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Turn Your Tarp Tent Into a Hot Tent - Stove Installation


This is the video that many have been patiently waiting for. Enjoy. If this series has benefited you in any way and If you care to, it would be super if this series was shared with your friends and others on the social networks that may also benefit from and enjoy this series.

This is the final installment in the 3 part series on how to make a "do it

yourself" hot tent. The first video in the series showed how to make a very efficient and popular modified design tipi tent.


The second video in the series showed how to make a woodstove that is large enough to heat a 4 man tipi shelter in a Northern winter.


This final video shows how to make a stove jack and how to install it in a tent so that you can then use your stove in the tent to make a very cozy and comfortable cool to cold weather shelter

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