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How To Strike A Fire Steel With A Knife


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Video Transcription

today's video is about how to strike a firesteel with a knife stay tuned okay most fire steels come with a striker and I personally like to use them because they usually work very good this plastic here is by light my fire I think light my fire fire steels are the best fire steels that you can get I've put a link into the description so I like to use the striker but there are some people who prefer to use your knife when striking a fire steel which is legit so today I want to show you some techniques that you can use with your knife okay the first technique that I want to show you is the technique that you see most so first of all you just put your fire steel into the tinder like this and then you take your knife and scrape down the fire seal just like that yeah so this technique is very easy it works most of the time but I always feel a little bit unstable with the knife because I don't have any anchor points so this brings me to the second technique that I want to show you you just take your file still like this and then you take your thumb on the plate and you push the knife down with your thumb like that and this way you have a lot of more stability and you have a little bit more power and you're shaving off more tiny little shavings of the fire steel so I really like that technique I think it's great but still you are a little bit unstable with knife and sometimes when you have tinder which is a little bit fragile it's maybe better to have a little bit more stability so I developed another fire steel and striking technique with the knife which goes like that you just pinched down your tinder with the firesteel and then you take your knife and you set the you set the tip of the knife into the wood here and then you're going to go down the fine steel like that and that way you have some kind of leverage which is providing you with a lot of stability this way you can go down with a lot of force and with a lot of control over the night so the next thing that I watch out for is that I have enough of space for my hand and handle off the knife so I'm searching for step in this tree stump and then I'm going to go down the fire steel and make sure that I can go down all the way because if you take your knife like this you will get blocked by your own hand and by the handle of the knife okay now let's try some fatwood as tinder

on strike

okay now let's try this piece off birch bark

yeah birch bark works really great now let's try to make a fat stick yeah so this was my favorite fire striking technique that I wanted to show you if you want to see other videos just check out these videos here and I'm on Facebook Twitter and Instagram you can follow media if you like this video leave a like and a comment and if you want to see more subscribe to my channel I want to thank you for watching stay tuned till next time

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