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Finland Adventure Bushcraft Akademie Meet Up / 4k Video


Having a amazing journey with my friends from the Bushcraft Akademie in Finland.

Here the link to the youtube channel of Sepp Waldhandwerk, Osmo and Grasy:




German Book „Feuer machen“ (Fire making) from Taro Gehrmann

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Finland Adventure Bushcraft Akademie Meet Up / 4k Video

4 Bushcraft Survival Video

Taromovies Bushcraft - Outdoor - Survival

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Hi my name is Taro, I'm Bushcraft / Survival Instructor and author of the german Book "Feuer machen" (Fire making) based in Switzerland. I'm interestet in bushcraft and survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. I share my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel "Taromovies"

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Website for Bushcraft and Survival Courses:

Swiss Bushcraft: http://www.swissbushcraft.ch

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Video Transcription

hi and they come to Tahoe movies guess we are I am I'm in Finland and if you'd like to know how I came to this place please join my journey and the journey of my friends [Music]

we are finally here in Finland about an boats hour away from the harbor city katkar in Finland and possible mate is our friend

Osmo his friends brought us here with a very fast and strong boat it was amazing with this light the Baltic Sea I think we can share some beautiful video takes with you and now we are on this little island here for a couple of days actually the name of the island came from us so we call it it's the Finnish Alcatraz and we are here as you can see we are all members of the bushcraft Academy this year we didn't do an festival like five five times ago but we decided to spend some time together and make some planes for the future [Music]


if about eight o'clock at the evening and doing a little walk around to discover at least a part of this island and to be honest we are all a little flushed and speechless about this beauty around here I hope I can catch a little of it in this video and share it with you it's just amazing the better forecast says there's no rain there will be temperatures around 20 degrees during the whole week there's no need to do something more complicated or put the top on it and for me it's really important if I wake up tomorrow to have this beautiful view down at the Baltic Sea so Chris decided also to stay overnight at this area here so let's have a look how he sleeps all plans to sleep so Chris did also very fast setup he was actually as fast as me and yeah let's say given this awesome you basically you have to use this hammock and just used in nice nice area check that out it's beautiful it's pretty so we got I decided for the hammock works nicely and the proper sleeping bag and you leave the top open just with their yeah must keep the mesh ok great course the see how it works thanks so Cosmo do you want to say something to you setup you have also an inflatable insulation met inside tricky dirty there's an expert met okay and a nice summer sleep samba anything back yet and helium that's all we need yeah but that's yeah that's really important in Finland the mosquito net or mesh so we have a fire we are close to the beach and as you can see is very light up here nearly 11 p.m. and for us it's a very special experience because our but most of us are the first time that we are that close to the north and the nights are by truth at the summer time so it's quite funny usually at our homes would be very dark and really time to go to bed but we don't think about it now it's time for dinner and then we will see what's happening it's actually unbelievable we have 12 o'clock at night still have enough light that we don't have to use any flashlights and walking around with our t-shirts it's really warm and that's unusual for this time of the year via end of May here in Finland as you can see still enjoying and there's no idea about to go to bed right now okay


we have nearly three o clock at the morning and you can see Sun is coming up a her a B and it's finally time to sleep at least for a few hours so see you tomorrow guys good morning everybody to be honest I had not a good night because I'm not used to this light in the morning about half an hour after I went into my BB bag the Sun came up and it became really hot in it so I had to move into the shadow of this rock wall here and anyway it was not much of a sleep doesn't matter we are on a beautiful place here and we'll see what the next day will bring all the others slept well more or less and now after really rich and healthy breakfast we are walking around the island to discover the area here I told you was easy nothing happened monadic I spent for a barbecue island and I catch the boat with Cosmo together so last night we spent around the Katia of course we had sama again and now we're getting prepared to get picked up from the island and hit another place very close to the party see this evening [Music]



he said cool it's also pretty cool it is awesome I think we love it unbelievable you want to see it fellows you want to see okay just the politics here after they left the island today we visit the home of our friend Osmo and he has organized this cottage for us also very close just a few metres away from the Baltic Sea of course there's a sauna as well so I guess we will heat it up tonight and have a jump into it again into the Baltic Sea there's a boat maybe we can make it ready for paddling and of course we stay around here maybe in the house maybe in our PV bag snakes twists just to enjoy and finish the day here because two of our mates up and Chris have to leave tomorrow and Marcos Cosmo and Osmo we for Lent then about 100 kilometres from here into the country to a national park for two days hike so we just took the paddle boat and our college is over here which is about 1 kilo meters away and now we have some beer here have a look around of course this island has long name we name it

Karianna okay yellow Kalia you can look at the map you will find nothing I need always hope you know I really love this country at this time of year because we had half past eight and it's not it's still shining and it's still warm and light up here cosmo found this old bills nest and should be enough to start a fire 50 ferret now we all stay very close together to this campfire and have a little barbecue the main reason of it is you have a lot of mosquitoes around here the smoke was pushed him already and the heat but it works only a little only a little anyway fresh potatoes baked in aluminum foil and there are water fish cold salmon and some salmon on the barbecue fish maybe you can sit down the Erika is preparing this ona and I see you tomorrow guys maybe of all of us to our adventure today

National Park new day and new adventure we say goodbye to our friends seven priests and now we hit it forward to represent our Park which is about 100 kilometres away from the coastline here somewhere here there are two main main rival places yeah that's actually the main entrance of the national park here but we have only a short walk around to have a look over this lake and then we plan to go around the national park and start hiking on the other side finally we reached our star point and the plan to go a distance of about 12 maybe less kilometers to find some nice camping grounds and discover the area here so we are kind of excited [Applause]

lakes over Lake CA or sometimes only 50 meters away from each other it's amazing landscape we have here's a lot of old man's beard so we collect a few of it and it will be very easy to start our campfire with this stuff it's a harvest of Cosmo he also has some tinder fungus which will burn to get rid of the mosquitoes but now have you are still looking for a nice camping ground let's go so somebody should say there are no mountains if inland yeah our view I think this rock here is about maybe 60 meters high [Applause]



after a few hours work we found this nice little camping ground here with a fireplace and prepare firewood behind me there's a little lake and for this night I choose a very simple sleeping setup this is actually a ultralight hammock which said bored me I use it here just with the mesh as a mosquito protection inside this hemlock I have inflatable insulation Matt and I use just a simple sleep impact and I think that is good enough for the whole night because we don't expect any rain and The Temper tools they are not going beneath 10 degree Celsius tonight Altman's beard as interviewed harvest yesterday and Cosmo carrot all the way few sparks from the fair what that's enough

so it was actually our coldest night we had about temperatures of four degrees Celsius but if our equipment was no problem at all now our last day starters we plan to make an another hike of about two or three hours back to the car the batter has changed a little bit and we felt the first raindrops doing this time here in Finland we had such a beautiful amazing summer better here but it's still very warm nearly 20 degrees Celsius and if you like enjoy the last day with us [Music]



my friends thanks for watching

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Taromovies is the youtube channel of Taro from Switzerland. He is a seasoned expert in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation.
His videos are always excellent both for the film quality both for the contents and tips.
You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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