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The Long Fire In The Winter & Cooking Salmon

In this video Bushcraftburtons explains a very interesting fire technique which is called the "long fire".

This kind of fire produces a wide fire and obviously more heat so it results very useful especially during an overnight.

At (2':00") he shows how to cut a long tree with an axe and set them as the base for the long fire in the snow.

At (3':20") he gives a lot of advice. In this video advices are given especially for a fire in the snow. First of all you have to dig quite all the snow till the ground and this is needed because the heat created by the fire, will melt the snow under the wood. Considering that you start the fire in the middle of the logs, the snow under the middle will melt and an hole will be created and the logs will break in the middle because of this hole in the snow under the middle of the logs.

At (6':20") bushcraftburtons’ wife starts the fire with the flint and steel tools, lighting charkcloath. She is very very fast! Near the fire they place long woods so they will dry out in the time and at the same time, they are ready to be placed on the fire.

An interesting advice is given at (10':00"): you can avoid building pot hanger with woods beacuse you can stick a wood inside the snow (if you have a vertical snow wall as in the video) and hang the pot to it as you can see at (12':00") where a stick with salmon is placed in the snow wall.

In this video you will get also smart advice on how to cook rice with vegetables and salmon!

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BushcraftBurton is an exceptional bushcrafter: his videos are super interesting and show beautifuls woods in the Canadian Wilderness. His suggestions are very important and every buschrafter should learn from him. He is a very genuine person and likes to join nature in company of his wife.

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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