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Left Alone to Survive on an Island in the NorthWest Territories (Remote Canada)


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Join me on an amazing campout in the most remote, northern location I've ever shot a video at.

I get dropped off alone by a fishing boat, on a remote northern Island in the Northwest Territories in remote Canada, left by myself to last the day and night.

I go on a huge hike to find a suitable spot to fish, I pull out about 7 or 8 small lake trout, I keep one for an epic catch and cook.

I sit by the campfire, and relax at night.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing Joe here I'm up north far north and the northwest territories of staying here for a few days kitchen lots of late road fly fishing for grayling really really fun time today I'm gonna get dropped off on an island almost barren lands sparse trees the middle of nowhere far on the other side of this link I'm just waiting for my guide Cory T get down here is gonna take me on the boat I got a backpack a little bit of food imma be fishing for my supper we set up a tent hanging out exploring the island and climbing up coming up on the hills trying to get the Sun set should be a good time to be a to be an awesome video let's stick along stay around stay tuned stick with me there he is hey guys how you doing Joe here ladies are clicking on the video about to jump into the video I went up to the Northwest Territories camp doe did some awesome catch and cook and some really really rugged terrain I'm sure you guys will enjoy the video before I do that when I give a huge shout out to my sponsor for this video Squarespace whether you need a website domain name or online store make it with Squarespace a lot of you guys know I had a website for the longest time things went south I haven't had one in a long time I'm not a very tech savvy person I don't really know what's going on online so Squarespace is making it easy for me to make a website so what helps me on a lot is Squarespace is offering designer templates look really really nice other templates make creating powerful online identity easier the templates are a starting place for a wide range of projects like this is my main gig right my livelihood my youtube selling merchandise is if that is my main livelihood but it's even good for things like on the side that keep you working 9 to 5 it's made like for example crochet crochet things or anything like that for your side gig you know it works for that too don't tell the wife was throwing the handle around so for 2018 Squarespace drop 8 new templates they've got Stella pursuit impact blend Pedro Royce and vow all-in-one platform life here template right now is maple and I think that's what I'm gonna be going with the best thing is there's no nothing to install patch upgrade ever with Squarespace they've got a warrant winning 24 hour of customer service as well which is a huge help for me so you can now even transfer in third-party domains like something you had before it would go down or whatever like that you know transfer anything easily and I'm gonna be using an online store I'm gonna sell my patches my stickers some other stuff like that down the line Squarespace makes it easy to manage your online orders your products your inventory all that very easily alright guys go to Squarespace calm for your free trial and then when you're ready to launch go to squarespace.com slash Jill Robinette for 10% off your first website or domain that's squarespace.com slash Joel Robinette thank you very much Squarespace for sponsoring this video thank you guys for listening to the plug here's my video yep yep Telep it was the first thing attack buddy

going way over there past that land it's so big it's very



yeah no I'm great [Applause]


well there goes my ride this place is wild

it's just stunted black spruce maybe some older every now and then just rock lots of rock all right it's pretty sunny if they want to try and get into some of these trees back in here and set up there I might even just hike around a little bit leave my stuff here first and see what I see I'll bring it with me there's a go fishing rod and the net so be able to cast from shore I don't what to do or anything here obviously so I'm stuck I'm stuck on the land but that's okay it's a little bit different and this land is just wild just wild cautious there's black bear that are not used to people here which is okay I'd rather them not be used to people than habituated like you know parking oh there's yarrow mmm love that smell

looks like there's raspberries too anyways but there's also musk ox again if you don't know what a musk ox is Google that Google that thing check it out is it as wild and there's herds of them here right they're hurting animal so just be a little cautious anyway oh okay this man it's just wild hiked a little bit it's still kind of seen my backpack down there by the water and I'm nowhere near the top of this thing but I'm not trying to go to the top to camp either there's a big old pile of poop I don't know what it is might be caribou might be musk ox there are caribou here I found some wildlife I'm gonna shoot for that patch of woods right there it's nice and close to the lake I won't have to walk far for food have any sort of a water fire anything like that I'm huffing and puffing good load of shape and this is a heavy backpack okay so is that onion I think I found wild onion I was told it's around here let's check it out hundred percent 100% onions in this little can you guys see what it's growing yet this is crazy it's growing in like six inches of moss surrounded by rock everywhere wild onion Northwest Territories that's awesome you can bet your butt I am gonna put some of that with my freshly caught fish for supper tonight

yeah I'm hopeful I'm hopeful I'm gonna get a fish for dinner I mean I've been slain finish the past two days it's a beauty day two let's get set up let's go check in here we'll leave my gear all right there for now still not over my cold guys this is absolutely crazy


again it's a it's pretty crowded in there pretty tight quarters there's a birch that's useful okay well I'm just gonna have to keep looking okay a little spot where I can set up I'm just gonna have to keep looking for you gotta be there's got to be a spot where I can set up you gotta be alright so there's my gear down there I was looking all in there in that part of the woods but I think I found it it'll be really careful this Black Rock is the slickest stuff in the world slicker than snot as Doug would say look at this so I got to really be careful if I do camp back in here and when I'm coming out I gotta stay over there because it's it's not going to dry out and I think I found a good spot in here so it's pretty open it's nice and soft the moss is super soft it's wet though but whatever I just have to deal with it but it's not bad it's very protected I've got trees all around me so I think this is gonna be home guys

let's see shabby there we go so got my grants firs outdoor axe with me I've also got a little saw but right now I just need to do a little bit of cleanup for the campsite oh yeah so I'll be able to use this stuff everything so it's crazy the rest about the rest of Ontario so I've got my little grants furs Brooks outdoor acts I also have a little silky saw I'm gonna use to clean up the camp try make make a little bit more room so my tent doesn't it poked all these things everything is really wet which is crazy the rest of Canada's burning but up here there's no fire ban or anything it's completely soaked and all honestly the inside is pretty dry how those look like you can see when you can bend it you know me not it's totally breaking it's more bending it's a good thing but there's no shortage of firewood it's not like people come and camp here or anything this is completely Crown land tons of tons of land tons of wood tons of resources

Oh that'll dead one her life tree growing out of it I didn't know crazy okay we're getting there I'm getting a little overheated I need to go get some water Andy stay hydrated better look at this place guys this is so wild just rugged almost expect to see like a billy goat up there my water is crystal clear man so I'm told you can just drink the water here but a long flight home you know that's not risk more flights total to ten hours travel the first travel day I got me to Yellowknife and I stayed in Yellowknife for two nights and then I took the charter plane from these guys here and that took about an hour or so so on the way home I have to do all four flights in one day it's a brand new one so the flow is really good we're just gonna fill up a bottle with that and then have that full as well this is a leader leader bag before I've only had half a liter so

watch the flow on this thing it's not bad I know it doesn't stay like that not at all but it lasts a while and then even when it's a little bit clogged these are all my own opinions not endorsed but look at that not too shabby crystal clear water dehydrated my friends as you can see I've got my tent set up got my student bag in there icing pad mosquitoes are starting to come out I think I'm gonna spray down a little bit I have a hammock I'm gonna hang my hammock up back in here too I think I got a spot from that tree what right behind my tent so that's not so bad moving on up in the world I'm carrying on my person at all times out here a spot device I've got my adventurer sworn moat near and fire steel attached to it I've also got a GPS if I need it I don't think I'll need it out here though it's pretty open I can see from forever so I'm trying to be safe and not to over paranoid or anything at the same time so let's hang this hammock up actually I see a really nice piece of dead firewood there almost seasoned let's grab that hang this up there we go I have to keep some firewood man damn son the old trusty hammock ahead forever you might have to retie this after you'll see a little distance okay that's fine I've got plenty of room might be too saggy okay oh she's sagging I'm gonna have to retie oh yeah big-time okay it's a little droopy she's a little droopy that's alright though oh yeah just fine okay so I don't want to just lay here though there's fish to be caught you know I'm at the Great Slave Lake there is fish here so I'm probably going to head down to the shore and walk along the shoreline cast a few what seems like I want to do right now it's 11:30

no it's 1:30 yeah 11:30 have two hours ahead because there's two hour time difference crazy you know crazy how that works

man what does my voice sound weird I could hear it weird it sounds weird to me throw me off okay fish this time I came down here to fish I just sat down for a minute just to just take it all in and it's been very relaxed time it's in here for a few minutes I've been here for a few days and I can't I haven't had time to just kind of take it all in we've been fishing fish and fish and fish and catching fish but talking and beating the boat moving around not really having quiet time out here every night when I got back to my cabin I just passed out of the keenan vlog was so tired I thought yeah I thought when I was in woodland caribou I was like this is some rugged land or whatever this is that was nothing rugged wild well I've been casting from here and as you can see it's pretty shallow for a bit than a drop so and I can get the lure out pretty far but I really need to walk down and cover a bunch of shoreline and go possibly even to that point you can't see there's a point right there right there that point right there that I'm sure I can catch fish off of so that's a hike that's a that's a hike for sure but I think I'm gonna bring my my GoPro I have to bring little fishing or at the tackle near the net super bright orange leaking so stark against the rocks I got to get over there I'm gonna bei right now man I went to the dentist couple weeks before I I left for this trip cuz I thought had a wisdom tooth coming in which is crazy Oh slick very slick the rocks are very slick

anyways turns out it was a piece of bone tell me one of my gum in the back there I don't have a wisdom tooth in I don't they're all gone but yeah anyways he removed it and he said I might have a couple more fragments coming through I literally just pulled one out of my gum it hurts it's all swollen lady so yeah that's fun these rocks look at the ground

so right we're right at the tree line here any farther north this starts going into the barren lands trees are stunted even more and then soon after that they're not even there's not even trees anymore

right on the line right now just a wild man I never thought I'd be anywhere like this okay it looks like I have to hike up or hug the shore it's a bit overgrown here I can hug the shore kind of or I have to go up and around let's go up let's go up to the top here man it's wild up here it's even more rocky less trees up here holy look at that view oh good a view bye it's pretty awesome hey I decided to leave all the fishing gear back except for the rod it was too much to carry call me I can see some muskox up here like you go to sleep a happy boy tonight keep our fingers yeah fingers crossed our eyes open and our feet on the ground stick on the ice check it out I found some raspberries who'd have known mmm yep

whereas berrylicious I can't believe they're all here ma'am bless me no bears in the area you think that the Bears would be all over this and the rabbits too I saw a bunch of snowshoe hare bunch of Sochi hair over at the lodge you hear they're really tasty alright move on I do back down now through the trees to get to the shore it's not as easily traveling here as I thought it would've been there's definitely no thick forest or anything but stuff


well this is nice over here wow this is a beauty spot oh man are you here for a camp spot this is that's like ideal it's flat man man makes me want to move my camp here I'm probably not gonna do that this is nice there's a very nice book probably not going to move though I'm already all set up yeah man it's a super nice

more mature forest here bigger trees a little bit more sparse open not too shabby

lots more life in here okay here we go make your way out to the lake

this isn't ice there's a little rock beach over here oh yeah there's a fire pit and stuff people have been here over before this is a nice little beach Wow fire pit

I'm sure I'm sure they stop here for their Shore lunches sometimes beaches are hard to come by here how imagine well I gotta grab emerald a little pebble pretty little rock pink white and orange it's a pretty little rock let me go grab a couple more here literally stuck between a rock and a hard place the point is far out that way it's tough to climb all the way up and get over there but I just clamored through all those alders on the side of the lake and then it came to this so I think I have to try to scramble up into there to get up onto there talk to the point and I have a big old fishing pole in my hand it's hard going I got Soaker one Soaker all right here we go

oh man

it goes forever it goes forever I'm gonna get up there yes this is becoming difficult oh okay I want to try to get up here looks like it might be a sort of a little game trail anyway something wet just dripped down my back and I have no idea what it is all right okay whew that was the ridge that I was trying to get up see it goes right up to the lake oh I just saw a fish jump perfect well spend a little bit of time there took a few casts no dice no bites some continuing on my long trek to the point oh I got to go up into the woods or sure yeah

so again there's a big old cliff I'm not gonna be a little skirt over there I'm almost there it's getting difficult for sure all right I'll meet you at the point

I can hope you hope you can see the depth

I just scaled up this cliff Oh with a GoPro there's a squirrel for that tree the GoPro with the GoPro and a camera in my hand I still have a bunch to go by I literally climbed up that cliff Oh for like on all fours oh man I'm getting there feel like I'm on the top of the world right now okay that's more like whew oh man my camp is like past all those trees in that little tree tree part by the rock you know those trees over there near the rocks that's for my camp is got one tree near that one rock I think there's a sheer cliff down to the water right in front of me here so check it out Trebek here oh yeah but oh yeah oh man rugged country did I say that before all right our fishing point is up there you have arrived

yellow lichen super old very simple fire pit and the point the point where I'm hoping to catch fishies you have to forgive me for not filming it but I got a little baby lake trout that's pretty cool well that was exciting it fought a lot harder looked okay I wanna keep fishing

oh yeah baby we're hitting hard man another small one I think

just another little baby that might be all that's in here but in this just this little bay part that's okay though I can tell it's a lake trout by a lot of different features but especially this little back fin we're gonna put this guy back keep keep pushing it's literally cast after cast I'm getting in these little ones they must be schooling up these little guys oh wait five cats of three three fish and even though those are such small fish for lake trout those are decent brook trout size or a decent bass size back home

I'm more than happy to just catch these all day long you know honest with you back at it okay this is oh this is bigger than the other ones I've been catching I think this is a decent size for me to eat for myself tonight that's more than enough so with this guy on hooked do the deed and put them in the water until I'm going fishing Beauty fish well this is my seventh fish they're all about this size so I think I'm done fishing now I'm gonna let this guy go right here yeah I think I'm gonna start making my long arduous trek back over there I've been ill since I left it's been a couple hours getting here and fishing so yeah time to head back I got my one fishy like I did the deed and then I let him out stuck him in this cold well here was a little fish we're no beer we were here so he's a decent size for me to eat for sure so obviously it's difficult to retrace your steps in the woods especially somewhere you'd never been so I've come to a cliff and I have to get down it's not that big I can definitely scoop my butt down there but I want to have to throw the fight the fishing pole and the fish down there in front of me oh here it goes there's the fish I don't want to throw the poll there we go I can grab that from down there probably alright here we go oh it's so wet

it's so very wet and mossy oh that's deep moss not could be not to be confused with peat moss Oh chief Moss alright you alright fish you good he survived the fall all right now I'm gonna spot where I was not at before I had to go that away all right made it back family my tent and everything the camp and beat guys took a lot out of me so I'm gonna go put this guy in the water make a little fish weird for him go lay in the hammock for a bit until it's time to cook supper I am in need of a rest in need of a drink of water and in need of blowing my nose my nose is running off of my face this is almost already just put a couple of big rocks around the top of that okay so I'm laying in my hammock and I see a golden eagle flying above head and I watch them and he lands on a spruce tree right near me here and I'm thinking oh that's super cool then he starts talking his head look at him out there he goes there goes I hope you guys saw it Oh what were the whole slippery rock thing I was saying oh my gosh anyways I thought it was super cool it's good luck if they fly above you and everything he perched there but just watch him then I then he starts talking his head left and right and I realized he's looking at my freaking fish did I did I put in the water putting the little beer we're so I had to come over here and scare him off I wanted to get closer before he took off but I also wanted him to leave damn okay I gotta pay attention to him doing if he comes back I'll try and get a better shot of him but I don't want him around I don't want him trying to pick perfectly my fish cuz he'll grab that thing go hopefully know that he knows it's mine what Vito's I'm here now okay that was that was a sketchy slipping on that that stuff I could have fell on her there broke my camera my other camera if this looks different or sounds different my other camera got went for a swim my main camera my Canon a DD go for a swim so I'm using Cory the guides Canon 70d no microphone because my microphone was obviously on the camera when it went into the water I don't want to hear any oh you pulled the draw away to go I'll let you know that I've had a Nikon the Canon for a better part of my youtube career never wants to ruin to either camera so this is just an accident kind of happened okay I'm laying back down my hem oh it's very sunny it's pretty pretty sunny day just had a nice relaxing hang in the hammock it's time to cut some firewood and make up a fire kit

by I'm not gonna have a fire back in here but I'll have one over on the rock it just it's unnecessary to have it in the plant material so yeah I'll just cut up my firewood bring it out there and build a rock fire pit I have a little sit pad to sit on what there too the sun's getting to me I hung up a little tarp on the side of the hammock to to keep the give a little bit of shade with I don't feel good man I'm sick again Keith this needs to end the sickness needs to go away it's been a long time



can you see how twisted it is if you can see it from there the grain is just super twisted



all right I think I found a good spot to have a fire brought all my firewood over here got my fuel all my kindling I figured if I sit on this locker rock Lockridge sit on this locker edge right here got the fire in front here just to kind of set the frying pan on then I got some potatoes so pick some wild onions I'll fry up that fish be a good supper so that'll do just plenty for a fire pit I don't want to have a big fire it's really hot out so when I'm cooking another lure I'll be sitting next to a hot fire so there's a small let's go get some birch bark I thought I've seen some this little patch of woods here all right I got a little bit of fine stuff and so we take poor stuff to it'll go well together first part Petula popper rifra paperwork TV all right I rearranged the pen as you can see I'm just gonna have the wind coming right in because so much gotta block it won't be able to film anyway the sons on the outside so this is sighs the fire pit once it starts going [Applause]

wind is picking up I've got everything getting ready over there for supper wanna grab a couple of these onions right out of the moss it's crazy see they look like leeks almost there definitely onions I only had about three usable onions is there a lot a lot of little woody that's all right that will work slava

Lord well my card is full on the DSLR that sucks switched out cameras all out of sorts everything's a little crazy and I'm all all full on that DSLR card which sucks but I'll finish filming with this GoPro I hope I have enough left on this anyways what I'm doing right now melting the lard and the onions in there all at once I'm going to batter my fish okay now that's just flour and sizzling looks a good time to drop these bad boys in

put some potatoes in Cheers oh yeah rody nice oh that's super good there's no spices or anything on it just flour those potatoes these potatoes are nice and crispy from the lard fishies nice and done nice and done I'm gonna stay here to eat this I need to conserve battery on my GoPro that's all I have left

I don't know although two sorts get back with you after well that worked out perfectly old Cory came to check on me what a nice guy and I told him my predicament with the SD card and he says Joe there's an SD card in the camera bag I couldn't find it all there was a secret slot a secret pouch where it was anyways so now I have like 13 or 14 gigs on this memory card which isn't a lot but it's definitely enough to get me through tonight and tomorrow morning so I don't have to continue filming with a GoPro go rub my noses oh my goodness anyways now it is 7:30 it looks for chapters as fires going good my belly's full brought me an orange who brought me an orange as well that was nice of him well

what to do I asked him about the time of the what time he gets dark and everything he says it'll be dark around midnight it probably gets dark around 11:00 and be pitch-black around midnight so I still got 1 2 full hours of about 9:30 before the Sun starts to go down or goes down behind the horizon and the residual ladies till then I don't think I can stay up till midnight if I can I'm gonna try to get a shot of the Northern Lights

he says they usually start in a few days and then every night that it's dark oh you can see them so we'll see maybe if I get up in half the pee in the middle night and they're going on I'll definitely grab the camera but we've got a lot of seagull friends see the seagulls there's mosquitoes back in the bush where my hammock is I can lay back there but only for a while will let this die down a bit go ahead in there lay down for a little bit and keep switching to no and I think I have enough firewood all around here I'd really have to do anything you pick it up and bring over here maybe saw it a bit let's go over there there's a nice Hill over there Rocky Hill right there let's go over there I'm telling you these went when the rocks are black they're this slipper is things on earth

there we go there we go we're getting there just boulders ankle breakers olders soakers better be worse at all oh my goodness this is cool Oh beauty this is this lake is enormous go hike it up this hill and I come up and I see this bright green thing it's a caterpillar or larva obviously a larva of something and a wasp was attached to it and it flew away as I as I walked up I'm wondering if it's one of those parasitic wasp things would lay eggs inside of it I could have just been eating it or sucking the juices out I [Applause]

was just heading up to the hill up to the top of the hill get a good look at the lake one last time cuz I'm not hiking up here again I almost lost it at the end there I am up here hi there hi I can't breathe


oh man it just keeps going whenever you think you're at the top just keeps go mom poop way up here how shiny okay I'm super glad I came up here look at this that's awesome

how's it caribou shed yeah it is look at the shovel in the front oh man that's sweet that's big caribou that's so slick it's petrified it's been here for a long time

least wait for the Sun is so cool man I wish I could keep it take it on the plane home very cool that makes it all worthwhile I have ten minutes left on this card so I'm going to shut it off and hike back down I'm glad to come up here [Applause]

sun's gone down behind the hill it's 1931

so relatively light I see a rainbow actually of like a rain band in the sky I don't know how much longer I'm gonna set this fire it's almost bedtime for me I've been going to bed about 8 o'clock every night since I've been here and it's almost it'll be 10 o'clock in a half an hour cuz it's 9:30 you know I'll probably let it die out and I head to bed is it picking it up in the camera that rainbow it's like a band right there just going straight up into the sky for sure it is yeah you got to see all right for sure it's pretty wild skies looking real nice oh man my face is sunburnt it all knows that nose well there's no way I'm gonna be able to stay up to see any kind of color in the sky a little bit of pink there I was gonna try to stay up a little bit longer but I'm beat and it is not getting dark in the least so I'm off the bed it's almost 10 o'clock get in here we let's get in here before we let too many mosquitoes in pack it's a packed house today we'll leave my tent fly off tonight and risk it it'll be alright there's not too many clouds but I'm gonna have to try to go to sleep now even though it's very late I'm gonna have to bury my head underneath my sleeping bag trying get some darkness but I will get with you guys in the morning wish me luck good night it's 3:30 in the morning still light outside I got up to pee around midnight I'd hoped to be a bunch but I got to pee once around midnight and it was still very bright out I haven't had to use a flashlight at all trying to go back to sleep but it's hard trouble I'm having trouble sleeping try and sleep again my pick my ride back to the lodge is at 7:00 that's why I'm at 3:00 so just trying to get some more shut-eye for a couple hours

that's just after 5:00 in the morning I can't lay in bed anymore pretty hungry so get up make myself some breakfast make a real fire sit by it just enjoy the morning or get picked up oh I'm pretty good until about 3:00 there and then on and off that's not so bad I went to bed just before 10:00 that's a pretty decent sleep it's pretty cloudy no wind it's times like these where I just really stop and consider the magnitude very grateful of everything that I have and everything that YouTube has allowed me to do obviously we wouldn't be here if I didn't have a YouTube channel right it's crazy it's crazy to think about crazy to reflect on it's been a long journey over ten years and this isn't the end there's lots more to come bigger and better I mean the Northwest Territories right now because I have a YouTube channel about six o'clock you get picked up in about an hour I'm gonna pack pack up camp batteries flash and I have almost no time left on this SD card anyways so thank you very much for watching hope you enjoyed it be sure to check out the other video from this trip I'm just some slain massive lake trout thanks a lot guys I really appreciate everyone have a good one I'll see you on the next one goodbye I said the word one a lot they're white

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