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Survival Bow with two Sticks & Arrowhead Card Bushcraft Survival HD Video


How to make a simple Survival Bow in a very short amount of Time and using a arrowhead card from "bushcraft essential".

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Two Stick Survival Bow and Arrowhead Card

HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Taromovies Bushcraft - Outdoor - Survival


Sound and Music: youtube Kreativ Tools

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Hi my name is Taro and I am interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel "Taromovies"

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Website for Bushcraft and Survival Courses:

Swiss Bushcraft: http://www.swissbushcraft.ch

Used Equipment:

Arrowhead Card Europe:


Arrowhead Card USA and Canada:


Back: Maxpedition Xantha Internal Frame Rucksack, khaki

Knife: Finnish Puukko Blade Roselli Hunter made by Osmo https://www.youtube.com/user/thetopicala

Roselli Big Leuku, leather sheath made by Osmo

Video about the Knife: https://youtu.be/YT1lYGk-7F8

Boots: Hanwag Ancash GTX®

Saw: FELCO 600

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to tarla movies in this video I want to try those arrowheads by building a simple but efficient to stick Bowl this card is from a very good friend peddler to bushcraft essentials who has sent it to me to give it a try out here in the mountains and if you like to see if it works please join me when I have received the arrowhead card I thought I'm taking with me to be able to be the bow and arrow in an emergency so what I did is I took some rope as a bowline and read some tape around it which I use later on to stabilize the arrows

so for the arrow I'm looking for a straight stick of Deadwood which is not that flexible anymore like a fresh one you



so that looks not really beautiful but it's all what I could do here under real conditions let's try to put the arrow head on the stick Oh


so that's actually our arrow so let's check out if it works but now it's time to put our to stick oh yeah I was looking for two edge sticks in about the same size and with the same diameters you

to be such a simple to stick bow like this one here it's very important that you tied to thicker diameters together and have the thinner diameters on the end of the pole as I mentioned before they should have the same size and about the same diameter and then you will have a nice bending over the whole length of the bow let's give it a try after a few tries I'm getting more and more used to this pool and over a distance of about 20 meters I hit a target strong enough to put the arrow head straight into the water if you have a bit more time and a camp fire you can try the vote of the arrow over the flames and straighten it a little bit better if you want to adjust the power of the poll just choose a thicker diameter or shorten the length but to be honest a successful hunt in a survival situation because in people like this is very very difficult it needs a lot of experience in practice so as you have seen I needed many many tries to get more and more precise and in a true survival situation you're probably better off if you build little Arrowhead card like this just a simple spear it is easier to make less effort and you have probably the same result so the arrowhead actually worked very well and I'm sure with a professional bow and arrow you can do some serious hunting with it I put some more information about the court by uski and myself believe in the description box of the video and I hope you will join the movies the next time again hopefully and a better better conditions though thanks for watching

kiss ciao bye bye

About the Author



Taromovies is the youtube channel of Taro from Switzerland. He is a seasoned expert in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation.
His videos are always excellent both for the film quality both for the contents and tips.
You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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