them as well I have never asked any of my full Ravens but you can these are more for hiking so these are my bushcraft pants these are like lightweight

no venting no nylon on them at all these are super durable walk through brambles everything with them these are more of my hiking pants that I have the option to vent so all here is a stretchy nylon material a like elastic material sorry and then down here is that g1000 the the normal fall rivet material and then on the sides you do have venting and then down below you have venting you have the same closures on the on the cuff you can see on the butt of these they're all full of balsam fir present again from building that shelter Sean's place that's not coming out but yeah these are what yeah these are what I'll be using for hiking because you convince them and stuff in the winter time all I do is that wear a pair of decent long johns underneath those normally I do wear the calves because I can vent them and I can get overheated wearing the long johns so that's a good winter pant a very good winter pan there are a couple hundred bucks for real fall Raven it's like FJ a ll Ravn and their uh Swedish yeah great pants expensive pants but again I've had them for years and I do love them before that yeah yeah that's one thing with the with the calves is that if you do get ember on you in the in the elastic part it will burn through that for sure and getting embers on you happens when you're outside lighting illumination flashlights so for the longest time I used this Phoenix headlamp I like a headlamp so imagine like this is a great light there's a through night flash that's great let it yeah that's fantastic but I don't want to hold this when all the woods trying to do stuff right like it's you need your hands so I really really really like headlamps I'm never gonna only bring up I might bring this as a backup but I always bring a headlight that's my main the longest time I use this Phoenix it's a good one it's called the HL 50 pops off of here if you want it to use it a couple different ways you can clip it on a backpack all that stuff probably this one is it takes a sea 125 battery which is like 20 bucks for tool and they burn out pretty quick and go you go quick this is my first headlamp my first good one this is a Petzl tikka and you can get these anywhere on the Canadian Tire wall more maybe no Homer I like sports at all that kind of stuff this takes three Triple A batteries which again is it the most convenient it's an okay light doesn't have the brightest functions my favorite flashlight of all time if you're a headlamp of all time has to be this through night t 100 I know sorry t h20 this is not a sponsored video by thrunite i have not done a through night video in years this is the same headlamp this is like the last through night video I did was for this headlamp fantastic headlamp I could not have picked I'm actually going any better has three very bright functions and it runs on one double-a battery and that's my favorite getting three Triple A batteries to put in this Petzl with paying the but employees are expensive one double-a and it lasts a long time all I have to do is I bring one double-a for a backup even if I'm gone for over a week really really like this soda demo so I would highly recommend going for a headlamp the the Petzl tikka PE t ZL Petzl it's totally fine it will work for years Possible's pouches are something I get asked about a lot too and I have two very separate coins here this is a hidden woodsman possibles pouch it's very durable I could throw this down a cliff not worried about it I like to put my camera batteries in here sometimes I put food in here I have a couple of them he's got tabs on the outside got a handle on this side you can hang it because em blows logo there the hidden woodsman fantastic dude fantastic products all made in the States in New England I believe the other end of the spectrum is this one which is a SIL nylon stuff sack which is a great stuff sack as well those folks I've had this longer this is why a guy named Fantomex he makes them in the States as well it's big and what I like about this one is that forms to whatever I put in I feel like I could never put too much stuff in it it always lets me is hungry it swallows up a year whereas this one is kind of more rigid and it's harder to to get lots of things in different applications both great I've tied a little bit of cord on each tab on the outside of this one and yeah I never go without them my headlamp goes in there my knife my sharpener my first-aid kit my compass my butt wipes my extra or backup water filtration lens cleaner all sorts of stuff goes in there all the kind of always bright one regardless of either kind so again Fantomex for SIL nylon and hidden woodsmen for durable like I said before a lot of my camping gear was accumulated for Christmas isn't Bert Christmases isn't birthday and suddenly done so I got a lot of questions while they watch so I got this one right one year mm-hmm so I got me this it's the casio protrek solar yes I'm a Rick protract I look through them I researched it myself and I picked it out all myself it's very true she did good yep I like it it's very tough and it's you know what I've never changed the battery I've never had so I don't think I ever have to have kept it in my drawer for a couple weeks at one time okay just went completely black I brought it outside hit the indigo button and it was all good to go everything's working fine as like a barometer temperature compass on it a thermometer or not torture comes all that stuff really like it casio protract tough solar yeah okay something I didn't really get into until like maybe a couple years ago was Twigg stoves and they can be really helpful and useful on a trip this is all trip dependent in an activity dependent obviously but I do really like this wake so so I have to twig stoves on completely opposite ends of the spectrum for the first one that I just took out it's called the bush buddy and you can see it doesn't fold down or anything this is the only difference it does for packing but the good thing about it is it fits completely in my titanium toks 900 maybe 1100 yeah it is it 1100 fits in there and fits in the stuff sack and it's totally fine Steve's protecting everything it's good this is a firebox stove and you can see it completely does fold down folds down into a nice little package it's heavy this isn't this is a very heavy one I would not bring this on a backpacking trip or a canoe trip and maybe I can't even open it but I would use this on a day hike or in a place where you can't really have open fires so this thing is solid like really really really bomb-proof fold it down there's a grill that goes on top there's a false or there's no bottom so you don't have to get ashes everywhere and you have all these pins which you can arrange in so many different configurations to make yourself a grill or a pot holder or anything like that that's a really really really good piece of kit both of these are completely different though one weighs like 3 pounds this one weighs like an ounce and there's twigs those that that range from super lightweight smaller than this to bigger than this heavier than this and everything in between

that's what stores are cool they're fun to play with they're useful and I think it's a good part of a kit and so we're we're gonna put all the honey that's a question normally you put it in a backpack and it all depends right so what kind of activity you're doing what kind of activity the person you're buying this stuff is for is doing I have a few different backpacks again we can go through kind of what they are and what purpose therefore this is a phone or even free Lu 55 this is a backpacking backpack

I like this backpack is a good overall backpack for all different things but in general this is a lightweight backpacking backpack that you can cover some distance in and and put a lot of things in does have an external frame a little little bit of an external frame has a mesh on the back so you don't get sweaty this is just a type I'm not saying this brand is anything I love this brand far even is awesome but you can go with Osprey you can go with man there's so many different ones I came to think of any of it but that type of backpack Osprey full raven mech for likes a modicum club or re I should have their own brands of these backpacks as well I know that none of them in coop does I have one this type of backpack anyways good backpack for all around but mainly for backpacking again the other end of the spectrum this is more of a bushcraft backpack where it has one big opening it's heavier it's not me too that lightweight stuff oh that's where it went alright anyways you can strap things to the outside of this this is called a hidden woodsman de draak 2.0 drill robinette edition so you've got all sorts of velcro on the other side for patches you've got Molly on the outside for pouches you got an axe sleeve behind your pouch here comes on the back pretty comfortable back but just a basic you know day pack maybe stretch it to an overnighter because there's like some loops on the bottom you can put it back a sleeping bag on or a wool blanket but that's like really really completely opposite from the other backpack I showed so yeah welcome sell Z's again the same guy as this is the possible structure and even smaller still is something like a camel black deepak so see saying you just want to go in the woods and you're just bringing like you know your canteen and maybe your knife or a little axe all that from going here thing of water go all in here and you're super lightweight super convenient even if you're biking around or something I read like this backpack it has a bladder - super comfortable padded on the back there's a little tiny Camelback mule and uoe yep I like this backpack it's very convenient and then even more the most bushcraft D style you can go I think is this France River cliff Jakob suit pack sorry I said that really weird it's a frost River cliff cliff jacobson pack i use this on my trip to a woodland caribou with sean i use this as my secondary pack it did great for me it's wax canvas it's just a really floppy you know i mean really really floppy so i used something for my frame like a pad for a frame in the back of it worked good for me i like it it's like a nostalgic kind of thing it's not very convenient it's not very high-speed low-drag it's the opposite of that but it's nice and a lot of people really like that stuff frost river of cliff jacobson pack and then they do have a bunch of different kinds of facts this is just one of them i think that's about everything oh no two more things boots boots are very important in the winter time so for myself I've used bath ins big baths and pack boots for the longest time these are a newer version of the ones I've been wearing you can see what the downfall would be right it's huge it's cumbersome it's heavy and you'll sweat yeah very true these are furnaces on your feet and for that reason I've continued to use them another downfall about them is that how big the sole is it barely fits into my I really fit into my my snowshoe binding so this year and then this is the this salt the inside of them this is the one I had previous it's like this like reflectix material and they do tend to get really sweaty and they keep if you move around you warm up and you stay warm but when you get to camp at night if you feel even sweating all day you're just sitting around there really bad you get cold and frozen it's not a good call so what I think we want to do this year is buy a pair of Solomon or maybe even BAFF inns if they do have them the hiking winter hiking boot small ankle boot and I'll use a barrier sock with that and I do have booties that down booties oh I'm going to go run the gravel I'll show you so I got these last year at Matt bug Equipment co-op they're down on the bottom have a rubber and impact down to nothing and they weigh very little so when I get to camp in this winter whether it be if I'm cold camping outside under a tarp or if I'm hot tenting with a wood stove I want to be using those boots I was saying the smaller pack hiking boots the warm ones and then changing into these when I get to camp I'll change my saw code I'll change these and I'm gonna try that method this year for the whole winter and see how that goes because I you're like little seams extra feet because I don't want to wear those big furnace things anymore it's just too much just too cumbersome it's hard to walk so I do love them and I think for like a like hunting or ice fishing or like gonna slide your skidoo mr. snow machine I think that'd be good you brought the survival kit with pocket which is oh my goodness I have one anyways no it's just garbage years ago learned all sorts of stuff okay last thing last thing is a jacket or coat about two different options up down here I like it down so I'll wear i'll bring on which a camp I'll bring like a sweater like this and then a wool shirt like my full reven Granick shirt which is like a button-up wool shirt but then I'll bring also down I call it my puffy coat of Sherlock people call it puffy coat this is a mountain hardwear Down Vest

that I'll use sometimes obviously it's not a full down coat this is like 700 fill I think this is all the I remember Mountain Hardwear puffy coat and then this one I've had forever you guys seem to use this a lot of times is my uplink from Matthews is actually the uplink to this one has the hood on it and this is synthetic this isn't down this is like a synthetic down material installation it is my circle the works Christ still have the first one where a great great piece of kit so even if and they pack down that's the thing you can use it as a pillow it packs down into its own pocket which a lot of them do and even if you don't do it like that if you don't transport it like that this fills the crevices and the cracks in your backpack very nicely and it's always worth bringing it really doesn't pick up room or space and it can save your life literally it's a very good piece of good to have it was a lot thank you covered most sure people will point out things that I have a code but that's okay okay well I hope this gave you guys some ideas of what to get yourself your spouse your significant other your friend if they're into camping or cold weather being outside well upload the video and I'll be good but yeah let me know if there's any questions let me know if you enjoyed this video if you like this type of video if it was informative for you I have a lot of people asking for it so I figured let's do it it's a crappy day outside super windy I wouldn't be able to get anything past this microphone anyway so thanks for helping me honey we'll see you guys on the next one see you guys the next one

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