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We are all about helping _*YOU*_ to learn the skills necessary to become self sufficient in the wilderness. We will help give you more confidence and comfort with your new found knowledge. You will be able to develop the attitiude of it is not you *AGAINST* the wilderness but rather you understanding how to work _*WITH*_ the natural world to take care of all your needs. New videos posted weekly on Thursday evening or Fridays. May I suggest That you subscribe so as not to miss any more in depth bushcraft / woodcraft / survival instructional videos.

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Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival will teach you about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in a less than ideal "survival" situations as well.

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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