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Can Opening Tools for the Outdoorsman


A short video showing three different "can openers" that are made for camping use, and how to use them. Many multi-tools today have a can opener tool included in the tool line-up. Many swiss army knives also have a can opener tool included as well. This is a short tutorial on how to use a couple different designs of can openers that are available today.

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Hello my name is Lonnie and My wife is Connie.

Here at Far North Bushcraft And Survival you will learn about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in less than ideal "survival" situations as well. Come along and sit with me by the campfire as I delve into these subjects in a way that you can easily learn to then do yourself.

I will show you how to make shelters, gather food, use wild medicines as well as start fires with or without matches, lighters, ferro rods, etc

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Video Transcription

Hello welcome to another video from Far North Bushcraft and Survival My name is Lonnie, and I am really glad that you joined me. Have you ever been out camping and you had canned goods with you, and you went to prepare your meal, and you realize that you had forgot the can opener. Well I have years ago

Well nowadays most

multi-tools and

Swiss Army knives, they have a can opener built into them, and I got to thinking well maybe there's quite a few people that don't know how to use them That's what this video's about. Stay with me Okay here we've got three very popular multi tools and the Swiss Army knife. This is the Leatherman and this is a Gerber, and this is the Swiss Army knife. Now let's

Let's explain this a little bit. Here is your can opener, And on the end of this can opener is a screwdriver, so you'll use this one a little bit different. Okay, here is the Gerber and Okay

This has a can opener very similar to the Swiss Army knife but it does not have a screwdriver on the end of it, so it's cut all the way to the tip. And then finally we've got a Leatherman here that's got a little bit different style of can opener Okay, now as you can see on this, this cuts

the cutting edge is on, towards the knife. On these, the cutting edge is away from the knife, so let's put them to use Okay, let's start out with the Gerber first. Now since it has the cutting edge away from the knife we're gonna cut this way. That was my dog, Buck. We're gonna cut around the can this way so you hook the hook here underneath of the lip of the can You'll do that same with each of the can openers So once you get used to this you can move quite rapidly. You can open a can quite, quite quickly. Okay, now

As we were talking about earlier the Swiss Army knife is a little bit different in that it has the screwdriver on the end so you don't plunge it quite so deep you just hold it up a little bit. Just like that.


So as you can see it does go fairly quickly. Now,

now since this

Leatherman has the blade towards the knife we're gonna work this way.

So let me show you how that works, and once again once you get used to it you can operate fairly quickly.

There you go.

This was a short video, but I hope you learned something and I'm glad that you joined me, You guys take care, and we'll see on the next video. Have a good one. if you enjoyed this video be sure and give it a thumbs up and to share it as well as Subscribe, so you don't miss any more, and check out these suggested videos here. Thank you

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Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Far North Bushcraft And Survival will teach you about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in a less than ideal "survival" situations as well.

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