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How To Weave A Primitive Bushcraft Bag


Hi guys, in this video I weave a primitive bushcraft bag out of cattail leaves. It is a pretty easy task which takes only a couple of hours. I have weaved 12 by 12 cattail leaves together and made the handle from green willow bark. After a couple of days the cattail leaves have shrunk by about 25%, so now there are far more gaps in the bag. To avoid gaps in the bag you can try to pre-dry the leaves before weaving.

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Video Transcription

okay I got my nice captain shot my leaves and now I'm just going to start to weed them we have woven 12 leaves in this direction and 12 lives in this direction now it's time to make the corners and this is basically pretty easy so now we take this one here fold it back up the second one the next one next one one two three four five six that's okay now I'm going to fold in the ones from the side okay like this like so now I'm going to flip all of these six here put them back wards like this now I'm going to flip over the next one from the left side just like so [Music]

okay the same thing that we did here I'm doing to the opposite corner over there okay now it's time to open up the bag just like this here and I'm taking that fold this over like so now we already have something that looks like a bag and now you can continue with the weave you know how it's done it's just over and under

okay I have reached my desired height of the bag and I've decided that I want to make a rim along the edge of my bag and I'm going to try to make the rim by just making cordage with the ends okay the bag is finished I wanted to make a bigger Havis egg but it got smaller than I wanted so I'm going to call this my bushcraft bag and yeah it's definitely not perfect but it will serve the purpose of carrying things and the next thing that I need is a sling and I'm going to attach the sling to the bag and then I can hang it over my shoulder for the cordage I have just harvested this willow shot it needs to be green because I want to scrape off the back and make some porridge with it okay let's go and collect some stuff I just found this Hawthorne Pass here the shrub and the leaves are great for the heart so I'm going to collect some and this time of the year there are even berries on the shrub you can find Hall on Paris until late winter in my country so it's very nice because all the other berries they are already dead

a woman needs a handbag and this is going to be my bushcraft bag now it was fun weaving it and if you are interested in cordage skills and knots I have a playlist on my channel you find the link in the description you also find a link to my facebook fan site and to my Amazon store where I have all the gear that I'm using thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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