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Mountain Giveaway Drawing / HD Bushcraft Survival Video


To choose the winner of my 20'000 subscriber giveaway, did i climb up to a beautiful viewing point and share a great autumn hike in the swiss mountain near the geographic center of Switzerland with you all.

The winner of the Book "working with the pocket knife":

Skorch666 / Trail Lighter 76 / halfwayuphill

The Winner of the Book "outdoor with the pocket knife"

Mere Blather / Michael van de Kraan / Woods Bound

to all the Winner:

please contact me under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mountain Drawing and Autumn Hike in the Swiss Mountain

HD Bushcraft Survival Video / Winter Overnighter

Taromovies Bushcraft - Outdoor - Survival


Sound and Music: "So Far Away" youtube Kreativ Tools

Hi my name is Taro and I am interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel "Taromovies"

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Swiss Bushcraft: http://www.swissbushcraft.ch

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Video Transcription

hi they come to tahoe movies vrp and his face mountains on a high of about 1600 meters and i've only take you higher up to a viewing point who is one of my favorites and there I'm gonna juice the winner of my 20 tiles subscriber giveaway thanks for joining me now we reach the top and some of my early subscribers might remember this beautiful view up here this viewpoint is quite exactly on high of about 1,800 meters but to choose the winner and do the drawing you're going a little bit further down to protect the place where we have less wind first of all I want to say thank you to over 550 comments and nearly 500 of them joined in to the giveaway if I would afford it believe me everybody of you would be in a book your most common vicious are overnighter and winter bushcraft we are close to winter so I think you get what you wish there were also some special dishes like a guy cause burtka who asked me not to finish my videos with cheese travel and bye bye he says hmm you sound a little bit like Arnie so please finish a video with I'll be back so maybe I will see what I can do in this video but now it's time to choose to vaynor the first three people can be in the book working with the pocket knife and they can choose the English or the German version so the first one is scorch 666 the second one cause halfway up hill and the third one tray lighter 79 the next three can be in the book outer with the pocket knife which is only available in German but we re well illustrated good luck to you too the fourth one cause mere Blatter the fifth one Michael found a cane or Michael panda grain and the sixth one boots pound I'm not sure about the right pronunciation of the winner but i will put all the links beneath in the video description son is slowly going down and i wanna leave this steep area before dark and have a rest later on so if you like least all of me Oh

congratulations to all the winners please send me your contact details to info at swiss bushcraft dots eh I also put my email address beneath in the description box so I can send you those great books from Felix emla hey guys it's really great up here to enjoy this evening view some big tuna fish and some hot coffee it was a pleasure to me to share all those great and beautiful mountain views today with you guys and I hope you will join in tahoe movies 2 next time again because i'll be back

About the Author



Taromovies is the youtube channel of Taro from Switzerland. He is a seasoned expert in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation.
His videos are always excellent both for the film quality both for the contents and tips.
You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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