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20'000 Subscriber Giveaway / HD Bushcraft Survival Video


I'm using a autumn hike in the Swiss Mountains to say thanks to you all for your great support because i reach the youtube milestone of more than 20'000 Subscriber and i give you the opportunity to win one of six great bushcraft books

Giveaway Rules:

-you should be a subscriber of my youtube channel

-just write in the comment "i'm in" and what kind of content you like to see in some of my next videos

-the Giveaway ends on the 6th of November


the will be six winners, each one gets one Bushcraft Book from the Author Felix Immler


Here the link to the youtube channel of my friend Felix Immler:


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20'000 Subscriber Giveaway

HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Taromovies Bushcraft - Outdoor - Survival


Hi my name is Taro and I am interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel "Taromovies"

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Website for Bushcraft and Survival Courses:

Swiss Bushcraft: http://www.swissbushcraft.ch

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to tahoe movies more than 20,000 sups that's a huge milestone for me here on youtube and you make it happen so in this video I want to say thank you to you all for your great support to my youtube channel I have here two books for my very good friend Felix emailer who is the author and writer of those books the first one was working with the pocket knife which is available in German and English it shows the right and they saved Bay to our children how to handle a pocket knife and how to be up with there are a lot of very nice carving projects for the whole family the second book goes out of the pocket knife felix is showing in this book how he is building a whole bushcraft camp with about 63 bush craft projects only with his pocket knife this book is available at the moment only in German but it's that good illustrated that it might be understandable in each other language


I want to say thank you to you all for watching my videos for all your very nice comments and great YouTube friendships that's why I want to give you three of those books each to you and all you have to do is just write down in the comments I'm in and maybe what you are interested to see in some of my next videos the giveaway ends on the sixth of november and i'm really interested in your comment subject areas or what you like me to show in some of my next videos you also find all the information beneath in the description box about the prices in the giveaway there will be 6 winners and I wish you all good luck for the drawing thanks for watching and join me again juicetra one bye bye

About the Author



Taromovies is the youtube channel of Taro from Switzerland. He is a seasoned expert in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation.
His videos are always excellent both for the film quality both for the contents and tips.
You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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