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Video Transcription

follow me this way so you got my spot all set up shelters up my bed is down and ready to go hanging out with some buddies gonna be a good time pretty warm out it's not even the 20s yeah it's still in the 30s so should be a pretty warm night to sleep just threw up a tarp over the living room over the fire oh yeah that's right felt some rain start the hits nice hot fire top over me let's just stretch the drizzle off and on a chocolate gone log to sit on full belly from eating ham steak tired ass for more you bag him trying out five-pound bag minus 30 Fahrenheit being 30s tonight it's really one I don't often even gonna need my sleeping bag probably gonna lay on top of it like a mattress just put on some long johns take my pants off long johns sweater probably unzipped should be good to go it's nice and warm in here MATLAB ooh

because it traps my radiation and it stops convection the cold winds from reaching me I'm plenty protective from conduction underneath me the cold earth so it's a really warm shelter a treasure in the heavens that faileth not where no thief approaches neither moth corruptive for where your treasure is there will your heart be also okay so update so raining pretty good my lab ooh completely it's leaking through everything so I mean I woke up in a puddle inside my lab ooh I'm outside my shelter now underneath my tarp my tarp is leaking as well that's interesting leaking tarp leaking lab ooh thank goodness I have my native survival will blanket vivvy though this is something that I came up with quite a few years ago that a cell on my website it's a wool blanket with like velcro down the sides and bottom creating like a little blanket vivvy like a pocket and whoa can deal with water pretty good and still stay warm so I am i sleeping bag inside my wool vivvy I have underneath my tarp in front of my shelter now that's my bull Biddy right there

so yeah I just woke up at like 5:00 in the morning like soaking wet and a puddle getting rained on inside my shelter it's just you're broke through the fabric there just leaking all over me it's crazy so anyway so I'm gonna just crawl up into my sleeping bag inside my little vivvy and finish out my sleep out here and plow my shelter and I'm still getting a little wet out here but it's not so bad see in a bit so I just ended up sleeping underneath my top inside my wool baby so I'm a sleeping bag which was really too warm I did take off my long johns just crazy warmth Lavo is canvas it's untreated which means it's gonna leak and sometimes you can get it to run off if it's steep enough but if you get enough rain it's gonna it's gonna leak I usually have it like half underneath my tarp but this time I kind of tempted the fates and I have my top right in front instead and I paid for it but was alright I just slept on the ground in front anyways right on we're getting that color now let this be funny

I have a problem if I drink too much caffeine that's sad when the time comes but eventually send a break camp and go home just starting to snow as I leave - it's a bummer just miss the storm well maybe next time enjoy the outdoors

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Mitch is a Wilderness Living Skills Instructor, he has been featured on The History Channel's program "ALONE" and written articles for Outdoor Magazines; he owns and operates The Native Survival School which provides woodland living and survival classes, as well as offering quality outdoor gear he's designed. Defintely, he is a master at bushcraft's techniques.

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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