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Knots to Survive / HD Bushcraft Survival Video


I show my favorite knots for any kind of Tarp setups, making frames for snowshoes and a raft. To stay safe and comfortable at the outdoors, its important to know about four or five knots very well, so you will be more confident and it may help you in a survival situation.

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Knots to Survive / only a few basic knots can make a huge difference in a survival situation

HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Taromovies Bushcraft - Outdoor - Survival


Sound and Music: "Old Friend" youtube Kreativ Tools

Hi my name is Taro and I am interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel "Taromovies"

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Website for Bushcraft and Survival Courses:

Swiss Bushcraft: http://www.swissbushcraft.ch

Used Equipment:

Knife: Finnish Puukko Blade Roselli made by Osmo https://www.youtube.com/user/thetopicala

Belt: Alpenlore Rescue-Survival-First Aid Belt https://www.alpenlore.com

Back: Tactical 5.11 Rush

Tarp: East German Army NVA 175x175cm

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to our movies there are a lot hits or nuts around there and it's nearly impossible to remember and know them all in my opinion you are good off if you know about four or five basics of them in this video I would like to share one of my favorites with you thanks for joining me

the next two are basics for a table setup first one of them is the e bankage just go around the tree keep it like this

you turn the short end around your hand turn your hand over take this loop or like a big bag now you have to bring some tension to the rope

I'm using for this in the tote our pitch around the tree one end over then you can get enough tension for a set up pull it back and cross the two loves a few times so it makes it easy to keep it with less effort like this then you have the kind of tree angle you take the loop like this move it backward to the tree crap it again tight it up that's it so now you have a basic for a go top side down and here I show you a sample how it works in reality in some situation or other application you might need to bring the tension onto your rope over a longer distance to do this I'm using the same nuts but also this look so this one cause actually track a hitch I'm pulling it now very strong and then I go around the tree like a deep before and if I go over here I can see more and more attention to the road now we have really powerful

most of us know the glofish the crawfish is one of my favorite to type my table up another thing on the clove hitch is it's very easy to open it again and here you can see how it works under real conditions

my favorite for cross-connection is to constrict or not just go with the rope beneath the lower stick crosses like this then you take the end which goes over the top pull it down here go over the other end and then beneath this cross then you can tied it up and this loop push down and keep the knot tight of course you can make this connection stronger if you cut some parts into it with your knife to make it fit better or maybe need some more loops with your rope I was using this connection for baiting some snowshoes and even for a frame for a raft as you can see here I'm sure there are a lot of other possibilities to use those nuts but I hope you like my few centers of it and if you join our movies the next time again thanks for watching choose trial or bye-bye

About the Author



Taromovies is the youtube channel of Taro from Switzerland. He is a seasoned expert in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation.
His videos are always excellent both for the film quality both for the contents and tips.
You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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