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Bushcraft Evening In The Forest/Winter, Fire & Coffee

In this video bushcraftburtons goes back to his tepee to spend a night in the forest during winter.

One thing which is very important is to notice that when you create a semi permanent shelter, you have to pay attention to animals inside your shelter because when you leave it, animals will use it!

At (6':40") you can see an interesting way of cutting trees using an axe: after a few cut, the tree is shifted in the snow instead of let it fall.

At (11':30") you will also see how to organize a comfortable fire place where to hang pot and cook your meal.

Tags: Axe, Saw, Cooking, Overnight

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BushcraftBurton is an exceptional bushcrafter: his videos are super interesting and show beautifuls woods in the Canadian Wilderness. His suggestions are very important and every buschrafter should learn from him. He is a very genuine person and likes to join nature in company of his wife.

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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