My Camping Backpack (2016)


Here is the packing list of my camping backpack:

Thrunite TH10:

Thrunite Archer 2A V3:


Helium 600 Sleeping Bag:

Exped Airmat:

Tatonka Tarp 2:

Leatherman Wave:

Kellam Wolverine Knife:

Sven Saw:

Recta DS 40 compass

Signal Flare

DC4 Sharpening Stone:

Mil-Tec Poncho:

Nalgene Stainless Steel Bottle:

GSI Mug:

Sawyer Mini Filter:



BIC Lighter:

Matches in a waterproof container:

Vaseline soaked cotton balls

Tatonka First Aid Kit

Hygiene Kit

Fishing Kit+Net

Tatonka Kettle (Spoon/Fork, Salt/Pepper, Bread Spices, Sour Dough, Washing Rag)

Extra Clothes (Shemagh, Hat, Gloves, 2 extra pair of socks, wool socks, underwear, Longjohns for the night)


Backpack Deuter Aircontact:



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys Emily and it's springtime and that's the time when campers get out again and today I wanted to show you what I have in my camping rucksack these are the things that I recommend for every camping situation this has nothing to do with survival or bugging out it's just about camping stay tuned okay first of all I want to talk about my camping Brooks egg this here is a toy to hold sir I've tried to use smaller rucksacks but you can forget it you need at least 60 litres for summertime camping and this rocks archaea has 60 liters +10 it's actually my own personal border I can't carry more weight than 60 or 70 litres so as a woman I don't have the physical strength that a man would have and that's why I have chosen very lightweight gear and most of my gear is very expensive because it's so lightweight okay now I'm going to unpack the backpack for you so that you can see what gear that I'm taking and what gear that you shouldn't miss out on a camping trip okay this is the content of my backpack and that's the gear that I would choose for three days in the wilderness or for two weeks it doesn't matter the only thing that matters is food so if I had to say a longer period of time in the woods I would take extra food and yeah first of all let's take a closer look at the shelter slash sleeping system okay the first thing that I want to show you is my top this is a Tonka top 2 which has almost 3 by 3 meters and it's super lightweight so for camping this is just perfect and I really love it you just have to watch out that you don't put it too near to a fire because then the fire would make holes into it and with the top I have paracord to set up the top then I want to show you this EMS here which is by expert and I have to say that this is the most compact into the Matt and the most lightweight Matt that I have found and I've slept on it many times and it's a dream to sleep on because especially at night when you want to you know relax your back it's like sleeping on air yes it's an air mass so the next thing that I want to show you is the sleeping bag I keep it in a waterproof bag because it's made out of down and down shouldn't get wet by any means okay this here is the sleeping bag it's the helium 600 by Mountain Equipment pretty expensive is the most expensive gear that I have here today but I have to say it's worth it it's super compact it's lightweight and it goes down 2-1 degrees Celsius comfort zone but actually that's not true for women because women don't produce that much heat so for me it's like 2 or 3 degrees in the night Celsius and yeah that's enough for me for summertime and I love it ok next I'm going to come to my cutting tools I like to take a saw with me because it's much lighter than an X and it's safer to use and you don't need so much energy than with necks and here I have the swing saw and I prefer this over a folding saw because it cuts with so much more efficient and this is great if you want to build a shelter or just want to cut a whole lot of firewood and as you can see here I have wrapped around track tape around the handles so it's more comfortable and yeah I've protected the edges of the saw so that it doesn't drip some holes into my backpack ok next I have this small puku knife which is an awesome carving knife and this is very sharp so you really have to watch out that you don't cut yourself it's a Scandinavian life and I have to say that these are my favorite bushcraft knives and if you have a saw with you there's no need for a bigger knife actually because you can do the big cutting we have to saw and the small things with the knife ok next my Leatherman Wave I trust this guy in my life

awesome multi-tool especially going to need this for my fishing kit you have an extra blade on it I saw a backup saw and a bottle opener okay next I want to show you my fishing kit which I'm taking with me when I intend to fish somewhere this here is my kill net that I made myself and it's great to let the net work for you while you can do other things and see I have my fishing reel and with this I'm going to make a makeshift fishing rod and have several different lures and weights and hooks in there this is my first aid kit I can't emphasize how important it is to take a first aid kit with you in the wilderness and I keep it in this waterproof bag and in here I have a ton of bandages and communication painkillers antibiotics Assuan kit and the extra duct tape water treatments in the wilderness is very important so for this I have a mock and my stainless steel Nalgene bottle and with this you can cook water but actually it takes a lot of time to cook the water and let it cool off so what I have here is my water filtration system this is the soil mini filter and it filters out 99% of the bad stuff so you're on the safe side using this and in this pouch I also do have a ride in the rain notebook an additional pen and I have this signal player which is great if you need to signal for help if something happens you can use this and yeah I give away your precision for example to a helicopter this cooking pot here is pure luxury so there's no need to take this with you but I like to have a cooking pot because sometimes I want to make myself a stew and in here I have a flask with olive oil I have a spoon fork titanium spoon fork in the specs here

I have salt and pepper I have spices for the bread and Sardo which I use for the bread as you can see I keep everything in a clear bag so that I can see the content and in this bag I have a lot of important stuff like for example fire making tools okay I always take free different file making tools with me a fire steel a big lighter and matches in a waterproof container and there's some duct tape that I have wrapped around it which is flammable as well and I always take Vaseline soaked cotton balls because sometimes in a real survival situation when you don't have the time to find tinder and when you're cold and shivering you can use the specimens of cotton balls and it will get your fire going I always recommend to take a compass with you and I really love this one it's a navigating compass which has a split mirror and it even has a fluorescent ring so you can navigate through the night also you need a map for your area and next I want to show you this Falcon even DC for sharpening stone and that's the stone that I'm going to use to sharpen my knife it has a ceramic side and a diamond side I personally like to take flashlights with me when camping and I really recommend to take a flashlight with you because in the night you know when you are feeling a little bit unsafe and maybe you hear some voices you want to go and look what's going on around your camp and I really can recommend this headlamp here which is by the company through night it's that th10 it has 750 lumens and I think that headlamps are great because they give you both hands-free and you can still do some work in the camp in the night and I also keep a backup flashlight and here I have this very small and lightweight Archer to a model which is by the company through night as well and it runs with two double-a batteries and the maximum output is 500 humans and here has the same model like the other flashlights and one flashlight comes with neutral white and the other with cool bud so you can choose even between the flashlight colors which is a great thing a lot of people forget to take extra clothing with them when they go camping and the content of this read back here which is waterproof is extra socks wool socks for the night extra underwear ashemark ahead and gloves for the night so very important you want to have extra clothes and I even have a mosquito net for the head in there so when you go sleeping you just pull it over your head so that the mosquitoes won't get to you and I also have a hygiene kit with me there's no need to get dirty and wild you can wash yourself every day last but not least I want to talk about food and I personally like potatoes they are great you can set them right into the fire spaghetti genoa very healthy food and rice and the good thing about these foods is that they won't go off quickly you can store rice for 10 years and yeah potatoes hold for a long time as well and if you want to you can take some meat with you but I intend to catch a fish and this food here is good for about let's say five days maybe okay now I'm taking everything back together and if you want to you can make a list of the gear that you're using and yeah before you go you can seek out the list which is a good thing to do and keep in mind that you always put your first aid kit on top of the backpack so that you can reach it first in an emergency situation and that you don't have to search for it for a long time I almost forgot to show you my poncho this is a military poncho by mill tech and it's very thick which is important so that you won't rip a hole into it easily and you can take it as emergency shelter or you throw it over yourself and your backpack when it's raining you put it on the ground when it's wet and you don't want to get your out of stuff with there's one more thing that I want to tell you don't camp on animal trails because you don't want to have unwanted visitors in the night and don't get hurt

take care


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