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Staying Warm over night In A Bushcrafted Shelter


Lonnie shows some tips and info for staying warm all night when in a lean-to or other open type shelter. Come along with me as I spend the night in my lean-to at 6 degrees above Zero Fahrenheit

Recipe used in video is as follows

Jonnie Lake Beans And Rice

-3.25 cups water ( more may be needed during cooking process)

-1.5 cubes of bullion chicken flavoured

-0.5 cup short grain long cook rice

-0.25 cup pinto beans

-3 tbs chopped dehydrated veggies

-0.5 teaspoon minced dried onions

- one third can diced spam or equivalent bacon

-bayou blend spice or cajun seasoning

Add all ingredients into cooking pot and simmer until done (beans are soft)

Ending song: *"Tucson"* found in YouTube Audio Library

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