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My Alaska Survival Trip With Bare Essentials Part 1 of 3


This is a couple of overnighter trips I went on. The only things I took with me that I don't always have on me was a bow saw blade which I made into a Bucksaw once out there, and my 12 Gauge shotgun for bear protection. I had my sheath knife which I always have with me when I'm not in church or at work. On my knife sheath I carry about 3-4 feet of paracord. I also have a "Survival bracelet which had about 6 feet of paracord and I always wear 24 hours a day. I did this trip to show that if you learn the skills that are on my channel that it isn't at all difficult to survive in the wilderness. I could survive without the saw blade or the knife but it would take MUCH longer to get set up and to be living fairly well. I was only going to be gone a couple days and so to speed things up I allowed myself those luxuries. I always have my knife with me anyway. I encountered quite a bit of wildlife and of course the beautiful Alaska scenery that surrounds me is in the video. Hope you enjoy.


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