Survival Training: Archery Skills


In this video I am shooting my bows. I have a Apollo Tactical compound bow, a Falco Twin long Bow and A Samick SHT recurve bow.

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Survival Training: Archery Skills survival

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Video Transcription


right in the middle hi guys my name is Lily and today I'm here in this beautiful forest and I want to practice my bow and arrow skills and yeah I think that bone arrow shooting is one of the most important survival skills when it comes to putting food inside of your body in a survival situation the first pole that I want to shoot today is this compound bow by Apollo tactical and actually I'm still a beginner with compound pose no one has showed me how to shoot this device so today is the second time let's see if I shoot better than the last time the compound bow hunting community is very big and you can hunt every game with this both because they are so strong however I wouldn't consider them as real survival bows because they are so technical if you if you have a problem with your bowl like with the sinew or the camp's no way that you're going to repair that in the wilderness so there's a lot of wind today let's see if it interferes with the arrows [Applause]

that's pretty accurate I have to say okay I have increased the distance and the distance now is about 25 meters okay the arrow went low so I have to use at least for fame I hate it but a little bit to the right of thing okay I want to stay here at the same distance this is a good distance for a beginner 25 meters and now I want to see if I can get a better grouping

Oh to the right to the right again yeah the first one hit the target right in the middle I believe but last two I shot to the right and I think the reason is because the bow is so heavy and my muscles are not trained enough so then I'm shaking about you know first one was very good

I have lost my first error sometimes you know the land wants to take it surprise and wants to keep it [Applause]

yeah actually I need a lot of more practice with the compound foe and yeah it's not so easy without a teacher but for the second time shooting it without any advice I'm pretty happy with the result

and now I want to shoot my other two balls this is the next boat that I want to shoot this is my Falco twin bow it has 20 pounds and here it's just my practicing bow the pole that I give other people if they are out here with me and it's a very good bow for beginners and kids I don't think a lot when I'm shooting this bow it's so natural to shoot this bow and I don't really aim it's like instinctive shooting

the next bowl that I want to show you is my Semak sh t it has a draw weight of 40 pounds and this is a full on hunting bowl it's strong enough to kill bigger game and yeah it's pretty awesome because it's a takedown bowl you can take it apart and throw it into your hook sack and take it with you I hit the tree yeah okay this bow is pretty strong I have to practice much more of this bow yep that had a lot of force this grouping was much better I think I want to try and go far away [Applause]

okay that's a pretty bad grouping and I'm not happy with it so let's try it again

my boys shooting too high because the knock point is a little bit too low so now I'm going to knock the arrow differently I'm going to knock it above the knock point instead of below [Applause]

yeah this is not a bad grouping at all and I see three dead deer here bone arrow shooting is making a lot of fun but besides that it's one of the most important survival skills that you can obtain when it comes to providing food from the wilderness I think it's pretty awesome I want to thank you for watching don't forget to follow me on Facebook - then Instagram and stay tuned till next time

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